rva life

When I went to see a friend in Arizona, 
when I flew on an airplane, 
it felt like falling but never hitting the ground.
I sat next to an old woman who hummed.
I got a nose bleed.
Did you know you can buy tiny bottles of gin?
They cost a fortune.
I bought four.
Are you suppose to flush the toilet?
Where does it go? 

We went to the Grand Canyon.
I always thought it was called the Graham Canyon.
I don’t hear so good.
A woman fell and died.
She went off the path, over to a ledge. 
She wanted a picture for all time.
Her friend put his camera on timer and ran to get in the shot.
He bumped her.
Her feet got tangled.
He grabbed but missed.
She fell.
She was 40.

I am 66.
I did not see it happen but you could ask a ranger.
I asked the waiter at breakfast.
He knew.
One of my sausages rolled off my plate and fell to the floor.
My omelet was cold.

If it had been the Graham Canyon no one would have died.
No one would be sad.
I would be able to sleep without imagining that picture
for all time.

Cool Instagram Post from Osman Mansaray (@os.mansaray)

“Passion gives me moments of wholeness” Keep the fire burning. Whatever you’re working towards, however difficult or impossible it may seem, I hope you’ll keep working to move forward. Fight the urge to give into cynicism and jadedness, they are always easier by comparison. Here’s to you, your work, your passion, your fire. Cheers everyone and have an amazing night! 🍂

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