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Summary: Y/N, a blind girl, is resigned to living a safe, boring life but not without having atleast one adventure in her dark life. (Pun unintended)

Sparks ignite when she meets, V, an obnoxious, flirty Tour guide, who makes her see life in a whole new light and colours her world with passion. But is he more than he’s pretending to be? Will this small flicker turn into a raging inferno???

PROLOGUE    < Check out the Prologue 

               Chapter One: Ignition

Retrieve the documents. Leave no evidence. None at all.

Two tall figures, clothed entirely in black sprinted across the yard to the door  stealthily. Nimble fingers entered the security pass code.

“How on earth did you manage to get the pass code from the guard?” muttered Jung Hoseok.

“Let’s just say it look quite a lot of soju and a little bit of the infamous Kim Taehyung charm.” Taehyung smiled darkly.

“Cameras!!!” hissed Hoseok, motioning to the ominous red light blinking at them .

“Catch up, brother. It’s all sorted out.” drawled Taehyung lazily. “You get the documents, I’ll deal with him.” He cracked his knuckles menacingly.


“Let me go, please!!! I’ll give you the double of what Min Yoongi’s offering!” begged the man, his clothes spattered with blood. Taehyung chuckled, his face merciless, his knuckles bloody.

“You corporate bigwigs think you have it all, huh?” He stalked over to him. The man cringed back helplessly.

“What about that poor girl you screwed over for money and then raped?” He growled, stomping hard on the disgusting man’s fingers. He bellowed in pain. “I despise people like you. So no, nothing you can offer will change my mind.” Taehyung added angrily, kicking him hard in the ribs for a good measure.

“LET ME GO! I have a little girl to get back to! Please have mercy.”

“Psssssst,” whistled Jung Hoseok, signaling him that the mission was accomplished. He’d retrieved the documents.

“Game over. Justice will prevail.” whispered Taehyung, delivering the killing blow. There was a sickening crunch as the body hit the floor.

‘I’ll dispose the body. You don’t look so good.” Hoseok offered. Taehyung nodded shakily, his breath coming out in shuddering gasps.


A piercing scream rang out through the air.

“Dude, what kind of a lame ass spy is scared of rats??? Seriously Hobi! ” Taehyung punched his shoulder, laughing gleefully. Without anger and hatred marring his pretty face, he looked younger and carefree. Innocent, even.

“It was a big one, Tae!” said Hoseok, looking sheepish. “I swear …..I’m not kidding. It was a MUTANT rat!!! As if it had been screwing around with a mongoose.”

“If this fascinating discussion is over, you can go in and meet him.” Min Yoongi’s burly bodyguard said drily.

They obliged quietly.

Min Yoongi stared at two of his best men, searching for signs of damage. Apart from Taehyung’s bloody knuckles, the two appeared relatively unscathed. No one could ever suspect the sinister, dark and ruthful edges that lurked beneath their tired but youthful faces. He smiled proudly. They were his legacy. He’d trained them well.

“The mission went well?” inquired Yoongi. They both nodded, handing over the documents.

“How many times have I told you not to dirty your hands, Taehyung?” said Yoongi, looking pointedly at Taehyung’s knuckles. Taehyung clenched his fist, his eyes glinting with anger.

“You’re still such a reckless child. Much like your father was. Letting your emotions get the better of you.” Yoongi patted Taehyung’s shoulder affectionately. He stiffened. “I’m not a child. Don’t patronize me.” spat out Taehyung.

Yoongi smiled complacently .“I have another mission for you two. These folders will brief you up.” He said, chucking the folders at them.

“And this time, I have chosen interesting codenames for you.” smirked Yoongi. “Kim Taehyung you will be………hmmmm……..V. And Hobi yours is JHope.”

“V? What even!!!! Am I playing a stripper or something????” Taehyung groaned, disgruntled.

“JHOPE? JHOPE?” Hobi yelled indignantly.

“Yes, JHope, our hope, our angel.” Yoongi said slyly.


“Guess who?” Warm hands closed over your eyes from behind. Jungkook, you sighed internally. You pretended to huff with annoyance.

“You are literally the only person who does this stupid thing, Kookie. No need to close my eyes. It’s not like this blind girl can see your ugly face anyway. And I don’t need eyes to smell that horrid cologne of yours.” You breathed in his smell. It was actually quite pleasant. Not that you’d ever tell him. He smelled….golden somehow. Like AC and leather…with a hint of green apples. Something musky….something just….Jungkook. It sent your nose tingling.

Jungkook smiled good-humouredly and pulled you in a bone-crushing hug. “Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine? Got out of the wrong side of the bed, huh?”

