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Imagine you and Chris going to your best friends’ wedding weekend. (Part B)

A/N: Part 4B ❤️ @chrisevans-imagines Oh man, your birthday is really soon! I hate how expensive postage is, so I’m glad Tumblr is free. We can consider this an unconventional present, right? Sorry this didn’t come out at it’s regular time, I was a little distracted watching Zac Efron movies last night. 😋 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, ‘Miss Graduate’, ‘Something Blue’, ‘Something New’ - Masterlist; ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A)

It was only 7:00AM when you got to Ava’s room, but she was already having breakfast while her hairstylist worked on putting her long locks into an elegant up-do. “Aw, babe. You look exhausted.” You spotted a sympathetic smile on her lips when you moved to stand behind her and she caught you in her sights. “You know you don’t have to get up so early, you can come when the beauticians are ready to work on you.”

“And miss the chance to have a little girl talk?” You giggled, pulling up a chair so you could get off your feet. “No thanks.” You bit playfully and she laughed, reaching behind her to squeeze your hand before returning to her cereal. “So how are you feeling?” You asked, resting your hands on your belly. “I feel like we haven’t had as much alone time since the guys came to our lives. I love them, but there are some days where I’d still rather just you and me.”

“Yes, take me back to those good old days.” She joked and you nodded, laughing. “I’m feeling good, really good. I’m excited to get married, and I’m excited to meet our little boy and your little boy and- Things are good, really good,” she nodded and you found yourself nodding in agreement. “And how are you doing? Are you a little less overwhelmed now?”

“Yeah,” you smiled. “I’ve had some time to really just sit and bask in the fact that I am pregnant and I am going to be a mom. Chris and I went to a birthing class together for the first time, which is ridiculous considering Jack’s due next month.” Ava nodded, laughing; she and Sebastian signed up for all the classes as soon as they found out they were pregnant. “And I finally joined him shopping for clothes and other nursery items instead of letting mom and Lisa take my place. I don’t know, it’s still a little overwhelming but I am feeling much better about it all. Chris has been a rock, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him.”

“You’d strive anyway,” she winked and you smiled, “you’re amazing like that.”

“Knock knock,” Ava’s mom poked her head into the room and you both turned to smile at her. Your smile widened when you saw who was with her; Ava’s baby brother, Kian. You smiled and gave him a little wave, earning one in return. “I hope we’re not interrupting, we just thought we’d come and see how things were going. Kian also had something he wanted to give his big sister. Go on, sweetheart. Go give Ava the present you got her,” she released his hand and he padded over to Ava with a little paper bag.

“How are you, Mandy?” You smiled at her when she pulled up a chair and sat down next to you.

“You’re asking me? I should be asking you that,” she smiled and gave your belly a gentle rub. Your smiles widened when Jack kicked under her palm. “I heard about your RV road trip,” she chuckled when she pulled her hand away, and you bit back your smile. “You poor darlings, maybe you should just stay in New York and have the baby here.”

“No way,” you laughed, “Chris would have a heart attack. Ever since Seb saw me in a Yankees cap, he has been sending me Yankees merchandise for my birthday and Christmas presents. And he knows I’m not an actual baseball fan, he just likes messing with Chris.” Mandy laughed. “I am not going to give him another reason to drive Chris up the wall by giving birth in New York. Seb will mark Jack with the Yankees seal and Chris will pop a vessel.”

“Funny you should say that,” Ava looked at you and her mom through the mirror as she picked her brother up to sit him on her lap. “Seb was actually hoping you’d go into labor while you were in New York.” You laughed because why were you not surprised? “He has a little Yankees cap with Jack’s name embroidered on the back waiting in our apartment to- he said and I quote, ‘bless Baby Cap’s little head with’.”

“He couldn’t just get one for his own son and leave Jack out of it?”

“We haven’t thought of a name yet, but don’t worry- our little peanut will get a hat too.” She said, drawing laughter from you and Mandy. “What did you get me, Kian?” She asked in a softer, gentler voice as she addressed her brother. “Thank you so much, little man.” She took the little paper bag and gasped when she pulled out Cartier’s signature red box; the size looked like the contents involved a necklace. “Is this a joke?” She turned to face her mom with furrowed brows. “How much did you guys spend?”

