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Rumiko Week - Day #1: Favorite Female Characters

Crack Theory: Real Motive Behind “The Jenna Thing”

Alison meets Jenna for the first time before going to Noel’s Halloween party and sees that she’s going as Lady Gaga. This new girl who is beautiful as the same person she’ll be? Alison quickly makes sure she tells Jenna she’ll be Lady G and she has to go as someone else.

At the party, she notices Jenna not only didn’t listen to her but outshined her as Lady Gaga, making Alison look like some biker chick with a wig.

So, she tried to subtly let Jenna know who runs things in RW, offering her in a spot in her circle (this way, Jenna will always be under her)

But Jenna answers to no one.

Being boldly rejected, Alison begins the salt. Nobody rejects Alison.

And on top of all that…..Jenna was flirting with Emily…something Alison peeped immediately and wanted to shut down before anything even started

All of that wrapped up, in just one night, Alison was threatened by Jenna’s dominate presence, the possibility of she dethroning her, and Emily “her girl crush” becoming interested in someone new aka Alison’s real motive for “The Jenna Thing”. Toby “being a creep” was just a cover story in order for her to message to send Jenna.

 “Know your place.”

my dgm tarot associations

i wrote my explanations to why i chose what dgm charas for certain tarot cards a while ago but never posted it, so i polished it up and here it is now. i hope you enjoy, and feel free to tell me your own ideas for the cards and what charas you’d put on them! dgm is my one tru love and tarot is up there too, so i could talk about either of them forever

the fool - of course i chose allen for this, i could write a literal essay as to why he would be the fool, it should be blindingly obvious. the clown thing, first of all, allen as the jester/the fool is perfect and fitting. he’s also the main character, and the entire major arcana focuses on the fool’s journey, so it fits. he’s young and innocent and he’s old enough to have been through a lot but he is still inexperienced and naive and about to take on the world, even if that leads him into danger and even though he makes reckless decisions along the way. also, dog. the dog. the fool has a dog following him, allen is named after a dog, literally that alone is enough for me to put allen on this card, i die every day & constantly

the magician - i chose cross here, bc 1. he’s a sorcerer and 2. when i was initially deciding all of this, i was thinking a lot about the fool’s journey, and cross is about as early in allen’s journey as they come, so. it made sense. mostly, though, the knowledgeable sorcerer who is all-knowing but won’t tell the fool everything and only guides him, that’s cross.

the high priestess - past!allen, here. i was a little iffy on that but i figured there wasn’t really anyone better to portray knowledge and secrets (except maybe road, but the high priestess has a counterpart in the moon, and that’s where i put my adorable daughter) in this series, except maybe bookman, but i just mentioned the relation of the priestess to the moon and i really wanted the priestess to have a stronger connection to the moon than it would’ve been had i put bookman here

the empress - tyki went here. i’ll be honest, this was mostly to get a good counterpart to the emperor (who i put as sheril) but i mean. relaxed, down to earth, enjoys nature, good with kids. i like to think that tyki’s human half would correspond with the empress pretty well.

this is a damn long post, so the rest of the cards are under the cut~

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when alex first transferred to liberty high, justin saw him the first day of school. of course he was completely enamored with him from the start, he thought alex looked so attractive and was curious about him from the very beginning. he always manages to bring “the new kid” into conversation when it’s completely irrelevant. one day it’s just him and zach hanging out being bros and justin says something about alex again like, “yeah i heard alex is trying out for the jazz band” and zach’s just about had enough of it at this point so he’s like “dude you talk about him so much he probably have a crush on him or something” and justin glares at him angry “no i don’t!” but he’s flustered and his fingers are twitching and zach just looks at him “oh shit” and then the next day at school zach helps justin bring alex into their friend group and ever since then justin has been subtly flirting with him. “you too hot for us now, standall?” etc. but alex is just so goddamn oblivious

Lovers vs The Two of Cups

This could be SO much longer but I’m cutting it off here. Please think of this as a jumping off point and not a definitive work on the two cards. I’d love to hear your thoughts and additions for these two cards. Do you agree or disagree? What separates these two cards for you? There are 6!! common keywords between the two cards. Let’s discuss!

