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Hey, random question but wanted to know you're thoughts on it. In the season final of castle when they get shot, who do you think got them to the hospital. Everyone reckons Ryan and Espo.

Yeah, I would say Ryan and Espo. Something along the lines of also figuring out what Castle did before Caleb appeared and worrying about what it meant, and then hurrying over to the loft when neither of them answered the phone. 

But also, they have a Google Echo/Amazon/Siri type thing and it would be just as possible, in my opinion, for one of them to muster the strength to demand that it call 911. Even if they didn’t say anything else, that would be enough to bring someone to the door to help them. 

Either of them are plausible in my mind, but for storytelling purposes, I’d think it was probably Ryan and Esposito. Or maybe a random neighbor, I’d hope gunshots would entice someone to call the cops.