Bentley: Welcome to the show dear friends, please come in. Wear your spookiest attire for this is our time.

//Bentley’s cobbled together a band of..mostly spooks. He also had enough money to hire a bodygaurd/bouncer(Not pictured but soon….) to help monitor and maintain crowds.  Feel free to rent them out for other haunted events they are officially on tour. 

155-05 Autozone Aisle 7

*Quick one at work on a slow day*

They crave your attention, 

they yearn for your affection, 

yet it is solely their intention, 

for your mental apprehension. 

You felt the affliction, 

remembering their diction, 

in the hopes you dont give in to your undeniable addiction. 

They desire to be respected, 

but at the same time it was you that they neglected. 

So maybe it was their poison they injected 

because they are so unaffected 

leaving you stripped and unprotected. 

You used love and youth as an excuse 

now are faced with the truth. 

You feel like a contradiction, 

watching the eviction of some of your beliefs, 

but you are released. 

Though time and time again, silly little feelings may linger, 

I am no longer wrapped around your stupid fucking finger… 

September 20, 2011

-Yours Truly, Ruu.

My Closest Enemy.

*Everyone has that friend that as close as you may be, you’ll always feel some sort of tension, an inner unrest, where each other’s pride collides and though you may never understand what triggers such negative emotion…deep down inside you know that every aspect of your lives is in some way a subliminal competition.*

It’s like your my shadow,

It’s like your my clone,

So fixated with the thought of taking my throne.

Tryna steal my crown, 

Tryna bring me down, 

Tryna do anything and everything to be like me now. 

The way that you talk, I hear myself when you speak, 

Though I still acquire more attention, you can’t copy my technique.

You can replicate every aspect of me but you’ll never get the same admiration,

cuz nobody likes a despicable imitation.

I gave you people to associate with, i gave you class,

You talk so much shit, though you still kiss my ass.

You look into the mirror and I’m your reflection, 

Tryna be like me as if it satisfies an obsession

but honey I do me and I do it to perfection.

What separates you and me 

Is that your heart has too much pride and your body lacks dignity

So determined to outshine me, 

But you’re not even close to my vicinity. 

I’m not cocky, I’m just tryna be real, 

Tryna define who you are, and explain how I feel.

You’re not independent, just you hide your emotional insecurity,

Bury your vulnerability, and mask yourself with a facade of ‘maturity' 

Use my past against me and use it as your excuse, 

to be someone of importance and let your body loose. 

Heart full of animosity, 

Mind filled with jealousy, 

Soul consumed with envy 

And yet you still claim that you’re a friend to me?

I’ll just call you my closest enemy.

November 14, 2011

-Yours Truly, Ruu.