You tried to pull away, wincing. “Oww Kookie….Need…Breath…”

He let go, grinning. “Now tell me, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong! My Mother apparently thinks I’m the modern Rapunzel and should be locked in the tower forever, away from the evil eyes of the world or something!!!” You screeched.


*Earlier that morning*

“No, Y/N, you’re not going and that’s final. And definitely not with a bunch of horny, college boys. You don’t know how vulnerable you are, being the only girl. And a blind one at that.” Your Mom said sternly.

“Eomma! You’ve known these horny bunch of college boys for years. And sure. Your blind, virgin daughter is totally going to have an orgy with them. On this very scandalous trip…….filled with drunken debauchery and wild escapades.” You rolled your eyes.

“When is your stupid, teenage rebellion phase going to end?” Your Mother sighed, looking exasperated. “I cannot, in good conscience, allow you to go. It’s risky, Y/N-ah. Please try to look at things from my perspective. You are talking about going on a trip so far away from home, with a group of boys…..and yet you couldn’t even handle coming down the stairs without your cane!”

“God, I don’t need that stupid cane! Sue me if I slipped down a couple of stairs! I hate being treated like this, Mother. Constantly watched, always coddled. I’m not a fucking baby!”

“Language, young lady!” Your Mother warned.

“I am an 18yr old girl and it’s about time I started experiencing things 18yr old girls do. You can’t always protect me, Eomma. I just…..I want to have fun too…I want to…I just…”

“This discussion is over.” Your Mom declared, her voice ringing with finality.

You kicked the dining table in anger and stomped away. You missed a step in your hurry to get away and fell down clumsily. A purplish bruise had already started blooming on your skin.

“Oh my God, Y/N!!!” Your Mother raced towards you to help you up.

“Don’t,” You muttered through clenched teeth, tears threatening to escape. “Just don’t.” You helped yourself up and staggered to your room.


“Y/N-ah!!!” Jimin burst in cheerfully, with your breakfast tray in hand. “Oh,hi, Jungkookie!” Jimin said shyly. “Hyung.” Jungkook nodded

“Your Mother told me you stomped off without having breakfast, so here.” Jimin placed the tray in front of you. “I even bought your favourite choco-chip muffins!!!” He said happily.

“Oh Jimin! You are such a sweetheart, you’re going to give me diabetes someday.” You said sarcastically, not in mood for his chirpiness. Jungkook frowned.

“I’ll have one, Hyung.” He said.

“My Kookie must be famished! You are so thin too! Your collarbones are sticking out so much! Doesn’t your Eomma feed you, ah? Open your mouth, Kookie. Your Hyung will feed you.” Jimin insisted sweetly, blushing.

“Eww Jimin…can you go flirt with Kookie elsewhere so I can wallow peacefully in my misery?”

Jimin spluttered, “Ahhh…this girl! Really! Kookie….ahh…this…no! Stop seeing things that aren’t there!”

You smirked. “Too early in the morning to take a dig at my blindness, don’t you think? Enjoy your trip, guys. And since I won’t be coming …….you’ll have free access to Kookie, Jimin. Yay.”

Jimin ignored the taunt. “If you can’t come, we won’t go either.”

“Awww Jimin. I’m touched. How sentimental of you.”

You moodily bit into your preferred jam sandwich, only to realize there was no jam inside.

“Hawww Jimin. Looks like you really have no jams.” You never missed any opportunity to make the ‘You got no jams’ jibe after Namjoon had said it.

“Enough, Y/N.” Jungkook intervened.

“Ugh…you’re impossible Y/N….” Jimin gave up, going downstairs where the rest of the group was.

You shrugged, munching on the choco-chip muffin.

“Was that really necessary? Why?” Jungkook asked in a strained voice, “Just why do you always feel the need to be such a sarcastic bitch, whenever you’re hurting? Especially when Jimin is nothing but sweet to you.”

“Of course he is nothing but sweet to me. Who would be rude to a poor, little, helpless blind girl! Huh! Why don’t you just go and wipe your boyfriend’s tears and leave me the hell alone!” You sneered. You stood up, your breakfast unfinished, intending to escape to the terrace. Escape to the chaos of your own thoughts.

Jungkook clasped your wrist, pulling you towards him. “Y/N,” he whispered gently. “Talk to me, Y/N. You know we all love you, don’t you? There is no need to hide your insecurities and feelings behind sarcasm always. It’s okay to be hurting, it’s okay to cry. Just talk to me. Don’t be this cold, sarcastic person….just don’t shut me off, please. Please.”

Your ears turned hot as you tried to fight down the lump in your throat. Before you knew it, tears started gushing down in full force. You were full-on bawling, with a snotty nose, tear-stained cheeks, croaky voice.

“I just……I really wanted to go on this trip, Kookie. I’m so tired of being so safe all the fucking time! I’ve never done anything fun….anything wild or ……or dangerous! Half the time, I feel as if I’m barely living at all. I know, you all think I’m just being a blind, hysterical girl who’s throwing a tantrum but! UGH! You don’t know what it’s like to be blind. People always pitying you. I don’t need their fucking pity!!! I can do things on my own too. I just need a little help sometimes, that’s all. Why can’t Mom understand? It’s time to let go. I have you guys, I trust you with my life. She trusts you too but she just can’t seem to trust you with me! Ahhhrghhh!!!!” You finished, sniffing and rubbing your snivelly nose. Hiccup. Hiccup. Hiccup.

“I promise you, Y/N,” Jungkook said fiercely, “You WILL come with us. And have the time of your life.” He hugged you, massaging comforting circles into your back. “Namjoon is downstairs, reasoning with your Mom. I don’t think even your Mom can withstand Brain Monster’s power of reasoning.” He teased.

You sighed deeply, relaxing into his arms. Your hiccups had quietened down. You rested your head against his shoulder, breathing in his familiar smell. He smelled like home.

“I love you, Kookie. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You said, really meaning it, sarcasm forgotten.

“I love you too, Y/N,” He replied, placing a sweet kiss on your forehead. Knowing you didn’t mean it the way he did.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!!!!!” Jiimin burst excitedly into your room again, like a freaking hurricane. That boy really could never contain his emotions, you thought fondly. Time to apologise.

“Namjoon cracked your Mom!!!! Yippeeeeee!” Jimin squealed.

“My Mom is not a nut to be cracked, Jimin.” You retorted.

“Ahhhh! Group hug! Me too!” Jimin threw his arms around the both of you. “Y/N is coming with us!!!! Yay! I’m so happy!”

“Really?” You whispered, hardly believing it. “How did Namjoon convince Eomma?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Namjoon said, smiling from the door.

“Time for group hug! Everyone!” Jimin shouted impatiently.

“Looks like someone didn’t finish her breakfast.” Jin commented. “Ooooh…..choco-chip muffin! Nomnomnom!” said Jin, gobbling it whole.

“Can I please get the group hug?” Jimin pouted, his lip jutting out cutely.

“Awww….come here you adorable puppy!” You pulled Jimin in a hug. “Sorry for being such a bitch.” You whispered.

“It’s okay, Y/N. That’s what friends are for. To smother their friend’s bitchiness with choco-chip muffins and hugs.” Jimin replied, pinching your cheeks.

“Choco-chip muffins? Are there more?” shouted Jin, looking everywhere.

Namjoon shook his head at the scene before him and went for the group hug.

You smiled cheerfully, excitement coursing through your veins. What an emotional rollercoaster of a morning!!!

You were going on this trip! Hurrrrrraaay! Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!

Little did you know, that you were going to get more trouble and excitement than you had asked for. That this would prove to be a life-changing trip.


“ So you are not taking this cane?” Your Mother asked, looking disapproving.

“God, Mom! Not the stupid cane again. No! Jungkook is going to be my human cane.”

“What the!” Jungkook protested.

“You HAVE to wear these glasses then. It’s not for you. It’s to prevent people from accidentally running into you. Think of it as a fashion statement, Y/N, and wear it.” Your Mother urged.


“I’ll miss you, baby. Have fun. Think of Jin as your Eomma now. Do what he and Namjoon say. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t do anything rash. Stay with Jungkook always. Don’t go traipsing alone and don’t -” You flung your arms around your Mom.

“I’ll miss you, Eomma. I love you.” You said. Your Mother sighed and pecked your cheek.

“Be safe.” She whispered.

And then you were gone.


You let your hair loose, basking in the warmth of the sunshine, the wind playing with your hair. You could already taste the possibility of an adventure in the air.

The road trip had been awesome so far. Blasting songs at full volume and singing to them horribly out-of-key at an equally loud voice, arguing over food which had resulted in an impromptu food fight (WHY ARE YOU WASTING FOOD,Jin had shouted in horror, hitting everyone with his over-sized sweater sleeves) , having to pee in weird places like that thorny bush! (You remembered,shuddering) Playing rock-paper-scissors for the shotgun position in the car (The others had probably taken advantage of your blindness and cheated, You sulked, squashed behind between Namjoon and Jungkook)

They had managed to drive the driver of their rental car nuts. He dropped them off at their destination, visibly relieved at having refrained from murdering those noisy kids.

