Chrysina woodi

…a cutie species of shining leaf chafer that occurs in Texas and New Mexico in North America. Like other leaf chafers adult C. woodi will feed on fruit and foliage. And larvae will feed on roots and decaying vegetation. C. woodi can be differentiated from other members of Chrysina due to its purple/blue tarsus.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Coleoptera-Polyphaga-Scarabaeoidea-Scarabaeidae-Rutelinae-Rutelini-Chrysina-C. woodi

Image(s): Frank Carey

Rutenalid beetle, Anoplognathus porosus.

This genus is commonly referred to as Christmas Beetles, and the family come in a variety of shiny and metallic colours.

Larvae live underground, where they will also pupate, the adults all emerging at the same time. In Australia this is midsummer, explaining their common name, where they can be extremely common in some areas.

They feed on eucalyptus.

This individual photographed on the Lyrebird Walk, near the Mount Granya summit, Mount Granya State Park, Victoria.