Wayfarer Headcanon #4

((These silly posts prompted the next headcanon, one I’ve kinda wanted to do for a while:

Ruta – along with his particular brand of Rythulians – is super light!

Why, you may ask? Because…

there is nothing inside him.

…organ-like, anyway. At his core is the symbol that makes up his very being, his past and present. This core is the magical essence that I mentioned in my last headcanon post, and it fills him up. Buuuut it’s not really dense in any way, so…))

Wayfarer Headcannon #2!

((Numbah two of my personal headcannons for the Rythulians!

Wing membranes (and by extension, tail membranes)!

From what I’ve seen, wayfarers get an interesting amount of hang time when they’re in the air (whether they’re flying or falling, and even without using the scarf before hand). My headcannon is that they have something that facilitates gliding around, such as membranes, for catching drafts of air or making soft landings. They can’t fly outright with them, of course, but with enough oomph, they can glide around pretty easily!

EDIT: Right, I forgot another part! The tail membranes pretty much act as rudders when in the air, so that they have some sort of control when they’re on the move.))

Wayfarer Headcannon #1!


I figured I should actually put something into the ‘headcannon’ tag, so here we go! Keep in mind that these are my own thoughts about them, and is no way what I consider the 'right’ canon; this is just what I follow on my blog. .3.

Alrighty! So the first headcannon I have about the Rythulians; they are not human. Human shaped, maybe, but flat out humans, no. In my play-throughs of the game, I couldn’t help but notice that the wayfarer’s feet are very… pointy. And thin. And wide when you look at them from the side, like turning a piece of paper. And for some reason, they can balance on them perfectly, even when running and jumping.

So, I came to the conclusion that they could not be humans. But, since we can’t get a good view of their bodies because of the cloaks, I wasn’t quite sure of how their anatomy would go, including the pointy feet. So I came up with this set-up for Ruta!

I’ll go into more detail in a later post.


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Gosh, it was a doozy. It was of the 'super-cold-now-hot-now-cold-where-is-the-toilet-no-appetite’ variety. I would feel better and worse alternatively, and now it seems to be leveling out for good.

So hey guys, I’m (actually) back (this time)! 

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