rvb art


So uh

While I was watching the chorus trilogy w/ one of my friends we had this really stupid running gag of instead of Locus giving Wash Freckles, he’d give him his number instead. Then it somehow ended up being a wrong number and shenanigans ensued. I have no idea why this was so funny to us, to the extent of me making this monstrosity haha


Thank you everyone for participating in the RvB Reverse Big Bang! Here’s the official masterlist of all works, artists, and writers involved! Bolded fic titles are completed stories.


Art by @twinkletwinkleunclefloyd, fic titled “Can’t Remember How to Forget” by  @comefeedtherainn

Art by  @sxpaiscia, fic titled “Lighting in the Sky” by @confessionsforanothertime

Art by @goodluckdetective, fic titled “Who Suggested This Again?” by @all-made-of-stardust

Art by @adobewanphotobi, fic titled “In Hope’s Shadow” by @zalia

Art by @creatrixanimi, fic titled “Sexy Fire Things” by @primtheamazing

Art by @not-so-serious-wastebasket, fic titled “From Enemies To Ambiguity” by @actualwashington

Art by @tackytacs, fic titled “Training Exercise” by @what-happened-to-agent-georgia

Art by @insurrectionistsharkface, fic titled “What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost” by @run-a-goth-chick

Art by @bemusual, fic titled “Hitting Things and Other Bonding Activities” @run-a-goth-chick

Art by @cobaltqueen, fic titled “The T Team” @goodluckdetective

Art by @hazk, fic titled “Think My Battery’s Running Low” by @all-made-of-stardust

Art by @captainkonot fic titled “I’ll See You in the Drift” by @secretlystephaniebrown

Art by @agent-murica, fic titled “Nothing Worth Finding at the Bottom of a Bottle” by @akisawana

Art by @cyborg-sabi, fic titled “Chupamarinky” by @knightiss

Art by @a-taller-tale, fic titled These Kids Aren’t Alright” by @fall-into-the-void28

Art by @grimmmons, fic titled “Page Three Hundred and Sixty-Four” by @riathedreamer

Art by @echiknoi, fic titled “Like Toy Soldiers” by @akisawana

Art by @boyslushie, fic titled “Memories” by @whiskeyandstars

Art by @powerfulpomegranate, fic titled “In War Then Love” by @tyrian-callows

Art by @renaroo, fic titled “Agent, Agent, Can You Read Me?” by @goodluckdetective

Art by @pitchscribbles

Art by @artsyorangeykay, fic titled “When I Let The Water Take Me” by @gkingoffez

Art by @sapphire-s-bluchiha, fic titled “You’ll Thank Me When It’s Saturday” by @bitterfloof

Art by @redwryvernart, fic titled “Balance” by @confessionsforanothertime

Art by @ivorytrenchcoat, fic titled “It’s a Rescue Fic, Kaikaina Grif!” @secretlystephaniebrown

Art by @kyasrein, fic titled “Dance and Romance Rhyme, so That’s Gotta Count for Something” by @actually-the-antichrist

Art by @yami-sama, fic titled “Old Snow” by @fall-into-the-void28

Art by @quetzalcactus, fic titled “Further Consideration” by  @hakanakikiki

Art by @gaveremy, fic titled “Sweet Child of Wine” by @washingtub

Art by @veni-vidi-acdc, fic titled “Allison Texas and the Sanghelli Mask” by @secretlystephaniebrown

Art by @effarstudioproductions, fic titled “The Things That Wait” by @renaroo

Art by @simmonss, fic titled “and things got real bohemian” by @jaxjoenes

Art by @cc-sketchbook, fic titled “but we know it could go away” by @sroloc–elbisivni

Art by @sentaidash, fic titled “Two Households, Both Alike in Dignity” by @hakanakikiki

Art by @blazonix, fic titled “We are a Woven Thread, Find the Strand” by @illumynare

Art by @rvb–max, fic titled “Around the Campfire” by @knightiss

Art by @veni-vidi-acdc, fic titled “Something’s Stormy” @captainsimmons

Art by @emmujin, fic titled “Float On” by @a-taller-tale

Art by @whimsical-writer, fic titled “South & Theta” by @moosey-art

Art (coming soon) by @yami-sama, fic titled “Phantom Pains” by @irenkaferalkitty

Art by @piratelynlyn, fic titled “A Beginner’s Guide To Avoiding The Empire” by @darthrevaan

Art by @st-franz, fic titled “Expecting the Best” by @renaroo