rw: jeffrey donovan

So, people are putting in who they think should play Nathan Drake, and I think Jeffrey Donovan would be amazing. I mean, looks like him, and could talk like him. Knows how to shoot guns, and knows a shit ton of martial arts, does a lot of his own stunts. Like, I think he’s practically perfect for this role. Just sayin.

Thoughts on Touching Evil ( Yes I know it's an old show I don't care)

Jeffery Donavan is an incredibly talented actor.

I love David Creegan :,)

(Maybe this is because I’m watching a USA network download version) but it bugs me how they promote the show. It’s not about the sex appeal. I get if it was Burn Notice ok. Michael is so suave and debonair but David is not. He’s coping and he’s fragile and he’s struggling. Of course he’s good looking but that’s not the point. I don’t know it just bugs me but that’s how USA promotes I guess.

I’m really upset this show only got one season but at the same time I’m not because Jeffrey might not have gotten Burn Notice and there’s no one who could have played Michael Westen but Jeffery Donovan! But still I wanted more of this show!

I always see bits of Michael Westen in David Creegan and some little Burn Notice parallels (I guess that will never change)

David and his daughters :,( :,)

The emotion of this show! :,(

Did I mention Jeffrey Donovan is an incredibly talented actor.

Ok I’m done.

I also would personally like to thank @loudlooks for telling me about this show and giving me the episodes because now I only have 3 eps left and I’m already emotionally compromised from this show and thank thanks so much 😝😝🙊😇 this is payback for getting you into Burn Notice. I know it secretly is 😂