Ruusunen (AkaKuro AU fic!)

“Once we have accepted the story, we cannot escape the story’s fate.” ~P.L. Travers

“Okay class,” the homeroom teacher began the moment she entered the classroom. “The teachers had a short meeting with the headmaster this morning and we all decided that aside from the usual booths, programs and games that we’ll be having during Teiko’s Foundation Day, each of the classes will also do a play.” She smiled when groans and giggles were heard from the boys and girls, respectively.

Momoi raised her hand to catch the teacher’s attention. “What would we be doing, Sensei?” she asked curiously.

“Oh, we drew lots, too, so it would be fair. Our class got Sleeping Beauty,” the teacher replied, glee obvious in her face as she watched the different reactions from her students.

“I’ll be the prince and Kurokocchi’s going to be Aurora!” Kise exclaimed, a sparkly aura around him, making the girls swoon.

“No, thanks, Kise-kun,” Kuroko said quietly, without taking his eyes off the sakura tree situated outside the window where he was seated next to.

“Aww, come on, Kurokocchi~!” Kise whined only to be cut off by Aomine who was howling with laughter. “What’s so funny, Aominecchi?”

“You, the prince? You’re really good at telling jokes, Kise. You should be the jester!” Aomine mocked then he laughed again when the blond pouted at him.

“Shut up, Aominecchi. I’ll be the prince and Kurokocchi’s going to be my princess,” Kise said with unusual determination in his voice.

Aomine just snickered but didn’t say anything anymore when Kise pouted again. Aww, he’s cute, the tanned teen mused. Known to everyone else, except for Kise, he’d been fancying the blond ever since he transferred to their school.

“If I know,” a purple-haired giant mumbled as he munched on a belgian waffle. “Mine-chin wants to be the prince and the princess is K-”

“Murasakibara, a lollipop for you!” Aomine exclaimed nervously, effectively cutting off the purple-haired giant from mentioning Kise’s name. He looked around and grinned nervously when he saw Kise frowning at him. Crap. “Kise -”

“Don’t think that you’d steal Kurokocchi away from me, Aominecchi!” the blond yelled, making everybody sweat drop. Dense, all of them thought, even the teacher.

Aomine sighed frustratingly. “Look, you idiot -” he began but wasn’t able to finish what he was about to say.

A dark, chilling aura suddenly filled the room, making everyone, including the teacher, shiver. Aomine and Kise looked back and they saw a certain red-haired teen staring at them, crimson eyes as emotionless as Kuroko’s. Crap, I’m dead, the two of them simultaneously thought.

Kuroko, who suddenly became aware of the silence permeating the classroom, looked around. His teachers and his classmates seemed to be frozen in their positions and they’re acting as if they’d be killed if they move even one muscle or just blink. Confused, he turned to the red-haired male who was sitting beside him. “Sei, what’s going on?” he asked, his tone not betraying his bafflement as of the moment.

As if by magic, the suffocating aura in the classroom loosened up when Kuroko spoke. Akashi turned to the bluenette with a soft smile on his face. “Some people are just being idiots but nothing to worry about, Tetsuya,” he replied amiably, traces of the threatening aura that surrounded him all gone, making everyone heave a sigh of relief.

Thanks, Tetsu/Kurokocchi, Aomine and Kise thought while Murasakibara just went on eating his snacks, not even worried that the teacher could see him.

“Idiots,” Midorima, who was clutching a broomstick (his lucky item for the day), muttered before turning to the teacher. “How are we going to choose the actors, the costume, technical and other committees, Sensei?”

The teacher’s face lit up at that. “Thanks for the question, Midorima-kun,” she told the green-haired teen who nodded at her in acknowledgement then she turned back to the class. “Regarding character selection, I found a very creative way to do that.” With that, she unfolded a manila paper and taped it on the board. There were boxes covered by pink papers on the top part while on the bottom were blank boxes. Arrows zigzagging here and there connected each of the box to one another. It was like a maze. “Now, all you have to do is write your name inside the blank box below and after all of you have written, we’ll reveal what’s your role. Two boxes will be connected, one with the character you’re going to play and one containing your name. The committees will be decided later after we’ve chosen the actors. We only need a few to join the actual play so there’ll be more blank boxes on top later. Are you ready?” When the students nodded, she smiled. “Okay, you can start writing now.”

Each of the students stood up and began to write their names on the manila paper. Kise wrote on the box located at the very center, saying that it’s where the role of the prince lie. Aomine just laughed at him and called him an idiot.

“Did everyone write their names already? Why is there an empty box below?” the teacher asked in confusion. Obviously, she didn’t notice Kuroko walking to the board and began to write his name at the last remaining empty box at the middle.

“Ah, I’ve finished, Sensei,” the poker-faced bluenette mumbled, making the teacher and his classmates, except Akashi, to yell in surprise.

“D-Don’t scare me like that, Kuroko-kun!” the teacher exclaimed as she clutched her chest with her hand, trying to stop the fast beating of her heart.

“Gomen,” Kuroko apologized then he went back to his seat.

“What role do you want to play, Tetsuya?” Akashi asked when Kuroko settled back down his seat.

“Anything but the princess,” the bluenette mumbled, making Akashi raise an eyebrow questioningly. “How about you, Sei?” he asked back.

“Anything but the prince,” the redhead answered, earning a confused look from the bluenette. “I want only Tetsuya to be my princess so if you don’t want to be the princess, then I don’t want to be the prince,” he said rather bluntly, earning a blush from the bluenette. He smirked.

“Stop teasing me, Sei,” Kuroko mumbled as he looked away, only to notice that the whole class was staring at them with different expressions -some were sad, shocked and… gleeful? Feeling that something’s going on, he tugged at Akashi’s sleeve. “Sei, why are they staring at us?” he asked, suddenly feeling insecure at the attention he was getting.

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