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Could you please write something where the OT3 subtly pamper each other in their own ways? I'm feeling schmoopy :) thank you very much ^^

Being a three-person team pulling con after con on some of the biggest marks in history is an exhausting process. It wears a body and a mind down.

Fortunately, they are a three-person team. So there’s always someone there to look in on the others, pick them up when they need it.

Eliot tends to do it with food, mixing personal favorites with much-needed nutrients, taking comfort food to a new level.

For Parker, it’s things. Whatever you need, want, whatever, mysteriously showing up, exactly in your line of sight. Depending on how she’s feeling herself, it might be touch too. She doesn’t touch like the rest of them, but then again, there’s something oddly endearing and even comforting of Parker sitting on top of them and refusing to let them move, in Hardison and Eliot’s opinion.

Hardison is a toucher, usually. Hugs and cuddles and even forehead kisses, the little gestures of affection Parker and Eliot didn’t ever really know they were missing out on before they had Hardison. He’s also the one with the tendency to make things happen, generally in fantastic ways. For a con, he makes the credit he’s owed very clear. For them, he’s somehow always quieter about it.

It’s been a long con. Draining, really, down to the very bone, and they’ve already agreed that, barring emergency, they’ll take a five-day break before trying to start another job.

Eliot’s in the kitchen, something that both calms him personally and means he can provide for his team. Care for them. Macaroni and cheese is always a crowd favorite, and even when it’s not that hard to make, he can devote his full attention to it, make it better, make it the best, because they deserve nothing but the best.

Hardison has more tabs open than he cares to count, some to shut down tertiary aliases, accounts, and rentals associated with the con, to finish taking care of his crew. The rest are dedicated to everything they might need and don’t already have for a relaxing staycation. Grocery delivery, stacks of books and movies and video games, one of those extra soft blankets Parker likes to cuddle under.

Parker, for her part, surveys her team. It feels good, to have them close and whole and successful, even if they are exhausted. She plays with the cellphones she lifted off her boys for a moment before setting them aside. Won’t need those for a couple of days.

Everyone looks busy but she’s not going to be patient with this together but separate much longer. As soon as Eliot finishes the food, she’s going to drag them all together. Maybe she can convince Hardison to set up a picnic for them. Maybe with the fake stars.

And then she won’t let them go and they won’t let her go, because that’s how they work. They work hard and it’s hard, but they relax by remembering that the others are there.

So yes, they’ve picked a draining job. They’re the best crew in the world, hitter, hacker, thief, taking down the toughest marks. But it’s okay. Because it never gets to be too much. They have each other to make sure of that.


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Hardison and his cute hat in The Future Job

one of my absolute favorite scenes from ‘leverage’ is in season two when hardison, parker, and eliot just start setting up nate’s condo to be their new headquarters like

parker, with the old nate painting: hi i’m old nate and i live here too

eliot, cutting through the wall with a chainsaw: quiet maniacal laugh

hardison, setting up the monitors: i bought the building

and through it all, nate’s look of desperation devolving into resignation