Lovers: Attraction, Follow Your Heart, Trust, Partnership, Choices, Romance, Communication, Duality, Harmony, Union, Physical Attraction, Sharing, Personal Belief Systems

Two of Cups: Partnership, Romance, Attraction, Balance, Friendship, Sharing, Negotiations, Duality, Passion, Sexual Attraction, Mutually Beneficial Outcome, Heartfelt Exchanges, Young Love


Astrological: Gemini

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

The Lovers is a card about choice, Gemini are the twins after all so get ready for a couple of options in front of you. The number Six represents harmony, departures, transitions, and relationships. This is an air card so we should keep in mind that this is more about messages and the psyche than it is romantic emotions that would be seen in a Cups card or the passion one would see in a Fire sign card. In the Marseille decks, the dude in the picture is choosing between two women. One theory is that the choices are between his mother and his potential partner, the choice then being whether or not he is ready to grow up or the choice between vice and virtues. Above him, in the Marseille deck cupid is ready to shoot an arrow to give him the divine kick in the pants needed to make his decision. Rachel Pollack reminds us in Tarot Wisdom that the arrow actually robs us of our choice. Or at the very least our rational decision-making skills because as we all know; love can blind us to the realities of a situation. Also, cupid’s arrow only affects the person that has been hit. It’s a very once sided emotion. In the RWS Lovers card, things have changed pretty dramatically. Firstly everyone got naked and the second woman has wandered off (She said ‘ain’t nobody got time for that!’). Secondly, Cupid got changed to the angel Raphael, the Angel of Air and Communication. And instead of being hit with the ‘stupid’ arrow the Angel is now blessing Both parties. SO. MUCH. BETTER. The card is supposed to depict a ‘perfect’ relationship (although I find Adam and Eve to be FAR from the perfect relationship so I’m taking this with a grain of salt while I put my personal issues aside.) and be the exact opposite of the Devil card. Even with the idealism that comes with perfections, when you look at the RWS card the love seems to be, again, more once sided. Adam is looking intently at Eve as his tree of knowledge burns behind him, but Eve is looking up at Raphael for guidance, and her tree is still healthy and fruitful with the snake giving her advice as well (whether that advice is good or bad we don’t really know I suppose.) This is supposed to symbolize the path from physical needs, to emotional needs, to spiritual concerns. For me, the flaming tree shows that Adam was giving in to his vices, making the pleasures of the world his main passion (we all know dudes like this, no?) while Eve was trying to maintain her emotional stability (oh, I hear you sister) by looking to Raphael for some spiritual help. “How do I keep this dude off my junk, Ralphie?” And Raphael is up there trying to help everyone get along with good communication mojo being sent down.

2 of Cups:

Astrological: Cancer

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Compare this to the 2C card. In the 2C the man and woman are looking intently into each other’s eyes. They are equals, they understand one another. The world outside their gaze no longer matters. Above them is a Caduceus, a symbol of health, and the two snakes that spiral together representing the combining of male and female energy to create a single force; the couple.  Above that is the winged head of a lion. The lion is a symbol of strength and sexual passion. The fact that this lion is red is no coincidence. The red lion is all about becoming aware of the magical world that is dominant in them and the world at large (hello, first love anyone?). It’s also representing air and water coming together to make sulfur which is masculine and feminine (or consciousness and subconsciousness) coming together to become one. Seeing a trend here? Together as one element, they become One Will or The Soul.

You can take a moment to stop here and think about all of the power couples you know who stop referencing themselves as ‘I’ or ‘me’ and only say things like ‘We decided to have pork chops for dinner’ and ‘We just feel Super Girl is superior to Flash as far as TV shows go’. There is no individual, only the couple. They do everything together, plan everything together, they know they work best as a unit.  Even their friends start referencing them as a couple instead of individuals because they know one will always be with the other (Brangelina). And with Venus and Cancer working together you know that this union came together quickly and will likely be for life, even though this is in the very beginning stages of the relationship (long distance between couple and house in the background). This is for sure the googley new relationship energy phase, where everything is sunshine and rainbows and no one leaves their socks on the floor. Everyone is still romantic and attentive and wanting to know everything about each other and the Nintendo sits in the corner and collects dust.

Long story short, when I’m doing a love reading I’d much rather see the 2 of Cups than the Lovers. The 2C is a lifetime relationship; it’s the twin soul or the soul mate card. The Lovers can mean love but it’s not really the relationship kind of card. It’s more about choices that define who you are and your love for self through moving away from your vices and more towards your emotional/spiritual goals. I’ll probably take some more time on these cards in the future because there is SO much more to share! (darn day job!)

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cumragstoriches-deactivated2016  asked:

Is there any particular reason given for why Littlefinger is only Lord Protector of the Vale and not the lord in his own right, given that he was married to the ruling Lady of the Vale? I'd have guessed its because Lysa is a Tully and not an Arryn, but Bronn is also only Lord Protector of Stokeworth and he married a Stokeworth?

…because Littlefinger isn’t the heir to the Vale?

