It isn’t like Rhymuu to dwell on things. In fact, if one were to compile a list of a hundred adjectives most descriptive of the hug-centered draenei, words such as ‘bitter’, ‘ruminating’, or ‘obsessive’ wouldn’t make the list at all! It’s curious, then, that she can’t shake the thoughts at the forefront of her mind, can’t quite quiet the unsettling ideas that form and sit there, stubborn and intrusive. They leave a sharp, acrid taste in her mouth, and Muu is all too glad to scribble them out into a letter, which is haphazardly signed with three simple words:

“With love – Muu.”

She imagines, for a moment, that the word ‘love’ bears some sort of scathing undertone, as though she doesn’t really mean it. Guilt floods in immediately after the vindictive idea, and she hesitates, fingertips tracing the words upon her paper. Of course she loves him. He’s family, after all. The only family she’s got left – or that she thought she had left, at the very least. In a strange way, her uncle is at least loosely responsible for this, both in the way he randomly appeared as well as the ideas he offered to his niece. A troubling surprise, but not an unwelcome one. She’s quite glad fate brought them together, if she’s honest.

She sighs, and contemplates leaving the letter for the tenth time, eyes quickly scanning the short message. Too short, perhaps, though the last letter he left was only ten words maximum, including the signature. That memory makes her feel at least slightly less guilty, and, in a moment of decision, she neatly folds the letter, stowing it away into a perfectly-sized envelope. A single, eloquently scribbled word is scribbled in Draenic upon the envelope.

“Father.” Formal, cordial, almost cold, and very unlike her usual speech. Maybe, if he’s observant enough, that single word alone will be enough to cause alarm. She kind of doubts it, though. If he can hide the apparent guilt surrounding her mother’s death, surely he can hide discomfort at his daughter’s distress. Another cold, almost scornful thought rises, and is hastily pushed away.

She hates feeling like this.

Perhaps what she’s about to do will take some of the bitter edge off of things? She’s thought the plan over multiple times, debated internally with herself on the moral ambiguity of the situation, and, in the end, decided she simply doesn’t care whether it’s the ‘right’ thing to do or not. Another thing not entirely like her, though she doesn’t give it a second thought as she quietly treads, letter in hand, towards her father’s bedroom. Vacant, as it has been for over a week now, since he left on ‘business’ he didn’t care enough to detail to the Light-mender.

It’s too easy to find the little key carefully tucked into the bedroom dresser, ornate and silver and hidden within the pages of a book almost too faded to read anymore. Her father was never one to read much himself, but this book was never for him. It was a book of draenei fairytales for children, one that was read to her nightly at her urging. A tradition he had inherited from her mother, if his words were to be believed.

The key is turned over in her hands, and she shifts quietly towards the living room, creeping as though worried he might burst through the door at any moment. Breathe in, breathe out. He won’t be back. She reaches the locked case hanging upon the wall, gaze settling upon the ancient, slightly-chipped blade nestled perfectly inside. The last thing of hers he has – and the only thing Muu really has to remember her by.

With great care, she takes the sword down from its hanging, perfectly fitting the key in the lock and turning it. For a moment, she fears it won’t open at all, and then it’s there, within her grasp. The blade is warm to the touch, and seems to glow a soft, vivid golden at the Light-wielding draenei’s presence, flaring to life as her fingers meet the metal. It’s comforting, despite her anxiety about the matter at hand, and she’s quiet for a moment, before speaking softly to the sword.

“… I-if you are watching, wherever you are, please know that I am taking this for you. You… Your memory does not deserve to rest here upon these walls, all but forgotten. I will take care of this, even if I could never use it as well as you apparently did.” she whispers, hesitating for a moment as though half-expecting a response. None comes, however, and the breath she’s holding is exhaled. The sword feels heavy in her hand when she holds it, but not unwieldy. In a strange way, it feels as though it was meant to be.

The letter is left in place of the sword, with the case locked neatly. After a moment’s hesitation, she sets the case upon the couch, key right atop it. When he eventually comes back, he’ll be able to open it, and read the letter inside. Part of her hopes that he won’t be angry at her for taking the one memento of her mother left. The other part hopes that he’ll be absolutely furious for the same reason. At least then he’d feel something.

Mother’s sword in hand, Rhymuu eyes the scene for a couple more moments before dipping her head. A quiet apology is murmured in her native tongue, along with a farewell, before she departs the little Exodar home. Something tells her, even if he takes months to return to the house, he’ll still be back sooner than she would. She has other places to be, and the present to live in.

She won’t be trapped like him.


21.8 (117) by Krista Rosenlöf

[Jewelic Nightmare] Ruu/Togari Kou CGs -SPOILERS-

Hello there c: I’ve officially finished all the JN routes and obtained all the CGs, and I’d like to share those amazing CGs with you. I won’t post CGs for all routes, because I want to give others a chance, and also because some are already posted, so I’ll just post the CGs for my favourite route atm >v< There are 20 CGs for each guy, with a varied amount for dream and reality versions. It’s mostly 11/9 and 10/10.

I done Ruu’s route first, and I absolutely fell in love ;w;  He’s such a cutie and HE’S VOICED BY TETSUYA KAKIHARA which is perfection. 

I’ll post the CGs under the read more cut, because I don’t want people to get the game spoiled for them. Yes, those CGs DO contain spoilers, and I advise you not to look at them if you don’t want to see spoilers. 

Also, I’m begging you not to repost them because seriously, n o b o d y  wants the game spoiled for them by some asshat who just decided to post the CGs without any spoiler warnings or anything at all.

Finally, I’m sorry as I just couldn’t be bothered to go back and get the CGs from the actual scenes, so I just got them from the gallery which doesn’t contain the copyright sign. So here, ©2013 IDEA FACTORY / MAGES / 5pb.

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