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Why there isn't going to be a second ROTG (broken down-ish)

*intense sobbing*

Okay guys, here’s the deal. (if you didn’t already know) the reason there won’t be a second movie is because there are multiple things standing in their way.

For one; religiously speaking the movie strays away from Christianity in the sense that they do not revolve Christmas and Easter around Jesus and that pissed a bunch of people off. So for the sake of making the most amount of people happy, they probably won’t make a second movie.

Secondly it wasn’t the biggest hit for Dreamworks. The fandom got steadily bigger as the years went by, but during it’s showing it wasn’t a smash hit.

DreamWorks was planning on doing another movie quickly after the first one released, but because of these two things (and other ones, but those were the two main reasons) they couldn’t make a new one, even though there is a petition to have a second movie (which I will put a link to later if you’re interested) it’s LACKING in signatures.

I know that the chance for a second movie is very very small, but like, I can dream 😂

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