ruthless tribe

tumblr needs a Raul appreciation post because his remarks are priceless

  • “Not to worry, boss. I’m sure killing the boss of one of the Families will in no way lead to savage, bloody reprisals against you and your loved ones.”
  • “Don’t worry boss, I’m sure Caesar just wants to invite you over for coffee or something. That’s all.“
  • “I’m glad you decided to off one of the most powerful men in the Mojave. Life was getting boring anyways. Really.”
  • “Yeah, Caesar, let’s give you brain surgery in a tent. That can’t possibly go wrong.“
  • “Caesar’s death reminds me of an old saying. I can’t quite remember it now, something like ‘sic semper tyrannosaurus.’”
  • “I’m sure pissing off a ruthless warlord with a tribe of fanatically-devoted warriors was a good move. How could it not be? It was your idea.”
  • {Pity} “Those poor NCR soldiers… now where will they get their hookers and gambling?”
  • “Well, the President’s dead, but don’t worry. History has shown that that sort of thing almost never leads to massive destabilizations or world wars.”