rw: doctor who

you can think what you like about Doctor Who but the main antagonists of the series were based off Nazis

like, the most “evil creatures in the universe” are the ones who mindlessly hate and want to destroy anyone who isn’t like them, the ones who hold true to the idea of genetic purity like it’s their religion, and if that doesn’t remain the realist shit ever to this day, honestly

this show is about fighting alien versions of Nazis and more recently about punching actual Nazis in the face with zero hesitation, so yes this show is still Relevant and Important

In 2017, the year of our Lord, we got a black lesbian companion, a black Jewish queer woman in a loving relationship with a transgender woman, a bisexual black woman falling in love with a Muslim lesbian and black bisexual female activist. Plus, we’ve still got our black lesbian matriarch. What a time to be alive and black and female and queer and finally seeing some diverse representation of black queer women through different characters and relationships.

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