rutger bulsing


Videoclip of the Dutch musical Zigana with Rutger Bulsing (once cover Alfred in Stuttgart) as Count Durant.

Once a Dutch musicalcompany, in which Rutger participated, wanted to play Tanz der Vampire. 6 weeks before première they heard that it was not allowed and that they needed to do something else. They had 6 weeks to create a new story. They used the same music, costumes and set and created a new vampire-story: Zigana. Over time they rewrote the musical and these days it stands on itself. (Although small parts of Tanz can still be recognized ;-)) 

The story: Count Durant hates it that vampires are limited because of the sunlight, he thinks about a plan how to create vampires that can walk in the sun. He sends off his son, assuming his son will fall in love with the most beautiful girl of the city, Zigana. He hopes that his son will make her pregnant, hoping her baby will be half human and half vampire: The powers of a vampire but the body of a human, being able to walk in the sun. 

In this song the Count declares how beautiful his future seems now his son indeed fell in love with the beautiful Zigana. The woman did help him to get the two of them together but is doubting if this is a good thing or not…she wants to quit, but for the Count this is only the beginning…