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Strangers On A Train (1951) dir. Alfred Hitchcock

“I may be old-fashioned, but I thought murder was against the law.”



The gang’s all here in Captain Marvel #8 by Ruth Fletcher Gage, Christos Gage and Kris Anka @kristaferanka, new today from Marvel!

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Do you think you could track down some more genderfluid Bucky and/or transman steve fics for me? I have read through all you have in your library and really need more quality fics.

Can do!

Here’s genderfluid and non-binary Bucky


Steve gets a job drawing dirty comics. Bucky thinks he needs help coming up with sketches. Not that Bucky minds posing in ladies’ underthings.

Call Me Bucky

Steve finds it hard to believe that he ever called his best friend ‘James’. The name doesn’t fit right in his mouth; doesn’t taste right, on his tongue. It’s factually correct in terms of Bucky’s birth certificate, sure, but it’s still wrong.

Things We Haven’t Changed

“Back in your day, men were real men, huh, Cap?” Steve and Sam are at a store on the outskirts of Philadelphia stocking up on food in between leads on the Winter Soldier.
“Huh?” Steve grunts at the man behind the counter, wishing the guy could just give him his damn chips and let him go.
“None of this homo-transsexual crap,” The man gestures at a group of androgynous teenagers near the entrance to the store.
“Uh,” He stammers, looking to Sam for guidance. “Sure.”
He pays for their things and they leave, but by the time they’re nearing the car, Steve feels like shit.

And now for some transman!Steve!

Seasons Change (But People Don’t)

“If there’s a girl I’m meant to be mourning, I want to know,” Bucky persists, as though Steve hasn’t had a close brush with asphyxiation right before his eyes.  His foot twitches against Steve’s under the table.

“There wasn’t a girl,” Steve coughs.  “Why…?”

Bucky’s gaze is sharp and discerning as his eyes flick back and forth between Steve’s.

“There was,” he says, right hand gripping the counter behind him in a white-knuckled grasp.  “A girl.  A small blonde girl.”

Italics and Small Spaces

 And now they’re sat on a plane, three hours into their eight-hour flight to London, in Economy class. The lights are dimmed, most everyone is asleep, and Bucky is about twenty minutes off doing something that’ll get them both arrested.

In which Steve and Bucky fuck on a plane. That’s it, that’s literally all that happens.

But I’m Not a Category (So Please Stop Your Asking)

Ruth Rogers is six years old when she tells her mom that she doesn’t want to wear dresses anymore.

(Very minor Steve/Bucky)

our friends over at @stucky-ficrecs gave us these ones! Thanks Stephanie!

Make a Thing Go Right (primarily sam/bucky but trans man steve is in there)

Sam meets Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes on a Thursday night, at a burlesque show, and how it happens is this:

It’s already late, later than he should be out on a weeknight, but the theme of the show was a super hero revue and there was no way he was gonna miss that. It’s loud in the venue, which is the back space of what probably used to be a warehouse right near the Gowanus Canal, and Sam’s already had a few. He’s up at the bar during the break, watching the act. He doesn’t hear someone say, “Behind!” so when he steps away from the bar, he smashes right into the guy who’d just done the Captain America routine up on stage, and knocks his drinks to the ground.

Strike Gold Along This Shore (peggy/bucky/steve, nb!bucky)

When Bucky Barnes literally falls onto Peggy Carter, he doesn’t expect to get taken home and bandaged up. And he really doesn’t expect her to have a super-hot, super-kind husband.

He really *really* doesn’t expect to fall in love, but he does.

To be fair, they weren’t expecting to fall in love back.

Back when The Winter Soldier first came out, after the film I told my friends that I thought Steve and Bucky were gay. Their response, “Nah, you’re delusional, they’re just really close friends! Stop putting gay into everything.”
A few weeks later I logged into Tumblr and found that Stucky is basically the most celebrated relationship in the Marvel fandom. Not only that, but it’s grown into the most beautiful love story with the release of Civil War.
I totally called it. (Oh, and I got better friends.)