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Since I do not understand French, and the quality of the interview promo vid isn't that good, I come to you. They make Harry watch some vids and there's Zayn leaving, and I hope there won't be drama, but is he laughing?

Ok I basically only know enough French to ask people about their skincare recs (Quelle est votre recommandation de soin de peau?) and how the bathroom is (”Comment fonctionne la salle de bain”), so I went ahead and consulted @financial-larrie, an extremely glamorous French woman. 

Harry wasn’t laughing at Zayn, he was laughing at the dramatic hoe fan video. Here is her scientific play-by-play -I went ahead and pointed out where the Harry is for you in the screen shots because I’m so helpful:

financial-larrie They say : ‘but in 2015, badaboom" show videos of fans crying


financial-larrie: “Zayn leaves the band, the fans can’t take it”

that’s his face when the guy says" no more music from Zayn, no more tour from Zayn"

the “no more music from Zayn, no more tour from Zayn” it’s the guy in the video that they show

So in Melly’s summation, there is no Harreh vs. Zayn drama.