21.8 (117) by Krista Rosenlöf

[Jewelic Nightmare] Ruu/Togari Kou CGs -SPOILERS-

Hello there c: I’ve officially finished all the JN routes and obtained all the CGs, and I’d like to share those amazing CGs with you. I won’t post CGs for all routes, because I want to give others a chance, and also because some are already posted, so I’ll just post the CGs for my favourite route atm >v< There are 20 CGs for each guy, with a varied amount for dream and reality versions. It’s mostly 11/9 and 10/10.

I done Ruu’s route first, and I absolutely fell in love ;w;  He’s such a cutie and HE’S VOICED BY TETSUYA KAKIHARA which is perfection. 

I’ll post the CGs under the read more cut, because I don’t want people to get the game spoiled for them. Yes, those CGs DO contain spoilers, and I advise you not to look at them if you don’t want to see spoilers. 

Also, I’m begging you not to repost them because seriously, n o b o d y  wants the game spoiled for them by some asshat who just decided to post the CGs without any spoiler warnings or anything at all.

Finally, I’m sorry as I just couldn’t be bothered to go back and get the CGs from the actual scenes, so I just got them from the gallery which doesn’t contain the copyright sign. So here, ©2013 IDEA FACTORY / MAGES / 5pb.

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