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My entry for Roosterteeth’s RvB S13 Music Vide contest.  It hasn’t popped up in the gallery on the website yet (propbably still being reviewed at this point in time).

I used multiple Trocadero songs to capture Red vs Blue’s different elements reperesented throughout the story.

The first song When We were Soldiers kind of speaks for itself in terms of the characters all being soldiers themselves and a part of war. Some were lost and sometimes it was hard to tell who was the bad guy.

Faraway represents the build-up of the thrill and edge of the show. With the showing of the different places we’ve been throughout the story.

Finger Pushups easily shows off the constant comedy and jokes. The bit with “Equipment Malfunction”, the skipping track, and camera explosion runs along the joke of Caboose breaking something which is always followed by the saying “Tucker did it." 

I then used the radio sound and phrase "Memory is the key” to transition to the next part. It’s kind of like the film broke and then the next parts ends up popping up.

Outpost Sunset was used in season 10 with Church getting angry in the holographic room and everyone leaving. I used it to portray the emotion and feelings that are hidden within RvB (hence the film “breaking” and this part coming in behind it). The flashbacks to Allison being used in a different color tone to more represent it as an old memory, and how each overlaps fading into each other. (Honestly this part was my favorite to put together) 

I needed a clever way to transition to the next scene, so I came up with the idea of: you think it’s over but it’s not. So I put in the clip of Washington saying it’s over, which is immediately followed by Burnie’s voice saying “absolutely not” (Excerpt from Ten Little Roosters).  Then the clip of Locus and Felix pops up with Locus saying himself it’s not over.

Contact was built up in the Locus and Felix teleport scene. So the guitar instrumental sounded right when it happened. Contact is one of my favorites, so I had to use it. The part of the song I used sounds thrilling and memorable. I used it to perfectly end the video and represent Red vs Blue’s constant thrill, excitement, and awesomeness. And how memorable Red vs Blue is; it’s been around for over 10 years and I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon. It’s memorable by how it sticks with us and we love it.

Then I used the it’s over joke again to finish and with the Red vs Blue season 13 logo; since it is RvB S13 Music Video contest. The bit at the end with Church and Caboose I added to let it end just right. Kind of like they were watching it themselves.

Side Note: I actually had to shorten and cut things so that it would fit the time limit. The scene of the film “breaking” wasn’ going to go so fast, but I had to make it go quicker for time. Originally where Contact starts was where I had the song Funny Farm and then I was going to add Contact, but the time got me again, so I cut Funny Farm and just put Contact in. Also, I wanted to put the tracks Prancing Bull, Schemer, and Blood Gulch Blues in, but again: wouldn’t fit with the time limit.

I’d love to know what you personally think of it. I love getting feedback. And wish me luck in the contest. I’m hoping it’ll do well.



(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKgj6hXP16c)

So it’s finally done guys! My entry for the RvB contest! It took all month, but I’m so glad it worked out as well as it did! I learned a lot about Sony Vegas doing this, having never used it before today. I really wanna thank anyone that came to the streams to watch me draw, but especially to lil-rei, who listened to me go on an’ on for a month, watched me draw all night so I wouldn’t procrastinate, an’ gave me pep talks when I needed it. She’s the sweetest, an’ I couldn’t have done it without her!

But yeah, I hope you guys like it!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLygwG_Tcxs)

I helped make a short film for a music video contest! :D :D 


The Reds and Blues fight the good fight for the people of the Planet Chorus.

Created for the RvB 13 Music video contest.