In honor of March 25 and the last few days of ot5, i’d like to remind everyone of how much nourriam loves Zayn. 

Leaving a space for Zayn and his mic set when singing 

Liam and Louis making sure nobody takes Zayn’s spot

Liam hinting at what’s to come or just missing Zayn…

Harry’s double ponytail resembling Zayn’s 

Liam making sure everyone knows that ot5 is fine, Liam taking a picture of a Zayn fan sign and Harry reacting to a picture of Zayn 


Lilo discussing how much Liam loves his Yorkshire boys [Louis and Zayn]


Louis autograph to a fan regarding Zayn on March 22, 2015

Leaving a space for Zayn for their first music video without him

Finally, Zayn’s smile during otra…

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I love how your son shares his feelings and things that boys can be open and have feelings and then I remember when he used to kiss the side of Loam's head, or tell him he loved him and it is just so beautiful I want to cry.

My tumblr son is such a gentle whisper smol leather wrapped kitteh blossom and has such a lobely and happeh heart?

 And loves Loammy a real real lot 



He just also generally lobes lots of people and lobes giving them love?

Bombshell Blond (Wired Up To Detonate)

Rating: Explicit
Ships: Zayn Malik/Niall Horan, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
“Correct me if I’m wrong,” Zayn starts, leaning forward and resting his chin on his hands. “But you look a little…nervous?”
Niall scoffs but Zayn can see the worry underneath the surface. “Consider yourself corrected.”
Zayn just raises an eyebrow at that, and eventually Niall groans, rubbing at his face. “Fuck. Okay, look, I’m not good at this whole–” he waves his hands around, “–wooing thing. I’m not someone who goes on dates and, like, does all that. I’ve never had the time to do that, even.”
“You’ve never been in a relationship?” Zayn asks, a bit surprised.
Niall blushes. “Never really cared about stuff like that, until I met you.”
[Or the one where Zayn’s a spy, Niall’s his target, and the whole world’s their playground]
Words: ~51k

A/N: Written for Round 5 of @1dbigbang​. Also featuring absolutely amazing art by @karelydraws (full-length version of art in the fic)! I’ve been working on the idea/snippets for this fic for probably four/five years now and I’m so happy to see it finally completed :) It’s by far the longest fic I’ve ever written and I really hope you all enjoy it!

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this is purely based off of your url so i'm sorry if your'e not the right person to ask buuuuut - do you have any single dad niall fic recs? please and thank you? :)

HELLO YES I’M HERE TO HELP. There’s not too, too many, as far as I know (unfortunately) but here are some:

something so magic about you by storhan (niall/harry)

“Niall’s a single father and Harry’s his neighbor who never seems to wear a shirt.”

you don’t need me anymore by outwardbound93 (niall/harry)

“Rain riddles the sea like bullets and the dark storm clouds hang just above ceiling height, but Niall doesn’t have the panicky crushed feeling he sometimes gets. The little house feels cozy with his baby asleep in the next room and Harry’s lip jutting out in a pout.

Or, Niall becomes a dad.”

naive melody by liquidmeasure (niall/zayn) (not technically single dad niall but in the same vein)

“The clock on the side table says it’s just after midnight when he wakes up to Theo screaming and crying for his mother. Just after midnight, so a good three and a half hours of sleep and that’s that. It’s like the kid has finally caught on that all is not well. That his parents have really and truly gone.

He keeps crying when Niall picks him up out of his cot and it seems he doesn’t stop for three days."Post-Zayn canon fic. Zayn steps in to help Niall deal with Theo. Niall isn’t sure how to deal with Zayn

Pick Up The Pieces (And Build A Lego House) by Lainy122 (Niall/Liam)

“It’s like Lego, innit? Like, when you meet the right piece you just like…fit. So perfectly, right, you can’t even tell where the join bit is, yeah? But then sometimes it’s like, the bit you have is the wrong one and doesn’t fit at all. And they’re actually that piece you step on in the middle of the night and it hurts like hell. Only you step with like, your heart, and not your foot.”

“I can’t tell if that’s brilliant or the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“’M pretty drunk,” Liam agrees. “Could be either.”

turn all your grey skies blue by mogigraphia (niall/harry)

“Niall’s a new single dad, and Harry’s his daughter’s teacher at the daycare.”

does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all by estrella30

““You don’t have room to talk,” Louis says, pointing a finger at Harry and narrowing his eyes. “Seeing as how you were seventy five million years late to the meeting today.”

“Well I’m bloody well here now!” Harry shouts. Everyone goes quiet, Zayn even manages to pause whatever Robert Downey Jr. is doing on the telly, and it’s right then, in the middle of the first split second of quiet since Harry arrived that he hears it.

“Wait,” Harry says, cocking his head to the side and listening more closely. “Is that a baby crying?”

OR: Niall gets a baby left w him and Harry moves in to help him take care of her”

other niall-ship kid-fic:

hear this heartbeat breaking through by acastle (niall/harry)

He feels another shock of warmth, much more intense, much more overwhelming, as he looks at him. Watches Bailey cling on to this person tightly, laughing as he’s lifted off the ground. He doesn’t know how to describe it, but he’s sure. Very sure, that it is a positive feeling. He doesn’t know how to react to it, really.

(In which Harry is an amateur boxer, raising his son on his own after the hardest few months of his life, then he meets the piano teacher with a beautiful heart.)

sleep soft by asymmetric (niall/liam)

“Parenting is harder than Liam had thought it would be.

(in which he and Niall take care of a fake baby and things get knocked a little off balance)”

calling future love by brokendrums (harry/niall/zayn)

Faced with an indefinite break from the band and a broody boyfriend, Harry, Niall and Zayn decide to have a baby.

5+x=7, solve for x by alison (ot5)

Dads. They’re going to be dads. Niall is going to be a dad.

Oh god, he thinks. I’m absolutely going to fuck this up.

i love you in a place where there’s so space and time by baloonflies (niall/harry)

“"Daddy doesn’t have to know” she says, eyes Niall through the rear mirror. Niall knows she learned this from him; not telling Daddy when Niall breaks his mug or when they eat ice-cream even though it’s cold out. Niall laughs, looking at her furrowed brows and pouty lips.

“No, Daddy doesn’t have to know” he agrees and starts the car.


Harry’s a single dad, Niall’s the free lance guitar instructor, Liam and Louis are not-boyfriends and Zayn is overprotective.“

This is all I can find in my bookmarks for now!! Hope it’s good enough :D

I also haven’t read 1d fic in well over a year so if everyone know of anything that’s come out in that time, please let me and anon know :D

Try to Impress

by Anonymous

Hufflepuff pure-blood Niall  tries to impress Nerdy Cute muggle born Zayn at the new Hogwarts Scify/Fantasy Club. Cue lots of pining, menacing Louis and cute fluff!

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