So I took a small break the other day from developing LR and tried to make the most self-indulgent OC otp couple around, and uh.. This is the result. I love these characters too much now. ;;’ Their names are Estelle and Ruu o/

General premise behind the two is that Ruu is incredibly shy and has difficulty talking because whenever he works up the courage to say something he’s either ignored or interrupted. So people tend to treat him like a burden. But Estelle is like the only person to actually take the time to let him collect his thoughts, and as they quickly realize how comfortable they are with one another. So Estelle bags him for keeps. 

It’s basically just a sugary sweet love story with these two, and its the best.

Warrior - let love conquer your mind

i. warrior - aurora
ii. no light, no light - florence + the machine
iii. johnny belinda - active child
iv. conqueror - aurora
v. all the king’s horses - karmina
vi. the curse - agnes obel
vii. seven devils - florence + the machine
viii. the call - ruu campbell
ix. castle - halsey