“Enough for our daughter to know how happy we are for her,” she got to her feet and kissed the top of Ava’s head. Ava sighed, but smile and kissed her mom’s cheek as a thank you. “We’ll leave you girls to it. Come on,” she lifted Kian into her arms and exited.

“What is it?” You sat forward to peer over Ava’s shoulder as she opened the lid of the box, revealing a eye-catching sapphire necklace. You smiled when you saw Ava’s eyes quickly fill with tears, knowing she was touched by her parents’ thoughtfulness and generosity. She didn’t show much interest when you asked her if she wanted to meet the old wedding tradition: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence in one’s shoe. It may have been a folklore that originated from her country, but she was a lot more practical than you were; she didn’t live her life like it was a romantic comedy. Either way, you could tell she was overjoyed with the gift from the look in her eyes when you said, “looks like you got your something new and something blue after all.”

• • • • • • • •

Sebastian stood in front of the full length mirror in his room and adjusted his tie. His eyes darted to the clock hanging on the wall behind him; 11:43AM which meant there were seventeen minutes until he was officially married. He let out a shaky breath as he rubbed his hands together, all the while experiencing the incessant flutters that came from the wings of the butterflies living in his stomach. Now he knew Ava was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but it didn’t stop him from feeling nervous. Everything was happening so quickly, he was going to get married today and in June- he was going to become a father to a baby boy. All these were great things that he was excited for, but it was a little overwhelming. You and Sebastian were similar there; you were extremely good at psyching yourselves out. Hence why you’d both found life partners in Chris and Ava, they were good at bringing the two of you back to reality.

“Bas,” Chace threw a scrunched up ball of paper across the room and got Sebastian in the shoulder, earning the attention he wanted from his best friend. “Are you okay?” He chuckled softly at the nervous expression on Sebastian’s face. “Do you need some air?” He asked and got a head shake 'no’ from Sebastian.

“It’s okay if you do,” Don told him. “I did too.”

“I know it is,” Sebastian rolled his eyes. “But I don’t.”

“You sure?” Anthony furrowed his brows. “'Cause you lo-”

“Oh my God,” Sebastian growled under his breath. “Yes I’m sure.”

They all stopped asking, pressing their lips together. It was clear he needed something, but they didn’t know what. Of course Chris knew- not because he knew Sebastian the best out of all the guys in the room, but because he had felt what Sebastian was feeling on his wedding day. He needed to see you then as much as Sebastian needed to see Ava now. It would’ve seemed ridiculous to anyone else considering he was going to see her in fifteen minutes, but Chris understood. Sebastian helped the two of you have an amazing moment before the wedding, the least Chris could do was get him to Ava. He pulled out his phone and texted you: “Seb needs to see Ava, think you can get her to the lighthouse?” The reply he got from you drew a chuckle from him: “I was just about to text you the same thing. Yes, we’re heading there now.”

“C'mon, Seb.” Chris placed both hands on Sebastian’s shoulders and started to steer him out of the room. “Trust me.” He said when Sebastian tried to fight his actions. “You need some air out by the lighthouse,” Chris spoke in a tone that Sebastian immediately understood; he bolted out the door. “We’ll be back before the wedding starts,” he assured all the confused faces in the room then ran after Sebastian.

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Part 4C

arguenot  asked:

1/2 I keep thinking about the crew camping. Bitty would be great, obvi. How are his shirts still clean and good looking? How early did he have to wake up to make this huge of a breakfast? Only drawback would be that he insists on bringing cooler on cooler, and crates of cooking implements. No backpacking for him. Dex would be skilled, but unpleasant to be around. He would get the frustrating tent or camper set up, but he would snap at anyone who tried to help and he'd make everyone tense.

2/2 Shitty, Nursey and Chowder wouldn’t have a lot of skills but would have a lot of fun. Chowder would love to haul water!!! You boil it to wash dishes???? Wow!! Ransom studies for camping for a month beforehand. He and Holster make “camping shit” presentations. Ransom and Jack would be the prep people, buying/borrowing the gear and buying Bitty’s food for him. Also, Jack buys Bitty a swank RV and they road trip when they retire. They would be the most popular couple in the RV park, no doubt.

