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Whoa. Watching a tiny house show and they’re giving feedback on different houses and one of the critiques was that one of the homes exterior looked too much like a mobile home. “You want a tiny home. A home. But if the outside looks like a mobile home then the world will treat you as such.”


Hey hipsters settle down. Tiny homes are mobile homes okay? The aesthetic is different but don’t pretend you’re better than trailer park people just because you call it a “tiny house community.” You’re just building gentrified mobile homes. They’re awesome, but that’s what they are. So let’s not get all holier than thou with the trailer park people.

Headed out the door to go look at RV’s and trailers since we may be living in one on our land for the next year!!! Pretty crazy. Ashtyn said she would love Riley and Lindy more if they wore dresses - so everyone wore dresses. Except dad. I’m always loved 😏 If you have a chance, please subscribe to our YouTube channel that we just started and follow our weekly videos as we leave city life and tackle farm life 🙈 www.youtube.com/kidsraisingkids

west coast gothic
  • predatory tourists on 101 wait for their slow-moving cousins, the RVs and trailers and kayak-bearing vans, to slow down around the curves, and then they make their move. there is no alternative route. you must wait for them to finish their meal and move on, before eking past the remains of summer vacationers.
  • construction workers move patiently down highway 101, catching speeders in their slow zones and using the bones to repair the road. in their wake, the brand new concrete is pierced through with weeds dissatisfied with the sacrifice.
  • a writhing mass of sea lions is barking on the bayfront. the people watch intently, and take pictures of the funny sea dogs. someone throws a piece of salt water taffy at them to see what they do; the mass heaves itself up as one bloated shining being and snaps it out of the air. 
  • glass-blowing workshops pop up like fragile daisies; there are glass floats everywhere. do not break them. do not pick them up. do not lick the splinters from your hands, sweet as candy. 
  • every candy shop in every half-hearted attempt at a town sells salt water taffy. there are always free samples. you take the wax-wrapped lump the earnest cashier offers you, and put the hard sweet in your mouth. something in the center crunches, and then it escapes your sugar-gummed tongue and slithers down your throat. 
  • there’s something huge and heaving on the beach behind the neighborhood full of rental houses. its stink slinks up the streets and chokes the ground squirrels; they die with their fire-colored bellies to the sky. a slab of fatty meat falls away from the thing, revealing ribs that reach like heavenly pillars towards the sky. everyone waits patiently with buckets of bleach; the harvest will begin soon. you’re hoping to grab a shoulder blade to go with your display of illegal driftwood on your front lawn made of gravel and bark chips.
  • in the tidepools, the endless mussels slice at your sandals as you crouch down to poke at a puckered tight green anemone. there used to be sea stars here, but the species is rotting away. you can see the gelatinous remains of purple and orange ochres here and there, half digested by a mysterious bacteria or virus that science has yet to pin down. 
  • you sit down by a deeper pool, one with sculpins darting for cover in the clear salt water. you touch your finger to a white anemone that curls its neon pink tendrils lovingly around the tip; when you pull the finger away, a stinging numbness crawling up to your knuckle, the anemone tears itself in half, and both of them snatch up a sculpin apiece to draw into their maws. 
Katie Stevens and Rita Volk on Karmy’s reunion and Season 3 of “Faking It”

We talked with the actresses at an MTV Press day last month, where they answered our questions about any hopes for a Karmy reconciliation and the new relationships we can expect to see this season. (Spoilery bits have been saved for a future interview once the first three episodes air.)

AfterEllen.com: So who is that woman you’re kissing in the Catwoman outfit in the trailer?

Rita Volk: I can’t tell you that!

Katie Stevens: Wait, there were multiple people she was kissing in the trailer.

RV: [to Katie] Now is not the time to get jealous, OK?

KS: Did you see me kissing anyone in the trailer? No! There’s that blonde chick at the start of the trailer. [to Rita] What do you have to say for yourself?

RV: I’m exploring! I’m exploring, and I’m dating a lot of people. I don’t know what I can say, but I will say that’s kind of part of Amy’s journey. She’s really trying to figure out—I mean, we know she likes girls. She’s exploring that and trying to distance herself from this Karma situation. So it’s actually very healthy, I think.

AE: But you come back from tour all summer and kiss this girl goodbye, and you’re back to being very invested in Karma again, though not necessarily romantically.
RV: It’s like your first love, you know? And that’s hard to get over. And Karma’s also Amy’s best friend—they’ve been through so much together and then she starts having these feelings for her best friend. So that’s not something you can ever really, I don’t think, get over. She’s trying to. And it’s not that she’s coming from an unnatural place with it or a fake place with it because she really is over certain things. She realizes this is a love that is not going to be reciprocated, but at the same time, this is someone who is forever ingrained in her and in her head and in her feelings. So there’s just a part of her that’s always going to be there.

AE: For Karma, she seems in a good place after a summer with a new boyfriend, befriended Shane, and being very “zen.” But then Amy returns, she freaks out again.

RV: She wants me.
KS: I think genuinely Karma did have this change over the summer, and I think over the summer she probably was really zen and chill, and she was able to find herself without Amy, because that’s probably the first time she’s ever had to do that. But at the same time, it’s like, you can’t, in the course of two months, completely change who you are. She had to kind of bury those feelings down and had to try to get over the fact that Amy left over the summer and now it’s faced in front of her. … I think both of them are very valid in—[Amy] did go away and she did what she needed to do and that’s not wrong and she shouldn’t have to apologize for it. But at the same time, Karma does feel like “I think I’m owed, at least, you apologizing for leaving me crying on the side of the road.” Because it’s like, it’d be fine if you made the decision to leave, I think in Karma’s mind—it’d be fine if you made the decision to leave but you weren’t going to even say goodbye or give me a heads up. So I think that’s what Karma was hurt by. Obviously Amy has a big affect on her. They’re best friends. It’s a theme with Karma to have this facade, that everything is OK and she has this “It’s all good” thing going on and she can’t be all good.

AE: Is there anything unexpected that happens in this season?
RV: There’s a flashback.
KS: There’s a camp flashback.
RV: So just you wait! We’re gonna see 12-year-old Karma and Amy and it was epic.
KS: I think that was probably the most—
RV: That was a highlight.
KS: The flashbacks were the WTF moments when reading the script, but they were so fun to do.

AE: What can you say about the romantic entanglements? What are the possibilities for Karma? Is the Karmy door completely closed? Is Reagan gone forever?
KS: Reagan’s gone.
RV: Can we say that?
KS: Yeah.
RV: OK, yeah. She’s out of the picture, which I don’t know if the fans are going to be very happy about.
KS: There are other people the fans are going to be pretty excited about but we can’t tell you.
RV: Amy’s gonna have a love interest.
AE: Catwoman?
RV: Not Catwoman.

AE: Is it a girl?
RV: It is a girl, yes. A hot girl!
AE: And Karma?
KS: There’s no DTRing. I can say that.
RV: What’s DTR?
KS: Define The Relationship.
RV: See, I wouldn’t know that.
KS: I’m on Twitter too much.
Season 3 of Faking It premieres tonight on MTV.