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Ok so some more facts about Maya and Benji Santiago-Peralta:

- Benji loves drawing animals, particularly butterflies and bees. He’s very worried about the bees, because he read a picture book with mom once about how the bees are losing their houses and he thinks that that’s terribly unfair so he asks dad if they can put up his drawn signs “heLlp ThE beeZ” (he’s like three okay) on the bodega at the block corner. Dad says “well, we’ll have to ask Mrs Huang, it’s her bodega” and Benji says “okay” and looks very Contemplative because Mrs Huang is very nice but she likes her bodega to be clean so does that mean she’ll reject his Bee Posters? Surely not, thinks Benji. Dad also says, “surely not, but we have to ask anyway” and asks Benji if he wants a piggyback ride on their way to the bodega

- (of course he does. What kind of hoodlum does dad think he is?)

- Maya has a Rey From Star Wars Shirt that she’s had forever and its getting ridiculously short at the hems but she’s loathe to relinquish her grasp on it and insists on wearing it As Much As Possible. Eventually mom has to Put Her Foot Down, but with the promise that she can get a new Rey From Star Wars shirt. Before they put it in the plastic bag to donate to the clothes drive at the precinct, Maya makes Benji have a Memorial for the shirt, to honour it. Also present is Marylou the stuffed white elephant that uncle Terry bought them when Maya was one. Marylou is very sympathetic to their sorrows.

- Maya also has light up sneakers with stars on the sides and theyre her Second Favorite Thing In The World, not including Dad and Mom of course. But a little bit above Benji, for now.

- Benji, on the other hand, loves walking around in Just Socks. Mom cannot seem to understand the freeing nature of Just Socks, because she’s always trying to get him to wear shoes. It’s very troubling. Benji thinks that he might stop wearing anything altogether, just to prove a point. (When he tells dad this plan, dad tells him in a very serious voice that unfortunately, everyone has to wear clothes, it’s the Law. “Don’t take it personally, buddy” says Dad. “Mom doesn’t let me walk around in no clothes either”)

- (Maya disputes this later, in very very very private secret conversation under the blanket fort in the living room couch. Grandpa Ray is sitting in the middle, drinking tea, when Benji brings it up. “dads being a liar pants,” avows Maya. “Two weeks ago when I was trying to get out of bedtime, I ran into their room and I SAW dads BUTT” Benji gasps. “WHAT!” “Mmmhmmm,” says Maya. “And Mom looked all funny when she saw me. Theyre definitely making up the no pants rule”)

- (Benji stops looking Shocked and Betrayed for a moment to ask Grandpa Ray why he’s spilled his tea. “No reason,” says Grandpa Ray in a funny voice. “If you will excuse me, Benjamin.”)

- finally: curly hair is the dominant allele

Poets and mystics have been telling us for centuries: Wake up. Wake to your true self. Wake to your own connections to what is around you right now. Gaze into someone’s eyes, and discover who looks back. Penetrate the mysteries where the worlds touch. Don’t go back to sleep. Paul H. Ray, Sherry Ruth Anderson

An idea:

Lisa changing Len’s ringtone for Ray to Hercules’ Won’t Say I’m in Love

But because Len always has his phone set on vibrate he never fucking notices

Then the one time he forgets he’s at STAR Labs and it begins ringing in front of everyone

And he proceeds to just completely ignore the phone despite it ringing and dying and then ringing again for like six times straight (and ignore Lisa’s not so subtle high five with a jaw-dropped Cisco)

Then Ray almost literally crashing into STAR Labs 20 minutes later with his phone still in his hand and everyone else just kind of stares at him

Ray, staring at the ringing phone sitting neglected on the Cortex console counter: Len why aren’t you answering your phone

Len, deadpan, without missing a beat, from the furthest point possible away from the ringing phone: I don’t have a phone