Choices (Felix x Civilian!Reader)

Prompt: Where the reader is taken hostage and Felix has to chose if they get to live or not, Felix has to chose between someone else he loves or the reader.

A/N: So, my friend helped me giving me ideas with this, and she told me the other loved one could be an imaginary sister of his, cause I couldn’t think of anything else. 

With a sigh he got home, calling your name, but you didn’t gave an answer. Maybe you were asleep, so he checked on your room, but there were no signs of you. He called again, but no response. 

He ignored the panic ripping through his heart, he pulled out his phone and called your number, maybe you went out with your friends, or maybe you were tired of him and left. On the phone, there was no response. He left it like that and went to sleep with an ache on his chest.

It was four in the morning when he woke up from the ringtone of his phone. Unknown number, with a sigh, he answered.

“Hello?” He tried to stiffle a yawn. 

“Isaac?!” You sounded so panicked, and that woke him up completly. “Isaac?! Some guys took me…I-I’m scared.” You sounded more and more distressed.

“(Your name)?! Where are you?!” He stood up from the bed, reaching for his shoes in case he needed to go out. 

The voice that answered wasn’t yours. “They are fine, with us…at least for now.” He heard two different voices voices crying and begging, he could recognice yours and his sister’s. His blood ran cold.

“What do you want?” He asked carefully. Maybe he could call Sam, or Mason for help, maybe it was too late for that. 

“You see…Felix, you’ve got us in so much trouble, and you’re going to pay for that. You have to decide between these two beautiful ladies. Your (wife, girlfriend, etc), and your sister. One lives, the other…you know.”

“What?” He had to blink a couple of times as he went to get his things, “No way…”

The voice on the speaker chuckled. “You got ten seconds to decide. Ten.”

His family or his future family?


His hands shook, there was no way he could decide. 


He could hear your voice, pleading, the cries that seemed so distant. 


“I-I…” He tried to speak. He could never forgive himself. He tried to calm down. 


“My sister dies. (Your Name) gets to live.” 

He heard the shot then, and your panicked cry. He had made a choice, he choose you.

And he was going to get you.