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RBG is going to live forever

“The bench is now my porch. I’m gonna sit on it all day and scream ‘No!! Get out of my yard!’“

“I’ve hidden horcruxes in all the Talbotses in the DC metro area”

“Hey Mike Pence, sorry ya looked at Magnum PI once and ya got a quarter-chub and you’ve been haunted by it ever since. And that’s a Gay GinsBurn”

I just really want to talk about this sketch because I needed to see it after her Hillary Hallelujah. HH is the mourning song we all need, and it shone a light on all the painful cracks in our hearts. And this? This is the joyful rallying cry our souls need.

We will not back down. They cannot take our fire, our love, or our humor. This skit is where Kate reminds us of this. We see her laugh, dance, be goofy. We see her mourn, and then passionately be her joyful, playful self. She reminds us that we are beings of light and shadows cannot live in our souls. We will unapologetically glow and fuel the light in each other through connection, empathy, humor, and joy. We will be tender and goofy and playful. Fighting against bullies who want us to hate ourselves as much as they hate themselves, we will love ourselves and each other. That is how we fight because that is how we live.

Dear Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg,

How are you doing? You getting sleep? Eating your vegetables? I can send you some vitamins if you’d like. Would you like that? Would you like me to make a dark pact with the underworld on your behalf? I’m sure I can talk to some witches; they are historically pro-choice. 

I’m thinking of sending over a gift card for a fish supplier. Are you getting your fatty omega-3′s? Just don’t eat anything undercooked, okay. 

I’ll get back to you on the witches. 

The shit that Cat Grant says in the elevator gives me life honestly.

“Drunk at 9 am. That’s the last time I have lunch with Ruth Bader Ginsberg.”

How did we not hear more about this? Was she drinking to tolerate the RBG? Was she drinking to keep pace with the judge who can smell fear?

I want to know.


RBG’s Racist Comments About Colin Kaepernick

In an interview this week, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (AKA the Notorious RBG) referred to Colin Kaepernick as “dumb” and “arrogant.” This was in response to Kaepernick’s quiet refusal to stand during to national anthem to protest police brutality and racism. Yikes. Let’s discuss.

So Natalie’s not going to be in Thor 3.

I still don’t know exactly what led to that point, whether it was the alleged drama she has with Marvel, or just that she’s tied down with the other projects she’s doing, like Annihilation and the Jackie Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsberg biopics and will instead come back during Infinity War or something. This is not what worries me. Given her past experience with big franchises like Star Wars nearly killing her career, and the general animosity that a big portion of the fandom has for Jane in general, I am worried about how Marvel will treat this and how the fans will treat this.

If they are writing Jane out, I hope it will be done with dignity. I don’t want her going the way of Betty Ross, because the biggest reason Natalie Portman originally took on the role of Jane was because she was a scientist, because that was a role model for little girls that didn’t happen very often. And I want them to recognize her importance and contributions. I don’t want them killing her offscreen, sweeping her under the rug, or doing anything else that belittles a woman who drove into a storm for science, threatened to sue a shady government agency, punched the god of mischief in the face, and saved the world with science. Jane deserves better than that.

And about Tessa Thompson. It’s degrading both to Jane and to whoever Thompson ends up playing to classify them primarily as love interests, because Marvel has always been so good about not doing that with their female characters. Nothing has really been confirmed about the character Thompson is playing, other than that she is a superhero of some kind. It’s really sad that the knee-jerk reaction for casting a young woman in an action movie is still ‘oh, she’s the love interest.’ Were Thor to be romantically involved with anyone in Ragnarok, the narrative has done a lot more pointing him towards Sif, and vice versa. People have complained about Thor and Jane having no chemistry in the movies (bullshit), I doubt they could really pull that much more off with an entirely new character they’re building up in this movie.

I do my best to reserve judgement on actual products until I have seen them. I want to give Thor 3 the benefit of the doubt, but, my fellow Jane fans, we have to let our voices be heard. Please, don’t let this beautiful character be buried under a mire of bullshit.

They’ve already erased Betty from the narrative. Don’t let them take Jane too.
Guys, who’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

This weekend, “Saturday Night Live” poked fun at pop culture juggernaut Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the oldest serving member of the U.S. Supreme Court and star of her own comic book.

Actress Kate McKinnon played the 81-year-old Supreme Court Justice to a doily and over-sized glasses T. But marring McKinnon’s guest spot on the “Weekend Update” desk to “Gins-burn” a few friends, was the chyron at the bottom of the screen.

It read “Ruth Bader Ginsberg,” not the correct “Ginsburg.” Is Justice Ginsberg like the evil twin from backward world?

We could forgive a rookie mistake for a Not Super Famous Justice Who Everyone Loves Even If They Don’t Know Anything About the Supreme Court (actually we couldn’t, didn’t SNL just celebrate 40 years on air?). But come on, this is The Notorious RBG we’re talking about here. The woman whose prime time catnaps make national news.

In my circle of friends, “marriage” is one of those words you use in the same sentence as “mainstream” or “heteronormativity.” We’re those kind of hipsters. We talk about marriage in terms of “at some point” as opposed to the near future and weddings themselves as huge excuses to party – not a day to solidify your need to own or to belong to another person.

Even today as we celebrate Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and her 12-piece band, we are simultaneously critical of how the marriage equality discussion has largely drowned out any number of other problems faced by folks along the LGBTQ spectrum, problems largely encountered by Black and Latin@ folks. Marriage equality, to many of us, is seen as assimilation of the queer community into mainstream heteronormativity (see I did it without even thinking about it) and we are critical of marriage as an institution built on capitalist commodification of love, an enforcer of gender norms, etc etc I’m running out of breath.

That said, there is undeniable beauty to a wedding. The dopamine rush that comes when two people you love proclaim their happiness and security in each other is a sort of affirmation that there are levels of connection deeper than friendship or comradery.

We can critique the building and re-work the facade without tearing down the whole thing. 

In my circles of friends, “marriage” may come with its hesitations, but weddings usually come with joy. As we all get older and find our our big brothers and sisters busier with their lives and we ourselves find ourselves pulled across the city to attend to the march of time and the organizations that need us, weddings are opportunities for us to come together without worrying about logistics or planning but just to celebrate. Weddings are those few hours that we can all share space and break bread without having to worry about agendas and check-ins.

—  A Wedding and a Thought, by Sean Miura

Last night I woke up from a dream and thought it was so awesome and revelatory that I had to leave myself a note about it on my phone.

The note I left to myself says Burlesque Ruth Bader Ginsberg and nothing else.

Man, I wish I could remember the rest of it…

edit: I also vaguely remember something about a peach lace ensemble, like a miniskirt and bolero jacket, that had the Howard Johnson logo across the butt