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Dear Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg,

How are you doing? You getting sleep? Eating your vegetables? I can send you some vitamins if you’d like. Would you like that? Would you like me to make a dark pact with the underworld on your behalf? I’m sure I can talk to some witches; they are historically pro-choice. 

I’m thinking of sending over a gift card for a fish supplier. Are you getting your fatty omega-3′s? Just don’t eat anything undercooked, okay. 

I’ll get back to you on the witches. 

jodie foster is friends with and defends mel gibson, and ruth bader ginsberg didn’t care enough about queer rights, women’s rights, and black lives matter to NOT be friends with scalia. stop valorising privileged white women: that’s not adult or responsible, that’s normalising and accepting abusive bigotry.

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until your IRC prompt fill, I had no idea who Ruth Ginsberg was. (shame on me) When I googled her, I was utterly amazed. This is how I learn more from fandom than from actual school. She is also from Brooklyn, did you know? (Does Steve know?)

I knew a fair amount about her but no, I hadn’t known she was from Brooklyn before getting the prompt. She’s pretty amazing to read about. Women’s rights still have a ways to go everywhere but Law is one of the worst in terms of how they treat women. When she entered law school in 1956 she was asked how she could justify taking a seat away from a “qualified man”, and I believe Hillary Clinton got the same question fifteen years later. That Ginsburg got where she is stands as a testament to her brilliance and courage. 

It’s why I wanted Steve to say it was an honor to meet her first – I really wanted to make a point that a war hero and superhero understood that when he shook her hand he was shaking the hand of someone who was objectively admirable, deserving of his awe. 

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So I don't know much about politics. I never cared and wasn't of age before this election. I keep seeing stuff about impeachment and I know it can't not happen but I've also read up on pence and he is a scary man. I guess my question is can there be a double impeachment? can a vice president even be impeached before becoming president? and what else can I and anyone else do to see that pence doesn't become president after trump is impeached?

as scary as pence is (and holy fucking god is he scary), i don’t think he is as dangerous as trump, because pence (while definitely a frightening figure) is not as volatile and doesn’t seem as easily manipulated by nazis. 

…my god the bar is so low the bar is so low

next in the line of succession would be the speaker of the house, which is paul ryan, so a double impeachment would actually not solve our problems.

also, pence reads more like a boring “regular politician”. in some ways, that might let him get away with more because it’s easier for him to pass off his terribleness as reasonable. but he can’t command the cult of personality that trump can, which means, i think, less of an immediate danger in the “are we becoming a fascist state” front.

look, make no mistake, pence is horrible. he is terrifyingly anti-lgbt and an outspoken enemy of abortion rights to a degree that hurts my head if i think about it too long and in indiana he’s known as the guy who ruined indiana. but i think he is less likely to, like, blow up our planet if another country insults his fingers or something.

sweet jesus the bar is so low it is unreal how low the bar is lord deliver us

i think the dream scenario is: we impeach trump, trump gets booted, the far-right congress members get real nervous and are forced to tone shit down a little, pence attempts to return the republican party to its former “respectability” (meaning he tries to make all the hate like 50% subtler which accomplishes little but gives shitheads like bannon the boot if only because pence can see how bad it looks), he is a terrible president but fails to destroy the country and ultimately doesn’t have the “brand recognition” to energize trump’s base, the left stay energized & get more organized, and the general population is so damn tired of anything associated with trump that he is voted out in 2020 on a wave of liberal wins that puts us in a better spot in the house and senate. (also in this scenario, ruth bader ginsberg is an immortal highlander.)

anyway, step one is we impeach trump. or actually, since impeachment begins in the house of representatives and is i believe carried out by the senate, step one is probably to turn out in droves to the midterm elections and do everything we can to flip the house and senate, because i don’t think we can count on a gop-controlled congress to grow enough of a spine to get the job done.

RBG is going to live forever

“The bench is now my porch. I’m gonna sit on it all day and scream ‘No!! Get out of my yard!’“

“I’ve hidden horcruxes in all the Talbotses in the DC metro area”

“Hey Mike Pence, sorry ya looked at Magnum PI once and ya got a quarter-chub and you’ve been haunted by it ever since. And that’s a Gay GinsBurn”

I just really want to talk about this sketch because I needed to see it after her Hillary Hallelujah. HH is the mourning song we all need, and it shone a light on all the painful cracks in our hearts. And this? This is the joyful rallying cry our souls need.

We will not back down. They cannot take our fire, our love, or our humor. This skit is where Kate reminds us of this. We see her laugh, dance, be goofy. We see her mourn, and then passionately be her joyful, playful self. She reminds us that we are beings of light and shadows cannot live in our souls. We will unapologetically glow and fuel the light in each other through connection, empathy, humor, and joy. We will be tender and goofy and playful. Fighting against bullies who want us to hate ourselves as much as they hate themselves, we will love ourselves and each other. That is how we fight because that is how we live.

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Okay, so how would you direct a production of Dear World?

this is a good one because I know nothing about the plot and only bits and pieces about the score. I’m basing this on the wikipedia summaries of Dear World and Madwoman of Chaillot, so who knows who accurate this will be.

The set will be immersive and the production crudely directed as an allegory for crumbling American democracy. As we descend into the sewers of Washington DC, we encourage the audience to shit themselves (the seats are lined with plastic) and the house staff will crank the heat up and turn off the ventilation system to mimic the DC summers. Custodial service will be suspended during the run of the production so patrons are encouraged to litter.

The corporate executives will be modeled after (!!!) the GOP- Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, a turtle for Mitch McConnell, and Wayne LaPierre. The sewer people will be (!!!) Berniecrats with an Elizabeth Warren/Ruth Bader Ginsberg-type as Aurelia. Instead of being a countess, she will be a former judge or senator or high-ranking bureaucrat. 

The tea party is still a tea party, but one of the Berniecrats spikes the communal punch bowl with LSD and in the collective trip the sewer people plot how they will get rid of the executives.

The corporate executives are lured through the sewer system by (!!!) tax cuts for the rich, prohibition of abortion, proliferation of guns in school zones, criminalization of Islam, the end of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, but that just leads them to the bottomless pit of (!!!) Florida, which the sewer people cut off and set adrift in the Atlantic.

We end with a reprise of “I Don’t Want to Know” in which Aurelia contemplates whether or not she has become just as bad as (!!!) the GOP. She shits on stage. Break lights, cue curtain.

If I’ve done my job right, the audience will demand a refund, just as a Trump voters should regret their vote.

jimmy carter was famous for his barbaric submission holds

    After an impassioned spat with his vice president over the ineffectiveness of justice in the United States, Theodore Roosevelt created an executive order which reinstituted the practice of trial by combat - saying that “there’s no better way of testing the strength of moral fiber than by blood sport,” and that it “would make for a gay old time.”

   Just days after the telegram carrying the order had reached the edges of the continent, thousands of such trials were declared, but the practice wouldn’t take its most familiar form until a number of progressively-minded boxers and wrestlers took it upon themselves to represent the institutionally oppressed,  quite literally fighting for their rights. In April of 1911, the boxer Joe Jeanette famously prosecuted the instigators of fifty lynchings in Mississippi and obtained damages for the families of their victims; extrajudicial killings declined in the rest of the country as a result. Following that spring, a number of organizations had been formed (perhaps surreptitiously by now President Taft himself) to encourage and fund the legal educations of career trial combatants. Iowa University, with its history of great wrestlers, replaced Harvard as the main training ground for jurisprudence.

    As the legitimacy of the practice grew, so did its showmanship. Stadiums sold out on their own for contentious trials, the nation became further enraptured by the American Combat Court as aspects of theatricality were introduced, wrapping the legal matters at hand within a narrative and weaving them into the arcs of trial combatants.

    Today, the American Combat Court continues to produce some of the finest legal minds in the country, both in and out of the Ring of Justice, including Earl “The Quorum” Warren, Ruth “The Truth” Bader Ginsberg, and Warren “Ham” Burger.

— Excerpt from “American Combat Court,” World Book, 1997 ed.

So Natalie’s not going to be in Thor 3.

I still don’t know exactly what led to that point, whether it was the alleged drama she has with Marvel, or just that she’s tied down with the other projects she’s doing, like Annihilation and the Jackie Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsberg biopics and will instead come back during Infinity War or something. This is not what worries me. Given her past experience with big franchises like Star Wars nearly killing her career, and the general animosity that a big portion of the fandom has for Jane in general, I am worried about how Marvel will treat this and how the fans will treat this.

If they are writing Jane out, I hope it will be done with dignity. I don’t want her going the way of Betty Ross, because the biggest reason Natalie Portman originally took on the role of Jane was because she was a scientist, because that was a role model for little girls that didn’t happen very often. And I want them to recognize her importance and contributions. I don’t want them killing her offscreen, sweeping her under the rug, or doing anything else that belittles a woman who drove into a storm for science, threatened to sue a shady government agency, punched the god of mischief in the face, and saved the world with science. Jane deserves better than that.

And about Tessa Thompson. It’s degrading both to Jane and to whoever Thompson ends up playing to classify them primarily as love interests, because Marvel has always been so good about not doing that with their female characters. Nothing has really been confirmed about the character Thompson is playing, other than that she is a superhero of some kind. It’s really sad that the knee-jerk reaction for casting a young woman in an action movie is still ‘oh, she’s the love interest.’ Were Thor to be romantically involved with anyone in Ragnarok, the narrative has done a lot more pointing him towards Sif, and vice versa. People have complained about Thor and Jane having no chemistry in the movies (bullshit), I doubt they could really pull that much more off with an entirely new character they’re building up in this movie.

I do my best to reserve judgement on actual products until I have seen them. I want to give Thor 3 the benefit of the doubt, but, my fellow Jane fans, we have to let our voices be heard. Please, don’t let this beautiful character be buried under a mire of bullshit.

They’ve already erased Betty from the narrative. Don’t let them take Jane too.

She has created a wonderful thing with Notorious R.B.G. I will admit I had to be told by my law clerks, what’s this Notorious. And they — they explained that to me.
—  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg a.k.a. notoriousrbg to katiecouric.