I’m almost as excited for the RUviews as the actual RPDR!

Ritten RUview: Spider-Men - SPOILERS

Almost 13 years ago Marvel launched Ultimate Spider-Man, followed closely by The Ultimates, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and Ultimate X-Men. This new, Ultimate, universe was a re-imagining of the Marvel universe (616) for the 21st Century. Ever since then, fanboys have been clamoring for the eventual 616/Ultimate crossover, and their dreams came true in 2012 with the publication of the Spider-Men mini by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.

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RUviews - Comic Book Reviews

The Flash Annual #1, Powers vol 33 #11, The Twelve, Guarding The Globe vol 1: Under Siege, Prophet vol 1: Remission, Captain America vol 1: American Dreamers, Punisher by Greg Rucka vol 1, and Batman: Earth One

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anonymous asked:

You say that Raja is just your best friend, but I think you're in love with her.

“You do?  I’m curious, is it because we jack each other off during Ruview?”

I’m beginning to think… Was Fashion Photo RuView even real? Did we actually get a video each week of Raja and Raven reading everybody to filth, being adorable and looking good? WAS IT ALL A DREAM?

wowreport I beg you, please tell me it’s not and there’s an episode on its way next week. I CAN’T TAKE THESE WITHDRAWALS ANYMORE.


RUViews: Escape From The Comic Book Fort! Episode 5 - Comic Book Reviews