Jon Arryn was Lord of the Vale. His son Robert “Sweetrobin” Arryn is his heir and current Lord of the Vale. Lysa Tully Arryn was Jon Arryn’s wife and Robert’s mother. She acted as Robert’s regent and Lady of the Vale after Jon died, but she had no actual right to the seat in and of herself — her power derived through Robert only. And in AGOT you can see she has many suitors, all hoping to marry her. Not to become Lord of the Vale as that is Robert, but to become Robert’s co-guardian through her, which could also include stewardship of the Vale and the position of Lord Protector, basically ruling the Vale until Robert comes of age.

Note, if by chance Robert had died before Lysa did, then Harry Hardyng (Robert’s heir because he’s the son of Jon Arryn’s sister’s daughter and there are no living closer relatives) would have become Lord of the Vale, and Lysa would have been s.o.l. (Though as Harry is still underage, he too would have a regent, probably his guardian Anya Waynwood but possibly at least one other Vale lord as well.) Most likely Lysa would still have been charitably allowed to live in the Eyrie as Jon Arryn’s widow, but you can imagine there would have been greater murmurs of “she doesn’t belong here” and in time she might have gone back to Riverrun or who-knows-where.

But that did not happen — Petyr Baelish married Lysa, and when he killed her Lysa died, he declared himself Robert’s guardian and Lord Protector of the Vale. [edit: Some clarifcation — Lysa had indeed named him Lord Protector before she died, but the guardian issue is unclear.] As Littlefinger had no connection to Robert except through being married to Lord Jon Arryn’s widow (for only a few weeks!*), and also had a somewhat unsavory reputation / was an upjumped nobody, this caused much murmuring among the Vale lords, leading eventually to the Lords Declarant situation. Their letter spoke of “false friends and evil counselors” and a “misrule” that must be ended, and their intent was to remove Petyr from his position of Lord Protector by any means possible. Through trickery Littlefinger managed to convince them to give him a year as Robert’s guardian, and is confident he’ll be able to keep them manipulated and disorganized in the future.

*[As another what-if, if Petyr had been able to keep Lysa unjealous and alive for about 9 months or so and if she had borne his child, that child would have had no rights to the Vale whatsoever, but would have been heir to the Baelish keep on the Fingers, to Harrenhal, and distantly to Riverrun (after Edmure Tully, his unborn child, and then the Stark children). (Note Brynden Blackfish would have rights to Riverrun after that what-if child; also note this Riverrun succession list is somewhat faulty as it ignores the legal order from the Iron Throne that took Riverrun away from House Tully and gave it to Emmon Frey and Genna Lannister.)]

Re the other half of your question, Bronn is not Lord Protector of Stokeworth. (That title is not given to him anywhere in the books.) Lollys is Lady Stokeworth (since her mother and older sister are dead), and he is her husband. Bronn calls himself Lord Stokeworth, but legally he has no right to the title. (Though he does have a small army in the castle, who treat him as Lord Stokeworth, so he does have the right of occupation for as long as he can keep it.) However, Bronn is also guardian of Lollys’s bastard son Tyrion Tanner, and intends to have at least one legitimate child with her. That child would be heir to Stokeworth (surpassing the bastard T.T.), and as that child’s father, Bronn might be legally appointed Lord Protector of Stokeworth until he or she comes of age. Note, it’s possible that even before that happens, Bronn could make a legal claim to be Lord Protector of Stokeworth based on Lollys’s mental disability, but so far he seems satisfied with his, um, extra-legal claim.

So leaving Bronn aside, the actual situation closest to Petyr’s position of Lord Protector of the Vale was Tywin’s plans for Tyrion and Sansa. His intent was that Sansa would inherit Winterfell as the only known living Stark (as Theon had claimed to kill Bran and Rickon, Arya was missing-believed-dead**, and the Red Wedding was in the works so Robb was already written off), and Tyrion would quickly impregnate her. As the husband of the underage Lady Stark and the father of Ned Stark’s grandchild (slash probably the father of infant Lord/Lady Stark as the odds of Sansa dying in childbirth were quite high), Tyrion would be Lord Protector of Winterfell. Why Tywin just expected the Northmen to roll over and accept Tyrion as their leader is a question we don’t know the answer to, but probably they would have gone north with a very large army. Which does seem to have been part of the plans, considering the secondary plan that went into effect after Tyrion was arrested for Joffrey’s murder, Sansa disappeared, and the Boltons were granted Winterfell/the North and the faked Arya Stark. (**Interestingly, Roose Bolton speaks of the “found” Arya Stark even before the Red Wedding. Tywin was evidentially working on Plan B for some time, perhaps as a supplement to his plans for Tyrion and Sansa.)

