12 March 2017 - Day 1 of the Dennerle tank

New project!

Picked up a Dennerle Scaper’s tank from a fellow hobbyist not too long ago. I’ve wanted to create a scape using spiderwood and sand for the longest time, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Took me around 8 hours to scape (that includes time used to wrap mosses/buces/ferns to the hardscape).  

Since it was my first time using spiderwood, I didn’t know that it took several days (sometimes several weeks/months in a few people’s cases) for the wood to sink! It also released some kind of slime and a lot of tannins, staining the water and making it slimy. 

Right now it looks like there’s a bit TOO MUCH going on, but hopefully the bolbitis heudelotii and java ferns in the background will grow out in the coming weeks to soften up the mid-back where there are a lot of intersecting and wild branches. I also tied willow moss to those branches in that section to soften the look.

I plan to move my red Taiwan bee shrimp into this tank.

Thanks for reading. I’ll post specs of this project soon!

Can you guys guess how many pieces of wood are in this scape?


Day 74 Update (24 May 2017)

After flip-flopping back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to fill the tank with shrimp or cories+tetras, fate decided that I would win a local RAOK and receive some PRL.

Here are some of the changes since the initial update:

  • added several varieties of buce from buceplant
  • added java fern from LFS
  • had to treat the tank with fenben very early on due to hydra
  • added a mesh bag of soil to the filter to drop the pH to 6.5 – I still want it to go lower, closer to 6.

Admittedly, I haven’t been paying much attention to this tank in terms of upkeep. If you didn’t notice, a lot of detritus has accumulated on the surface of the white sand, and there’s various algae growth on the buces, especially on the ones in the middle of the tank where the light is more intense.


Day 79 - March 11, 2015

3rd trim

Stem bushes were growing across the surface; really needed a trim.

Carpet was growing to over 2 inches in height (runners kept layering on top of other runners), so it was trimmed very low to encourage smaller leaves/horizontal growth. 


For reference: 

  • Red - Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea
  • Orange - Ludwigia glandulosa
  • Light Blue - Ruellia brittoniana ‘Katie
  • Light Green - Spathiphyllum sp.
  • Violet - Pilea cadierei
  • Deep Purple - Alternanthera ficoidea
  • Yellow - Asclepias curassavica
  • Pink - Oplismenus hirtellus ’Variegatus’
  • Maroon - Cyperus alternifolius var. gracilis

Cannot really spot the Spathiphyllum sp. because the other plants are overtaking it in height. One leaf can be seen in the second photo behind the Ruellia brittoniana ‘Katie

Day 102 - 3 April 2015

Nothing much to report– New growth on the stem plants are poking up above the water surface. Left side is not growing at the same rate as the middle/right… not sure why. Have to re-anchor riccia bush every week or so.

Going to set up a spare tank soon for this tank’s inhabitants in case I tear it down… LFS is having a huge sale on layout material/plants this month so I need to start preparing :)

Played around with the exposure setting– trying to get an accurate depiction of the pink/orange stems in the middle.

Will take more photos and perhaps create a video for the tank next update~


Day 27 - January 18, 2015

Pulled out a bunch of cladophora and manually pinched off a lot of BBA off the stones on the right.

Removed a lot of hydrocotyle sp. japan from the carpet in the middle, as well as from the front. 

Trimmed the glosso/marsilea carpet in the foreground.

(Shot 1 and 2 are pre and post trim. You can see the fish are more stressed in shot 2)

Noticed some riccia bushes forming. Will leave it because it looks pretty nice. Will let them form bushes in the left foreground.

Won’t be trimming the rotala for another few weeks.


played a little PC ranked with my gief before the switch to steam services. 

Comments/feedback are appreciated!


So… I’m about to start working on a Christmas present for one of my best friends. He’s a fellow hobbyist and really loves Pokemon… so what better gift than an aquatic plant jar with some Pokemon figurines in/around it?

Please excuse my horrible paint skills but that’s pretty much how I envision it to come out.

The jar will contain a section of sand in the ‘front’ and a section of aqua soil in the 'back.’ Glossostigma will be planted in the aqua soil. I will also be putting sand in the saucer, along with some small river rocks (rounded/smooth). It’s possible I may also put some aqua soil in the back portion of the saucer and throw in some Lysimachia nummularia (maybe some in the jar too?).

Will probably be putting the shellder inside the jar… and the krabby in the saucer portion, on top of some pebbles. I have quite a selection of figurines to choose from… but I like the feel of those two in this project the most. Might throw vaporeon/totodile/wartortle in there somewhere (he likes those 3 more, I think). 

Will post more as this comes along.

Suggestions/feedback welcome! What do you guys think?