ruth ann steinhagen

Ruth Ann Steinhagen, inspiration for The Natural after shooting Cubs first baseman Eddie Waitkus, plays baseball in the Cook County Jail. Matron Ann Markov is watching over, umpiring. 

Steinhagen had passed away on December 29th, but this wasn’t discovered until recently when The Washington Post was researching another story. Read her fascinating obituary here

(image by Associated Press) 

December 29, 2012

Ruth Ann Steinhagen, the Chicago woman who, as a 19-year-old obsessed fan, shot former Cubs first baseman Eddie Waitkus in 1949, dies anonymously at the age of 83. Her crime, the inspiration for the book and movie The Natural, put a spotlight on ‘baseball Annies’, young, hero-worshipping females who relentlessly pursued major league ballplayers.

Ruth Ann Steinhagen- Age 19 - in Jail after shooting Philadelphia Phillies firts baseman Eddie Waitkus. The real life inspiration for Bernard Malmud’s classic novel, The Natural.  Read the whole article here: