rutgers stadium

Relationship TL

Here is a timeline that is me and Nathaniel (enjoy the painful pre-puberty throwbacks)

Freshman year was the year of “i like you” and “i like you too” but we never quite got to dating yet.

2011: Here is the first picture of us ever (i was weird dont ask) we are sophomores We are waiting for his bus, even though i walk to school i would wait with him every single day after school for his bus to come get him. Here we are again at a football game (which i only went to see because he was in marching band) 

So then we have this tragic break up for like six months (and i make this blog, andnowimlost= without Nathaniel i am lost) and all the sudden as soon as i start to get over him i get an “i miss you text” (we had a really shitty first go at our relationship *insert sad shit here*

2012: (Get ready for a pro comeback ((August 19th 2012 btw)) and low quality pics)

Here we are bowling (I totally beat him)

This is the day that Nathaniel learned how easy it is to take literally 100 pictures in like 5 minutes (aka first time bulk selfie-ing together)

So then after school one day Nathaniel comes up to me and is like “I think we are better off as friends” completely out of no where and im like wtf and basically go insane.  Our school played a football game at Rutgers stadium so I made sure i got there with my guy friends, freshly dyed hair and stayed as close to my friend Zak as possible to ensure that jealously would be brought to Nathaniel, also so that he could see im doing fine without him (but lets be real here I wanted to die) p.s. Zaks grandparents have a picture from the newspaper of me and him from this football game, hanging in their house lol

here have a cute baby picture of Nathaniel I just found

Okay so we get back together with his adorable note he wrote to me in form of a letter to santa asking for me back even though he knows that he messed up and doesnt deserve it. (fyi i have this note and all other notes in my wallet at ALL times)

so then we to to junior prom. (It was horrible)

okay lets go to summer going into senior year now (It is now 2013 by the way)

so we have some good selfies over the summer 

we go to the fair and see this chicken

His brother gets Married (Austin and Shayna are the cutest)

It is now our one year (technically) we laid on a blanket and watched the stars and we each made our own pizza and had a nice dinner together (it was perf and my pizza was better than his) 

okay so now we are seniors and basically just completely perfect and happy.  


Christmas (:

Ice skating!

Okay so then i have a momentary lapse of faith and break up with Nathaniel because being together through college like the whole idea of it scared me. But we get back together like a week (or two) later. 

Here we are after getting back together and rekindling the love spark 

Here we are in school being all happy

Okay so then we have Prom (This prom was MUCH better) 

then graduation

look i graduated i also took this selfie with my girls during graduation while the valedictorian was speeching her speech. #rulebreaker

Then project Graduation  

4th of July 

Visiting Nathaniel at College

then my 19th birthday

Then we went to NYC for Christmas

Oh my gosh i could stare at him all day *sigh*

Oh and we made a gingerbread house because we made a great one last year but i got bored with it this year XD   

and now its 2015 and we went ice skating again last weekend 

So there you have it a timeline of my relationship with my soul mate. i skipped a lot like some birthdays and Christmas’s but its okay. This is me and and Nathaniel, we love each other unconditionally and one day ill reblog this and add our engagement, then wedding and then family. I know this is my person.