Anyway, to sum up: in Westeros, Lord Protector is a title often given to a regent for a lord or lady who has not yet come of age. (As one more example, Ned Stark would have been Lord Protector of Westeros, acting as regent for Joffrey, if not for Cersei’s coup.) A Lord (or Lady) in their own right is the title given to the heir to a seat, once they take up their inheritance. And in cases where a woman is the heir and has inherited as ruling lady in her own right, her husband (if she has one) is her consort with no particular title unless she gives him one (e.g. Lady Rhea Royce and her husband Prince Daemon Targaryen); though he might become Lord Protector for her heir, especially if she dies before they come of age.

edit: some clarification on the exact definition of Lord Protector.

[rough trans] 150722 Sukira Hoon + Soohyun talk about first time watching suggestive scenes/when they feel scared

JS: Jisook (Rainbow)  
DK: DK/Dokyum (Seventeen)  
SK: Seungkwan (Seventeen)

I’m sorry if I mix up DK and Seungkwan because there were some parts where I couldn’t see their faces and I don’t know Seventeen well enough to tell their voices apart ;o;

1, 2 


RW: When did you first see it?
DK: What kind of thing?
RW: Those kind of racy scenes…
DK: Ah, racy scenes?
JS: They’re thinking about it in their heads now! These two…
RW: Well then, let’s start from U-Kiss. When did you first see it?
SH: Third grade in elementary school!
RW: In third grade?
SH: Yes.
RW: Oh~
SH: I went to my friend’s house and my friend showed it to me. I went there to play games though.
JS: He’s blaming it on his friend again
SH: No, I was super embarrassed—
RW: I think it happened to me in 4th grade….in my friend’s house.
SH: Yeah, the friend showing it  
RW: I saw it accidentally
HN: Right right right
RW: Back then, I received a shock!
JS: The friend that everyone’s talking about must be the same friend!  
RW: What about Hoon?
HN: For me…in 5th grade?
RW: It’s all during 3rd, 4th, 5th grade
HN: Doesn’t it happen during elementary school for everyone?
JS: So it’s like that, huh
SH: I’m the sunbae (in regards to seeing erotic scenes)
HN: Ah, sunbae, my sunbae-nims~
RW: Jisook, in the protected dimension…
JS: Yes, I still haven’t seen it.
All: (laughs)
JS: Yeah, I don’t know what it is.  
RW: Seventeen, you understand right? Just (answer) like this~
SK: Please save us…
RW: I won’t ask then?
SK (nods): Ah…
RW: Because it’s their first time
HN: We’ll protect you.
RW: Then things like kiss scenes.
SK: Ah, yes!
RW: When did you first see it?
SK: Ever since I was little, I saw them, while watching things like dramas…I didn’t watch it because I wanted to but…
JS: The way he’s getting embarrassed is cute right!
All: (laughs)
JS: No, it’s okay if you’ve seen it, what’s the big deal?
SK: Manager-nim, I’m sorry! Yes, I think I saw it in elementary school.
SH: When I was little, I was watching Tarzan, and when Tarzan kissed the girl I was like “Ohh”! It was too racy!
HN: Me too, me too
SK: When you’re watching animations, there’s a lot of those kinds of things
DK: Leopard print
SH: Yes, leopard print…(giggles)
(all guys break into laugher except Hoon)
JS: Oh, these men are weird!
HN: Leopard prints are that erotic!
RW (to Soohyun): Don’t laugh
SH: Ah yes, I’m sorry
RW: Warning~
DK: Yes, sorry

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The thing I hate the most about the current shipping war that’s going on is the fact that RT is basically perpetuating the war by their own actions. Constantly teasing BB, constantly teasing BS - Like, why?

If this were a war between something like Arkos and Lancaster, that would be unsurprising.

I blame RT for the shipping war that THEY perpetuated.

Of course YOU would  blame RT: You are completely incapable of taking responsibility for your actions and blame everything on the creators to control them like the fucking childish abuser you are.

Shows pull this bullshit all the fucking time. In fact, I immigrated from a fandom that pulled this all the god damn time. Of course, it’ s not THEIR fault if shippers are immature enough to fight over something as stupid as shipping. Especially if a certain group always turn one of the ships into political bullshit and spreads controversy like a fucking virus.

The shippers only have themselves to blame for their war: They choose to fight when they could have put aside their situation like so many ships do to coexist peaceful. No one’s fault there but theirs.

Well, there’s and YOURS. Bet things wouldn’t be nearly as bad if you assholes wouldn’t be using one side to push your abusive behavior and your agenda (Bumbleby) while demonizing the other side and especially one of the key parts (Black Sun and Sun) and making mountains out of molehills (BMBLB) and encouraging the idea that anyone who disagrees is wrong.

A lot of you RWDE posters (including YOU, Dudeblade) are Bumbleby shippers so all they’re doing is emulatimg YOU and listening to YOU. Don’t lie it? SHUT UP THEN.