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1991 FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, dir. Jon Avnet

You’re just a bee charmer, Idgie Threadgoode. That’s what you are. A bee charmer.

Two differing contemporary reviews of the film:

“The…trouble is the script’s implicit cowardice. Every attribute of the story of these two young women implies a lesbian attachment. For that lesbian love, Masterson rescues Parker, and that love warms their subsequent lives…But the screenplay omits any mention of this implied component.” - Stanley Kauffman, The New Republic

“[The filmmakers] show commendable tact and subtlety in the extraordinary friendship between Idgie and Ruth, allowing viewers to make up their own minds about the precise nature of the relationship.” - Abbie Bernstein, Hollywood Drama-Logue

FGT is a landmark film for many a queer viewer, presenting what appears to be a clear romantic storyline. It’s a nice change from the way lesbians are often presented in fetishized/oversexed ways in mainstream media, but in this case it may have been reigned in too much. It had to be watered down enough from its source material to qualify as a “women’s movie,” which is to say straight women, who the studio couldn’t afford to alienate. imo, the first reviewer is right - this is not commendable tact, it’s enforced cowardice.

It’s a shame we couldn’t have it all.


Alison Brie in every episode of G.L.O.W → The Liberal Chokehold (1x09)
“I’ve made a lot of terrible decisions. Some of them I don’t even remember. I hit rock bottom when I slept with my friend’s husband. I was really wasted at the time. But the second time I wasn’t, I knew what I was doing. I was sober and insecure and I think I was acting out of this deep well of resentment I didn’t even know I had and it was just buried. And then every it all came out and fucked up a real friendship. But then, I found wrestling and it saved me.”

My English II class is reading Fried Green Tomatoes and my teacher was trying to explain that the author never really says that the Idgie and Ruth were in love with each other.

Bitch….I’ve written about a married lesbian running for president in your class, the least you can do is say they gay. It literally says that Idgie loves Ruth. Loves her. IDGIE COMPARES THEIR LOVE TO RUTH’S SUPPOSED LOVE FOR A MAN.



Face it, girls, I’m older and I have more insurance.

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