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I was tagged by: orangejuicepony

1. What helps you decide to follow someone?

Similar interests, nice photo edits or gifs, sense of humour, unique point of view

2. Have you ever met your favorite actor/actress?

No. I did meet Neil Gaiman but he is not an actor.

3. What fandoms are you part of?

Many, many fandoms because I have a short attention span. Notably and currently Game of Thrones, Carnivale, Spartacus, Community, Inception, The Sandman and Batman and I don’t know if Tom Hardy is a fandom but him too in case that escaped anyone’s notice.

4. Who’s your OTP or OT3 why? 

I gotta go Victor/Sierra from Dollhouse because they make me feel all warm and girly and I was so unabashedly invested in their relationship and they were both really pretty and I was so worried one of them was going to die and I just have a lot of Victor/Sierra feelings.

5. Have you ever written fan fiction for your OTP?

No. I generally can’t write and when I do write my stories often end unhappily and often with large amounts of death.
6. How easily offended are you?

Depends on the thing. I try not to get as easily offended as some people on the internet because I think it makes the world a less funny place. I do find the issues I get really offended by are sexism and homophobia but especially sexism. My junior high school was really sexist and I really couldn’t deal with people thinking I was generally less superior for being female when clearly, as it was me, I was better than everyone.

7. What’s your favorite color? Has it ever changed?

My favourite colour is lime green and it has been for at least 7 years. I don’t remember what it was before that.

8. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

More shrimp.

9. If your house were on fire what would you be the most desperate to save?

My family. If that is a given or not allowed, my dog and if that is also a given or not allowed, my laptop.

10. Are you prepared for the Apocalypse?

I’m immortal so I’m not really concerned.

11. Who would win? Cavemen or Astronauts?


Screw it, I’m just asking TV questions. I know you’ll like them anyways.

1: What is your favorite episode of your third favorite show?

Remedial Chaos Theory- Community

2: Favorite TV hairstyle of all time?


3: Favorite TV theme song?


4: Favorite scene involving jumping?

That ridiculous scene in Spartacus where that guy just hissed and ran and dived and he looked like a jungle cat and then a giant german man came running after him and people threw water on him and jumped on top of the other guy and then they started fighting and it was all in slow-mo

5: Comedy or drama?


6: Out of all shows that have yet to have a musical episode, which do you think could most use one?

Shows that aren’t Community or written by Joss Whedon should not have musical episodes but I will bend that rule in favour of The Walking Dead provided they do not do something obvious like Thriller.

7: Pick one, your favorite movie, or your favorite tv show?

Favourite TV Show. There’s (slightly) more of it.

8: What is your least favorite ship?

Thorki. It was never something I shipped in the beginning, I find most fan art to be fairly disturbing and most of the fans try and validate it by saying it’s ok because Loki’s adopted. Having an adopted sister myself, I can tell you this makes it in no way less weird.

9:  Which of your favorite shows has the best fans?


10: Most attractive person from your second favorite tv show?

River Tam

11: Do you tend to prefer arc episodes or one-offs?

Arc episodes. I like a story that doesn’t have to confine itself to 40 minutes.

And Here are my dumb questions.

1: What is the funniest book you’ve ever read?

2: What country have you never traveled to before that you would like to?

3: Who is an actor that you hate?

4: What subject did you hate in school?

5: What would happen to werewolves if they went into space?

6: What movie/band/book/show.thing do you think is overrated?

7: What is your least favourite movie?

8: If the world resorted to cannibalism, who would you eat first and why?

9: What english word do you hate?

10: What causes you to unfollow someone?

11: What is the significance of the number 11?