I love this?? Like the boys would be a mess. It would be so bad. But also amazing. Half of them are useless and the other half are really defensive about how they set up a tent or string the food over the tree. Bitty took Dex’s guitar out of the trunk to pack more food, Lardo took a cooler out to pack her easel, and Jack and Holster are arguing about cooking the burgers over a fire vs. the grill. The only person who accomplished anything in the first two hours of arriving is Chowder, who is having way too much fun chopping wood. Nursey already has twigs in his hair. By the time the sun sets nothing is done and they’re scrambling to get the tents set up in the dark, further impeded by the fact most of them are drunk at this point.  

The next morning the guys trickle out of their shabbily built tents, eat some breakfast, and Jack rounds up a few of them for a hike through the woods. Bitty, Lardo,and Nursey just laugh when Jack asks if they’re tagging along. Ransom goes but turns back about thirty minutes later when he realizes they’re about two wrong turns away from going full Lord of the Flies. Dex is demoted from guide when they stumble across a raccoon and he freaks out because “they’re vicious, okay? And have you seen their hands? They’re too human. It’s not right.” Shitty slows the whole process cause he’s stoned af and keeps stopping to point out trees and say “I’ve seen this tree before. We’re going in circles.” “All the trees look the exact damn same Shits- oh no yeah we’re going in circles.” 

By the time they get back to the campsite, Bitty Lardo Nursey and Ransom are drunk and giggling at the edge of the nearby river, Ransom with a long stick dangling out of his hands. “We’re fishing,” they explain. “We’re gonna live off the land. Look I found berries.” Twenty minutes later they’re all eating Pizza Pops.

Anyways the rest of the weekend goes a lot like that. Bonus point: tents are thin and no matter how quietly you think you can have sex in one, everyone will hear you. 


Filmmaker and storm chaser Mike Olbinski produced and shared this video of his recent trip to Oregon.

Every year my buddies Jay, Jason, Andrew, Aaron and I go on a road trip somewhere. The previous two have been in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We call these little excursions “Lost//Discovered.” The name implies a feeling of getting lost from our normal lives and discovering something about ourselves. Be it passion, direction or literally anything. It’s one of my favorite times of year and this past trip was another fantastic time!

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dr elliot just informed agent grayson that he just read an article that humans need a minimum of 4 hugs a day for basic survival but 8 is necessary for maintenance and 12 for “growth” and that he will be providing agent grayson with 8 hugs a day in order to maintain mathematically successful Mental Health

grayson is super pumped about all these hugs you guys

i uh was negative a thousand motivated to draw, like, clothing, or, anything, which is why it took forever to do this, but

i realized (too late to do anything about it) that doc wears scrubs and crocs under his labcoat and his idea of leisurewear is an ironed t-shirt tucked into Dad Slacks (no belt) and grayson just loves him so much and their kids love them so much

*the third foundation dad is recovering at hyde’s and will be coming back to assert his dadliness over the rest of the cast of one sword

anonymous asked:

Could you do green for send me a color please? Also I want thank you for all the stuff you done. Seeing the cool and fun stuff you post really make my day! Thank you!


what’s your favorite thing to do outside? Streaking Quad-biking or horse riding :)

do you like camping? Used to love it! Then someone set fire to our tent and I’m uh……I’m no longer a massive fan.


what’s your job, or what would you like to do for a job? Ah man! I’d love to be a voice-over artist for video games or cartoons :)

what’s your favorite article of clothing? Am I getting deja vu? I feel like I’ve answered this before… A lovely, cherry red leather jacket that Dad bought me in Italy. 

PhannieMay 2016, Day 3- Road trip

On long road trips Danny sometimes would sneak out of the RV to avoid listening to his parent’s boring 80′s music. Jazz vehemently wish she could join him or do the same thing.

(Just something quick for today, and it’s possible that I’ll post more things like this for the rest of Phanniemay)