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kim yerim ♡ 05/03/99

“ As expected, I like singing and dancing too. I started training since I was in 5th grade, and I trained for 5 years. At first, I lack so many things but after seeing that my talents were starting to improve, I enjoyed training. “


♡ 2016 + favorites (part l) 。.:*:・'゜☆。

Nico’s Birthday Headcanons

I don’t have many, but

  • All his friends from Camp Jupiter and pretty much half of everyone from Camp Half-Blood attend
  • Will wakes him up and brings him out of his cabin at 11AM (Nico was allowed to sleep in for once) and there are so many people outside, and they start singing Happy Birthday (they try to sing it in Italian too, but, well. It’s a disaster)
  • There’s blue birthday cake (Sally made it), candy, presents…
  • Nico smiles after blowing the candles
  • The first slice goes to (”you’re supposed to choose someone special to you”, Will whispered in his ear when he noticed the confused expression in his boyfriend’s face) Hazel. The second one goes to Reyna. The third one goes to both Jason and Will, because they were bickering about who would get a slice first and now they have to share it (Nico’s orders), the fourth one goes to Frank…
  • Basically, my sweet child of the Underworld doesn’t understand that he was only supposed to choose who gets the first slice, and no one has the heart to inform him that
  • “The 8th slice goes to Jules-Albert, the 9th goes to Clovis, the 10th goes to Apollo…”
  • There are party hats. And pictures!
  • Hades passes by and gives him a selfie stick and a professional camera, because teenagers nowadays like to take selfies, apparently, and he thought Nico might enjoy recording random moments of his life.
  • Other presents include: new weapons, posters, headphones with a cute skull pattern, audiobooks from successes from the last decades (like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings), the Star Wars DVD collection (some people have already figured out he is a complete nerd), an iPod…
  • I ran out of ideas but it would basically be very cute and Nico would cry in silence that night because he was very very happy
  • (Solangelo bonus: Will and Nico have their first kiss that day in somewhere private, and they both giggle and blush and hold hands [clutches heart] because they’re both very happy :’’) )


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