The Call
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I heard you in the wind with my face toward the sun, sparrows danced above my head and dived on their way home.

Be careful what you wish for, ‘cause one day she will come, like the day when I saw you and my past was gone. 

Down by the water, all the lights around me, I thank you for the pleasure, all the treasures I have seen.

She whispered in my ear, “you won’t always know I’m there,” I said all I can I give you and all I am I share.

Hear my call - I want it all. 

Roses in the wind, bridge from falling in, may not always know you’re there, but all I am I share with you.


More DnD character comics for you. Now with a few longer sunday strips…..wheezes…. There are probably errors but I have been up till 1 am for three days so idc. they should be all fixed before print

Here is the last post of comics if you missed it

155-05 Autozone Aisle 7

*Quick one at work on a slow day*

They crave your attention, 

they yearn for your affection, 

yet it is solely their intention, 

for your mental apprehension. 

You felt the affliction, 

remembering their diction, 

in the hopes you dont give in to your undeniable addiction. 

They desire to be respected, 

but at the same time it was you that they neglected. 

So maybe it was their poison they injected 

because they are so unaffected 

leaving you stripped and unprotected. 

You used love and youth as an excuse 

now are faced with the truth. 

You feel like a contradiction, 

watching the eviction of some of your beliefs, 

but you are released. 

Though time and time again, silly little feelings may linger, 

I am no longer wrapped around your stupid fucking finger… 

September 20, 2011

-Yours Truly, Ruu.