hey look, a completely finished art! i don’t really know how i got there, it started as just me sketching something for the sake of drawing. i think it started as felix running, and then wash running, and then this happened. in the span of about… 9 hours i think? not bad really

also, i really loved the shirt design i threw on. it took 5 minutes and i like it the best out of everything in the picture. figures. anyways that’s why i shared the original picture, since it’s hard to see on the actual shirt. i headcanon all of wash’s shirts are cat-based, usually puns. seriously, i just can’t draw him in anything but cat shirts.


I’d really like to share as much RvB fan creations as I can. Cause you guys are awesome.

So if you could be so kind as to reblog this so I can follow you. I’d appreciate it.

** This also includes photo/gif manipulations, fan fiction authors and any other means of creative endeavors. **

Sterling. (╯3╰)


More doodles, this time from a Plants Vs Zombies RvB AU happyfunballxd thought would be cool. Currently in the middle of writing a fic in this AU for her, but it’ll be awhile, so I hope this will compensate for it!