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300 Celebration

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In honor of reaching 300 followers I will be taking requests for headcanons and drabbles. Below is a list of characters and actors I’m good with doing:

Chris Evans:

·         Steve Rogers

·         Johnny Storm

Sebastian Stan:

·         Bucky Barnes

·         T.J. Hammond

Karl Urban:

·         John Kennex (obvie)

·         Gavin

·         Black Hat

·         Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy

Chris Pratt:

·         Peter Quill

·         Owen Grady

Daniel Gillies

·         Elijah Mikaelson

Elizabeth Olson

·         Scarlet Witch

Hayley Atwell

·         Peggy Carter

Since I don’t know the actors all that well I will also be doing Tony DiNozzo NCIS and Rafael Barba from Law and Order SVU

All the actors and characters on the list are open. I will write these topics:

·         Daddy/Mommy!choice (NOT THE KINKY WAY unless stated)

·         Alpha/Beta/Omega

·         Angst

·         Basically anything

If there’s something you would like done, message me and I’ll be able to tell you if I can write it. That also means no Anon requests, this is all so I can tag you once finished.

I have a lot on here because more than 75% of you followed because Marvel related or The Originals related, so its only fair that I have you guys in mind.

I will be doing requests all weekend. For the question video, you all can ask whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hit into stalker personal which I will decide on seeing it and ask you to request a different question. Guys seriously ask me anything, whether its what I’m doing at school right now or what do I have to do to get into the writing mood. Remember I’m just as shy as the rest of you but I’ve gotten to something I never thought would happen so ask away my friends.

Thank you once again for following me because I don’t have a clue why anyone would :)