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Red Velvet crash course please ♡


DEBUT DATE: August 3, 2014 with Happiness

RV is a 5 member group.

Under SM Entertainment (also home to EXO, NCT, Shinee, SNSD, F(x) and more)

Official Accounts: Instagram, Youtube

Fandom Name: - (don’t have one yet)

Official Fan colors: -

Last Comeback: Rookie



  • Real Name: Bae JuHyun
  • Born in Daegu, South Korea
  • Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the group
  • Birthday: March 29, 1991
  • Languages: Korean
  • Was part of SM rookie
  • Has been in Henrt’s “143” MV and SHINee’s “Why So Serious” MV


  • Real name: Kang Seulgi
  • Born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Face of the Group
  • Birthday: February 10, 1994
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese
  • Was part of SM Rookies and has been a trainee since 2007


  • English Name: Wendy Son
  • Korean Name: Son Seung Wan
  • Born in Toronto, Canada
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Birthday: February 21, 1994
  • Languages: English, Korean
  • Was part of SM Rookies


  • Real Name: Park Soo Young
  • Born in Seoul, South Korea
  • Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday: September 3, 1996
  • Languages: Korean
  • Not part of Sm Rookies
  • Appeared in We Got Married where her husband was BTOB’s Sungjae


  • Birth Name: Kim Ye Rim
  • Born in Seoul, South Korea
  • Position: Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae
  • Birthday: March 5, 1999
  • Languages: Korean
  • She joined the group after their debut in the beginning of 2015
  • Was a part of SM Rookies



Rookie 170203

Dumb Dumb 150910

Russian Roulette 160908

Ice Cream Cake 150626

Automatic 150320


Weekly Idol 150923

Weekly Idol 160907


Todays Room 150923

MAMA 2016

I am so disappointed like lots of other people. RV is nominated 5 category and yet they wont be performing on MAMA and I dont know there is gonna be a red carpet moment becasue they didnt have last year.

whats wrong with these people, why are they against RV? SM management is suck but is MAMA too? double standard. NTC is performing. are you serious? with that song? I am not against anyone but when they treat my RV like they didnt exist, its really pissing me off. they are hard-working girls, especially MY Wendy. No reality show, I can accept that because I dont like idols reality show. they are scripted and they dont show idols real perfornality, some of them can be humiliated for idols. scar for life, you know

I wanna say lots of things about unfair treatment to RedVelvet but  cant because of my limited eng. I hope you understant what I am saying.

The Best Trip - a little Gabe Brown Steam

A whole story inspired by Gabe’s tongue-flicking gif action!!

Lena watched the Brown brothers frolicking in the desert, bored out of her skull. She sat on the steps of the RVs door, her chin slouched in her hand. She knew this was something her husband, Gabe and his brothers and sisters has never seen and was happy they were getting to see new things, but another part of her was frustrated to almost tears over this road trip.

Growing up her family had been nomadic in the most extreme definition of the word. She’d seen every stretch of highway, every landscape the lower 48 had to offer. Being part of the amended Brown family had offered her more stability than she’d ever had. Even though they somewhat drifted, they stayed in a general space.

Lena had known that personal time and space would be a luxury with 10 people in an RV for 5, but she still found her patience growing thin with Gabe not even seeming to try and carve out some time for the two of them. She let out a discontented sigh.

She could see the boys lurking around some rocks and saw Gabe laying on his stomach. She rolled her eyes. She knew all about the snakes down here and one of these boys was going to get them selves killed. She groaned standing, stomping over to them. Once she got closers to them she immediately saw the notorious diamond shaped flecked scales of a rattle snake. Bear had a stuck and was trying to wrangle it.

“Are you guys serious???” Lena screeched, not believing how careless they were being.

“Aw, sweetie, it’s just a little old snake.” Gabe said still laying on the ground. The snake moved suddenly, Gabe scooted back slightly, flicking his tongue repeatedly at the poor reptile. Watching Gabe’s soft, pink tongue rolling out of his mouth so sensually almost sent Lena’s temper over the edge.

She stomped her foot letting out a frustrated scream from behind her closed lips. Everyone stopped and looked at her. She whipped her long sandy blonde hair behind her and stomped off past them into the desert. She needed a second away from everybody or she was going to blow a gasket. She really wanted some alone time with her Gabey, but he was apparently clueless. She ignored the wind brushing the stinging sand over he bare legs, knowing Gabe had been right about wearing longer pants. But she refused to let herself think he was right about anything right now.

