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RT Shows and their fanbases at the moment
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15.05, the gift that keeps on giving: blocking edition.

look, everyone knows where my priorities lie with this new season, but even objectively speaking, this shot is awesome. you don’t need the context of the story to see that dylan is an intruder that tucker, wash and carolina are all united to defend against if necessary, at varying levels of readiness: tucker is armed but here to listen, wash is prepared to engage if he has to, and carolina will shoot dylan if she so much as twitches threateningly. 

only seconds pass between this shot and one that i didn’t even think was going to make it into the episode:

like. damn. joe understands his fucking visuals. once again, you don’t have to hear what they’ve been up to to know that they’re okay: you see it the moment they form up. 

everybody’s place around this table isn’t an accident, either. (and i love that caboose and tucker’s preferred red is over on their side. that’s a nice touch.) even if you don’t consciously notice it, the positioning of the characters in “previously on” suggests unity and balance at multiple points throughout the episode.

sure would be unfortunate if something happened to throw this off…

Before you get angry about the RT Pride shirts, please watch this LGBTQA+ panel from RTX where they got revealed. Watch this panel featuring only the LGBTQA+ members of Rooster Teeth. Listen to their stories and understand how much they worked to have this shirt made. Understand how much RT is trying to be inclusive of this side of the community. 

RT isn’t always right, and sometimes their content is queerbaity and their jokes are offensive. I won’t defend them on that. They’ve done a lot of things wrong.
But this! This is the right thing to do! This right here is a step in the right direction, and fuck me if I’m not going to support that.

I want RT to improve; to be better than what it is now. We can still be critical of what they do wrong, but we need to remember to support the right steps and celebrate the small victories too.

And for everyone who thinks they’re trying to ‘scam the queer community out of their money’, I guarantee you, they’re chasing off a lot more ‘dude-bro cishet’ customers than gaining new LGBT ones.This move was a risk they took because they want us to feel welcomed in this community, even if that pushes their bigot customers out. That is so important. These are the kind of decisions companies need to be making right now; to make the LGBT community feel welcomed over the bigots.

They still have their problems, sure, but they really are trying.
Day 5 has a lesbian character who’s sexuality isn’t treated like a joke in any way.
Last season of RvB featured 2 other lesbian characters.
And the newest RWBY album featured a song that foreshadows Yang/Blake, much in the same way Boop foreshadowed Ren/Nora though at the time, canon made it clear they were just friends.

I know we want more; I know they need to be doing more.
But right now, these are good things. Let’s celebrate these small victories and encourage them in continuing this trend.
If you want change, you need to support that change. Be critical, always be critical. But support is still important too.

Friendly reminder that Caboose is in love with Sheila who’s in love with Lopez who was used as a body by Church and ends up being just a body for Tex who was Church’s girlfriend and they were both AI based off of Agent Carolina’s parents.

Simmons: you can’t surrender. You’re not under attack.
(A few seconds later and a sniper shot)
Tucker: Ow! Motherfucker!
Simmons: OK, Now you’re under attack. Go ahead and surrender bitch.
Sarge: Nice thinking Simmons.
Grif: The humanity.
Church/Donut: Alright, they surrender.
Tucker: Fuck that, I’m pissed. Let’s fight.
—  I forgot this existed.  I’m loving going back through RvB on Netflix. 
RvB Asks

1)Favorite Season
2)Favorite Episode
3)Favorite Character
4)Favorite Freelancer
5)Any ships? And what are they?
6)Best Ai Fragment?
7) Any ships you dislike with a passion?
8) Favorite Line from the show
9) Your Hopes for Season 15?
10) Favorite Fan-Fiction?
11)How did you find/Get into RvB?
12)Federal Army or The New Republic?
13)On a scale of 1 to 10 how high would you rate RvB?
14)Favorite piece of Fanart?
15)What do you like about RvB

me, the first time tucker and palomo were each introduced: wow what a gross and shallow human being

me, thinking about tucker and palomo now, 13 seasons later: [lying on the ground, clutching a pillow, sobbing loudly] mY SWEET CHILDREN. MY DARLING BABIES. LOVES OF MY LIFE…. protect them at all costs