college au where wash and tucker are room mates in a dorm room haunted by church

yes that’s a burn mark on the wall and it’s totally not related to a freak microwave incident that killed church and was definitely not caused by caboose


I’d really like to share as much RvB fan creations as I can. Cause you guys are awesome.

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** This also includes photo/gif manipulations, fan fiction authors and any other means of creative endeavors. **

Sterling. (╯3╰)


More doodles, this time from a Plants Vs Zombies RvB AU happyfunballxd thought would be cool. Currently in the middle of writing a fic in this AU for her, but it’ll be awhile, so I hope this will compensate for it!


so i have an au in which wash and niner desert freelancer together and go on adventures while trying to run away from cops and the military because wash might’ve stolen a bag of expensive looking shit when he left out of spite.

also niner seems incapable of stealing a car that’s logical for the situation they’re in (what do you have against roofs?(what do cars have against you?))

wash who gets grumpy and pissy to the extreme when he’s sick. so when he inevitably passes out in the rec room in his pillow fort in front of the tv the other freelancers leave offerings of fruit and other good stuffs.

(south’s gift is not drawing dicks on his face)