Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes II

Check out this beautiful new video directed by Yelena Zhelezov. Simple and strange, perfectly angular.

Seems that Julia signed over to Domino Records recently (congrats to her!) who will be re-issuing her critically acclaimed Ekstasis LP. If you missed it when it came out on RVNGIntl, you can pre-order the 12" here which comes with “a new rendition of ‘Goddess Eyes’ plus a new studio recording of 'Betsy On the Roof’, both performed with musicians Christopher Votek and Corey Fogel." 

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Suzanne Ciani & Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Sunergy (2016)

Like a dream come true and yet strangely bound to happen one day, veteran Suzanne Ciani and latest marvel Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, both modular music innovators, have recently got together,plugged wires and tweaked some knobs. As expected, the two enchantresses came up with daring soundscapes kept under control by their lifelong expertise, leaving flukey bleeps and bloops to amateurs. The result of this delightful collaboration is a performance by the name of “Sunergy” captured visually by Sean Hellfritsch and released aurally on Rvng Intl. A match made in Heaven you can trip out to.


A visit with Ariel Kalma.

My best friend sent this to me knowing it’d be right up my alley, and thus, I send it to you. Short film directed by Matthew McGuigan from RVNG Intl. The recorded music is available on BandcampiTunesAmazon, from An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979)