✰ Several ‘Sonas ✰

This is my own pearl gemsona design for july prompts. And I really love @gemsona-hq‘s Prompt about SU. If you like SU and gemsonas check this prompts!

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My Fangems(gemsonas)

[Nephrite] [Amber]  [Coral] [Rutile]

[Nephrite+Rutile=Black opal]

[Amber+Coral=Star Ruby]

[Coral+Rutile= Orange Chalcedny]

Anger. It seems to be everywhere lately. This grid was created to help me gently release and transmute repressed anger. And boy, did it! I found myself feeling grumpy and offended by things that I’d normally laugh off. Which at first, seemed like a bad thing, until I released that it was that anger coming to the surface, so I deliberately chose to respond to my emotions with kindness and gentleness, and made sure I found ways to express myself that were clear, but not angry. And you know what? Within about 2 hours, it all just lifted away.  This grid contains Rutilated Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Jet, Smokey Quartz and Clear Quartz. Each layer of crystals has one more crystal than the previous layer, to signify work being done on multiple levels of consciousness. If you’d like to create your own, remember to use the code CUTANDPOLISHED to receive 25% off all cut and polished crystals, now through Thursday, 7/21. You can also get some benefit from this grid by sitting quietly and looking at the picture while you focus on the intention stated above. Just remember to be mindful of any emotions that rise to the surface, and be kind to yourself and others as you let them lift away! Blessings, Debbie Elaine


✰ Beach Summer Fun Buddies! ✰

YEs!! I did it!! I really really want to do this prompt. (in fact instead drawing pearlsona) I really really love to draw girls(especially gemsonas).

If you like SU and gemsonas check this prompts from @gemsona-hq!

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My Fangems(gemsonas)

More about .  [Nephrite] [Amber]  [Coral] [Rutile] [Purple Pearl]

[Nephrite+Rutile=Black opal]

[Amber+Coral=Star Ruby]

[Coral+Rutile= Orange Chalcedny]

[Steven Universe + Rutile = Orange Quartz]

smoke-and-strings  asked:

Rosso would you educate me on your fav crystals? Like I'm rly curious ovo

oh hm my faves,, i love amethyst!! its super common around here apparently! 

we had one of these that was as tall as i am right in front of our municipality office for years, it came from our mines it was amazing ksjfas

we have these natural stones that are like… milky black rutilated quartz that im not really finding online kdsjfha kinda looks like this 

theyre sold as goodluck charms to keep off ‘S’Ogu Malu’ like… yknow, the evil eye,, (im gonna ask around to my mom and dad and see if they can give me a name for it!)

my grandpa apparently had a lot of these:

rose of the desert stones, found in the local mines (in which he worked,,) the very big ones make me kind of uncomfortable looking at them for a long time, for some reason, but the tinier ones are SO CUTE

most of the stuff in my collection though is moonstone,, i.. i really love blue fire moonstone so much

its so magical… like little blue ghosts and cloud puffs suspended in clear crystal i almost cant believe its real i love moonstone so much i can spend hours just looking at the small moonstones i have theyre incredible,,,

I have been working like crazy to get a run of unique Display Weights finished for the Onetribe booth at the Association of Professional Piercers conference later this month. I finished these last week and I’m hoping to at least double this quantity before the show. The top row is three pairs of Kingman turquoise (the only pairs of that material I will have) and the bottom row is high grade lapis lazuli, lavender quartz, and an outrageous pair of AAA smoky rutilated quartz.