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Okay but zayn always looks like he's been photoshopped into the photos with Gigi. Like they look like they have had different filters on both. Also why would you make a tropical paradise photo black and white unless you had something to hide

Zayn’s body is missing under gigi’s arm 👀

Honestly I was trying to figure out how exactly I felt about this photo, and the only emotion I could muster was true joy for the Kraft mac & cheese I was eating. Other than that, the photo came across my dash and this was pretty much me:

Two things I’m 3.74%  curious about here:

1) Why is this photo in black and white? I’m not saying that automatically means it was photoshopped (but it probably means it was photoshopped). 

2) Why was the caption changed by the SMM twice? First time read:

gigihadid: take us back 🌴🌴🌴

And now, it’s:

gigihadid: 🌴🌴🌴

I guess the intern determined it would look more RayL™ and Authentic™ to have just palm tree emojis convey the true longing for their island promotional opportunity vacation. For whatever as yet to be revealed reason, Zigi needs to look like a cohesive brand and a Real Life Couple™. It’s about 6 months too late for that since the media pretty much dragged and exposed them immediately, but now we’re at a place where Zigi needs to look as real as possible (still only when it’s promotionally advantageous though!), and I’m guessing there’s some kind of business deal behind that, whether it be a brand campaign or capsule collection.

Zigi is a bearding, but it’s also meant to be a business, so just be ready with whatever accompanying snacks you need when the reason behind getting trout slapped with Zigi reveals itself. It’s worth reminding you guys that Tommy Hilfiger is announcing a new phase of TommyxGigith in a few weeks (October).  

I can’t believe NIALL JAMES HORAN got an advance copy of MIND OF MINE DELUXE (TARGET EXCLUSIVE) and heard GOLDEN from ZAYN’S first solo album, and then wrote THIS TOWN at that exact second

Love is Real

i dont believe in coincidences

zayn literally knew that nialls single was dropping this morning, either because he found out from the S O U R C E, or because he found out thru twitter and tuned in OF HIS OWN ACCORD and LISTENED and then POSTED A ZELFIE

im really not ok right now