“Where the hell did that damn tour guide go? He was supposed to arrive half an hour ago.” Namjoon complained.

“JHOPE! Your hope, your angel, at your service, Sir.” JHope made an exaggerated, polite bow. He was dressed in ridiculously loose clothes that hung off his bony frame rather comically. A floppy fringe covered his forehead, almost concealing his eyes. He smiled, showing off his tooth-paste commercial worthy, perfect, white teeth.

Jimin giggled.

“Who’s this cartoon?” You whispered.

“Looks like someone’s watch is broken. We aren’t half an hour late, you’re simply quite a bit early, Sir. Besides, you know what they say about being late. Fashionable entry and all.” A lazy voice drawled out.

“Now who’s this?” You asked.

V looked at the hot, sweating group in front of him. Everyone looked pissed off. Except not quite. A lone girl, amidst a group of boys, her face half-concealed by black glasses, looking calm and inscrutable. She wasn’t conventionally pretty, but there was something about her, that glued his eyes to her.

V flashed her his trademark, boxy, mischievous smile. A smile that would melt anyone’s heart like an ice-cream on a hot summer’s day.

And nothing. She looked unruffled as ever.

Huh. Someone was immune to the infamous Kim Taehyung charm.

“And who are you, handsome?” Jimin inquired. You giggled. Jimin being greasy as always. Jungkook rolled his eyes, annoyed.

“I’m V, your tour guide for this trip. And this is my partner JHope. We hope to make your trip as memorable as possible.” V said, laying thick on the charm.

Jungkook snorted.

Namjoon looked impatient. “Can we get going already?” “Yeah, I’m starving” said Jin.

V, his eyes fixated on you, opened the van door. “Ladies first?” He murmured with a flirty smile. 

“Hello, V, I’m Y/N.” You held out your hand in the general direction of where he was standing. He waved his hand hand not-so subtly in front of your face. “What…..are you blind or something?”

“Gee, what gave me away?” You snorted. “Was it these big, black glasses? And what kind of a name is V, anyway? Sounds like a stripper name.”

He chuckled in amusement. “Ooooh, feisty. I like this girl. Free lapdance for you, babe. ” He said, his voice laced with seduction. His hands brushed lightly against yours as he bent down to take your bag. Your heart quickened.

Jungkook scowled at the incorrigible tour guide. He hovered protectively in front of you. “Why don’t you do your job and start the van?” He sneered at V. “And stay the hell away from Y/N. I’m not going to let guys like you take advantage of her.” He hissed warningly.

“Uhh…..Jungkook, I maybe blind but my ears are functioning perfectly fine, thank you. And I don’t need protecting. My junk punching skills are legendary.” You muttered.

V smirked. He felt something tug in his gut, as he looked at your aggressive stance. Things were going to be interesting. Very interesting, indeed.


Chapter 2 Teaser: Fanning the Flames.

V pinned you to the wall, his breath hot against your ear. Your heart pounded madly. Goosebumps erupted all over your body. You’d never felt more scared. And more alive.

“Ummmm….this whole situation is a bit rape-y, if you ask me.” You whispered, trying to keep your voice steady and failing.

“Oh Y/N,” He cooed, “Any sex we have will definitely be consensual.”

You gulped nervously.

V backed away from you. “ A good girl like you………should really stay away from me. I’m dangerous.” He murmured softly. Dangerous. Dangerous. It echoed in the cave. Or was it just your mind?

“Is this the part where you tell me you’re a vampire?” You deadpanned.

The spell of intrigue and danger over the moment broke as V burst out laughing. His mirth was contagious. You let out a shaky laugh, just realizing how tense you had been.

“And sorry to kill your buzz, but it’s you who’s been following me around like an annoying gnat.” You said.

Ruth sat on the edge of the rooftop of a dilapidated building. The concrete crumbling beneath the ancient robot’s legs as they swung them back and forth, a broken smile on their face.

They had once been a search and rescue bot built from the remains of four children of very young ages. The accident was messy but there was just enough parts to patch ol’ Ruth together.

They used to lead the team. Their very own team to find and deliver alive humans to safety.

Yes they had been the best at what they did, finding and saving hundreds whilst their human benefactors struggled across the earthquake ruins of their home.

That. Was years ago. Now. They were rusting, and corrupted. Their data scrambled leaving them more lost child than responsible medic.

Ruth quickly turned and moved to get up when they heard foot falls crushing loose concrete and gravel behind them.

“I I-Ii-I Am mOdEl R- R-Rr-R 87 {DaTa CCcCoRrrrRupted} 7 7 7 7-777-7 ReReTrEiVe UnEaRtH TrApPpppPeD HuMAaAnS. NaMe?”