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Two of my Killstar pretties, and my Demonia boots.<3
You’ll have to excuse the fed up expressions, as a combination of a house full of building supplies, flakey camera remote, and knackered tripod made this quite a faff.
Super happy with my items though!
Also butts, because butts. Does make me look a rather flat-chested though…

Carmelita Voice Actor Post

ha ha ha this is by far my most popular post and it originally contained multiple embarrassing errors 

because @bisexualslycooper idly wondered what the breakdown was and I have nothing better to do with my time!

Sly 1: Roxana Ortega

Is she actually Hispanic? imdb says her mother was Peruvian and her dad was Mexican-American, so heck yeah!
Other notable roles: apparently she was in g-force

Sly 2: Alesia Glidewell

Is she actually Hispanic? Technically, no! According to Wikipedia her dad was Brazilian-American (and her mother Japanese). This makes her Latina, but not Hispanic - ie, from a Spanish-speaking country. As @slycooperandcarlosfox​ informs me, she is fluent in Spanish, along with Portuguese and Italian. And, y’know. English.
Other notable roles: Lots! She has voiced both Samus Aran and Krystal, provided the creepy motion capture for F.E.A.R.’s Alma, and - most famously, I imagine - was the face and body model for Chell from Portal. Not only that, but her imdb page has stuff in basically every category, from “Producer” and “Director” down to “Camera and Electrical Department”. What an accomplished woman!

Sly 3: Ruth Livier

Is she actually Hispanic? Given how she has “received special recognition by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts”, I kinda hope so, yeah! (@whoisthemasterthief informs me she is Mexican-American, specifically.)
Other notable roles: apparently she was in drag to me hell (and GTA:SA, as one of the pedestrian VAs)

Sly 4: Grey Delisle Griffin

Is she actually Hispanic? Yes! She was raised by her maternal grandmother, who is Mexican, and often credits said grandmother as having a huge influence on her.
Other notable roles: Man, where to start? A ton of versions of Daphne (Scooby Doo), Mandy (ie, Billy and), Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown), Frankie (Foster’s Home), Sam (Danny Phantom), Vicky (Fairly Oddparents), and of course, her personal favorite role [mine too!], Princess Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender.

…it’s really all or nothing when it comes to other roles, isn’t it?

My sincere thanks to @whoisthemasterthief and @miatheladygamer for correcting me about the semantic difference between “Hispanic” and “Latinx” and DeLisle’s grandmother, respectively!

Unpromising : hymn of hermitude

To be uncom-promising
Let me be clear
It’s not that I *can’t,*
But that I *won’t*
As is my wont
if I don’t care.

Ah, but should I commit?
To what, & if to anything, to what extent?
To duty?
Ach, that’s a catch, and an often unpleasant one too
Due to the grim-y practical earthy nature of what is required to
fulfill obligation is wont to be less
fascinating- in virtues’ merit
No less worthy of interest,
simply evidence
of human contrariness:
We want what we don’t or can’t have
Ah, but when we should, could, or must-
Eh, meh, whatever- just so much
Systematic entitlement
Problematic attitude
Lacking gratitude
For grace given in opportune
situtation’s provision
of more means for greatness
in potential for use for others’ enrichment
too frequently dismissed for its
glamour-less diligent investment requirement
Of greater perseverance in effort than heroic
display of self-serving ‘sacrifice’
Which in calculating disingenuous manipulation
of effort for admiration and attention
is far too often by folly more than amply repaid.

But no- if I must, & ought, then that’s what I should want
And if I don’t, then I must retrain
my unwonted want to want to want
what is best to seek & to gain

- After all, what changes more than mere wants, born of feelings, emotions,
impulses, & circumstances’ fluctuations’ vast range?

- But to vow,
let me not be in haste
Lest in circumstances’ change
I disavow myself
Compromise honour
or my given word break-

Let my actions bear witness, not vain syllables I say-
I lend little credence to promises easily lent
and observe rather closer with careful distance
To discern whether words
Fell from lips to belie lost weight
Or whether as honoured, true meaning attained…

Superior negative
if must be proved false in the end
Far better to refuse in conviction, then
Learn better, alter action, and relent to assent

Than to careless, call curses
of incautious false positives
upon any who haplessly happen’d to utter it
Then by belated realisation or untimely development,
By inability be forced to recant & renege

So if ‘tis but a whim,
not a duty’s demand to commit,
Then let me only ever do what I can
& at that only that which I can do whole-hearted
Alway true to heart which impels whether to withhold itself reservèd
Or to give unstinting free gift of friendship

- Not by foolish commission to entrap with words’ slip
To greater commitment than that which circumstance or purpose permits!

Fie on fibs
duly earning such shackles
Let me not impose them
I refuse to accept risk
Of unthinking agreement
which may prove my undoing
by assuming owed debts

Hst! An I should be so abased
as to offer more than I’m willing to pay
if obstacle rise & opposition dismay,
Well, deserved shame is earned to wear the disgrace

So let me to all others extent same grace
Offer me no fickle vows, I give none in exchange-
Save those of devotion unspoken but as actions demonstrate
proved by each hour, each day
Loyalty lies not in oaths but in will to stay
And though the world throw dire danger & threat in our way
Resolved, may I refuse to be moved from the place
Where my soul binds itself without obligation, save
in comradeship’s conviction sustain
no cold commercial contract of exacted equal rate

And in return,
Only ask integrity of honesty in exchange
That no false vow cross between to mar open souls’ or minds’ faith
Better open enmity than hidden indifferent root of hate…

Let me do the same
No pretense, no deceits, no attempt to manipulate
But aboveboard
Even if it sets any at odds
or alienates so-called fair-weather 'friend’-
Gladly I’d rather have few I trust,
Antagonise by truth & honesty’s ruth/less blunt
Than by flattery fall to worse end:
be flush surrounded with false fickle friends

-Heaven save me from sycophants!-

Better embattled as lone alien
yet surer in solitude, shunn’d by 'them’
Than in compromised company
be ever uncertain & on edge,
surrounded by sleeper sheepskinned double agents…

Act With Integrity

I’m in the middle of my annual Ethics Training for my company and I come across the phrase, “act with integrity”. My mind automatically filled in – “no regrets”. :)

I was going to link to the particular comic, but the Roomies! archive seems to be offline. :(
R.I.P. Ruth Lesse