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Dusky, thank you for today's series of "Wreckers" posts; 'twas marvelous to revisit Benedict's achingly beautiful David, and rediscover the skill with which BC gave that character those complex layers of emotion. Your commentary was perfect (as usual). I'm trying to be disciplined & reblog them only one at a time--it's quite a challenge! Benedict, Claire & Shaun gave beautiful, heart-rending performances, as these gif sets remind us--with BC's as the crowning jewel. Oh my heart! xx

❤️❤️❤️❤️ that film is worth every percent of its 91% on RT. and you are most welcome

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About Third Star: "I seem to be the only one who thinks it’s a really weak film (with wonderful performances)." - I'd have to agree. I'd love to hear your thoughts first if you don't mind sharing 😊

hey there :-) and i am so sorry i can never do short answers. (by the way i am absolutely loving the BC content you’ve been generating recently; it’s awesome and keeping this fandom fully informed. thank you xx)

re. Third Star; what a problem child :-) the things i absolutely love;

1. BC’s performance as James. He’s not just a tragic, helpless, overly sympathetic character which i think would make him a cliche. I like how BC plays him; with spikiness and palpable traces of arrogance that you could see what JKB would have been when he was well. Possibly as self-obsessed and supercilious as Miles. And i like how he lets that come out when lesser actors might have made him too vulnerable

2. His physical progression. Personally i tend to veer away from roles where physicality rules the internal life of a character (Eddie Redmayne did this imv as Hawking and it drove me nuts) but BC plays his degeneration like it’s thin ice. Even when he’s lashing out or being a child, it’s always there. In his eyes, in the way he handles the morphine bottle, in the way he looks ashamed when his body defeats him. It kills me. 

3. The friendships. I believed them. I loved what Tom Burke did as Davy; and how he was in the end the strongest and most noble. And how Adam Robertson’s played Bill as a broken spirit. And I loved how each of them had something distinct with James. 

4. The night scenes. When you’re really vulnerable, the night often strips away your defences and the scenes with the fireworks (James’ feverish joy), the scene around the fire (oh god) and the tent scene (holy f*ck). wow.

aaand the things i absolutely did not love;

5. the clumsy, nonsensical “rustic” interludes with the weird pagan-lite festival in the pub, and the cringey ferry captain encounter with karl johnson. the former was such a cliche and wtf was that festival anyway; and the latter was… lol. did they run out of money with the ticket booth? i adore hugh bonneville so i won’t tear down that other scene but yeah. that scene. 

6. the incessant sweeping shots of the coastline and the accompanying swelling of the orchestra… i felt like i was being manipulated into feeling “emotional” and it just felt like movie making 101 to me

7. (i am sorry i don’t like to tear down actors but) i thought jj feild’s performance was one-note and kind of hampered the beautiful flow between the four. his truly emotional scenes left me flat; which made me sad. 

in fact my main gripe really is that there was very little nuance in creating a mooodscape for the audience. fabulous chemistry and good acting isn’t enough if everything else is being forcefed to you :-)





Cambridge Spies 2003

Cambridge Spies is a BBC production based on a true story. It was first aired on 9 May 2003 and received numerous nominations (including BAFTA’s) and Awards (including the Golden FIPA Biarritz International Festival of Audiovisual Programming)

Benedict Cumberbatch had a featured part as Edward Hand in the four-part series.


This thing about the Brexit and Ben possible starring in it, how bad do you think it could mess up his chances, if he’s really being considered for a part that totally different than he’s played before? If they think he’s doing something else they could drop him from consideration. Think if this is team 0 that’s what they are aiming for.

============ Not just that, but it looks like Mr. Farage himself is producing, so it wouldn’t be an objective take on Brexit. Can you really see BC wanting to be part of THAT?