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Bite Me

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Open Series
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Dark, Smut
Rated: M
Pairing: Kim Jongin x OC (Alice)
Summary: After a close call, Alice decides to completely claim Kim Jongin as her mate - and give herself completely to him.
Word Count: 2.3k

She stalks the streets, the street lamps illuminating her golden plaited crown as a pointy smile spreads on her lips.

She can smell him.

He’s not far, his scent growing stronger every second and with each step she grows closer until it’s intoxicating. Her mouth begins to water as his excitement becomes evident in his sweet scent; what is her prey so excited about? Licking her crimson red lips, Alice begins to quicken her pace until she can see her object of interest in the near distance.

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I recently had the pleasure of being able to draw @trembling-hands‘s Alice and Hatter from their story. The writing is really well done and the pictures are just gorgeous so I highly recommend checking it out. 

I loved this line most: “What a horrible dream that we’re both sharing then, Alice.”

Thank you so much for commissioning me! My commissions are still open, more info here.