She could hear Gabe calling her name from a distance, but she ignored him.

“Just like he’s been ignoring you…” a voice in her head spoke up.

She stopped looking around her, realizing she was surounded more by rocky formations than sand dunes. She knew which way she had come from, but she couldn’t see anybody, anybody.

“Finally…” She huffed, leaning her back against a rocky wall. She let out a long, tired breath, tilting her head back, her eyes closed.

“Well if that ain’t a pretty sight?” Gabe said, watching her from a short distance away. Lena opened her eyes to see him leaning against the rock wall farther down, his arms crossed and a big smile across his face.

Lena pouted and turned her back to him. She twisted her hair between her fingers, trying to ignore him. He made it increasingly difficult when he slid up behind her, wrapping his thick, muscular arms around her torso, burying his chin in her shoulder.

“Oh, c’mon Leelee, don’t be mad.” Gabe cooed at her. Trying use his pet name for her was softening her a little but she was still upset.

“Well why shouldn’t I be?” She said, still pouting.

“Tell me what’s wrong and let me fix it.” Gabe said, squeezing her waist slightly.

“What’s wrong?!?” Lena said, turning around in a huff, “What’s wrong with me is I haven’t had a second alone with you this whole trip. Not once and it’s been a long three days.” Lena blurted out, “And that snake got more action than I’ve gotten this whole trip!”

Gabe couldn’t help but chuckle a little at her last outburst.

“Oooh, ok…I think I know what my baby needs…” Gabe whispered, his finger lifting Lena’s chin. He kissed her softly at first, deepening it when she responded immediately.

She gripped his biceps to steady herself. She’d been so in need of his touch, a mere kiss was almost enough to knock her over.

“Gabey, I need you…” Lena whimpered against his lips, her body quivering. Gabe could feel her shaking with need in his arms. He steadied her against the rock wall, dipping down, capturing her lips again, pressing his muscular form against her slight frame. He grinded his body against her having missed being with her just as much. He trailed his hand down her torso, caressing her hips, skimming the denim of her shorts. He ran his fingertips around the hem of her shorts, his hand searching for the part of her that ached for him.

“Oh baby, you’re so wet for me…” Gabe breathed against her neck as his kisses fell lower. She grabbed his shoulders, digging her nails in as his mere touch was about to tip her over the edge.

Lena felt Gabe’s hands unbuttoning her shorts and slid them and her tiny white panties down her legs. Gabe lifted his head once more, placing feather light kisses along her jaw, nibbling on her earlobe.

Lena grabbed Gabe’s head and forcefully pressed her lips to his. They parted, both breathing heavily.

“Now,” Lena said, between ragged breaths, “Show me what you were showing that snake.” She continued, placing her hand on the top of his head and pushing downward.

She gasped as she felt that same soft, pink tongue taste her pulsing core. If it wasn’t for his strong hands gripping her hips, she would have sunk to the ground with pleasure.

“That’s my girl…” Gabe mumbled against her sex. He could feel her closing in on her climax very quickly.

As she reached the edge, Lena covered her own mouth to keep her moans from.exhoing across the entire desert.

Gabe rose, smiling at her. She could still smell a little of herself on his breath and she could feel how much he wanted his turn against her thigh.

“This just might be turning into the best trip ever.” Lena purred.

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1- monsta x, got7, 5-exo, rv, 6, 8-exo, bts, 15-exo, 17,18- exo, bigbang

1. my bias: mx - wonho, minhyuk and jooheon, got7 - jackson is my ult, but also jinyoung and mark 

5. least favorite member: exo - i’d literally die before i pick a least favorite member in exo they’re all my babies

6. fav ship (im guessing you’re asking #6 for rv): um idk i love everyone together tbh but i guess seulrene or wenrene 

8. how i got into this group: exo & bts - actually i got into exo and bts the same night, first i watched dope and then i watched overdose and it all started from there

15. my brotp: exo - i don’t really have any brotps but my fave ship is chanbaek, but i love all the ships tbh

17. member i’d most like to date: exo - baekhyun i guess since he’s my ult but also jongdae bc he’s so caring

18. member i’d most like to be best friends with: exo - sehun lol, bigbang - jiyong and daesung