If you are interested in read some APH England Fanfics, I have this lists with recommendations!!!

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FACE/ACE Family fics

APH England with a partner who isn’t APH France nor APH America

  • Just check the triggers if they have.
  • All the fanfics are at least 10,000 words count.
  • All the fanfics are COMPLETE.
  • I update the lists every now and then and also I’m up for recommendations.
A list of nicknames aph England could call his partner

• Teacup
• Sugar cube
• Love
• Darling
• Babe
• Gorgeous
• Sweet pea/Sweetie pie
• Beautiful
• Buttercup
• Cupcake
• Cutie
• Cutie Pie
• Handsome
• Honey Bee
• Pumpkin
• Snowflake
• Sugarplum
• Sunshine
• Sweet Cheeks
• Sweet lips

Because I’m sure we’re all sick of having little to no pet names he can use and these are really cute \(^ o ^)/

(though let’s be real he’d probably use pet names like dick-cheese or douche canoe)


And here. What I could do. This is my new channel on YouTube~

And here. What I could do. This is my new channel on YouTube~ 

Human AU where England is a police officer and Ivan is a member of the Russian mafia who keeps hitting on him and will only accept arrest without a fight if Officer Kirkland is the one putting on the handcuffs. Try as he might, Kirkland and the rest of the police force can never seem to find enough evidence to convict Braginsky so they have to keep letting him go and he does stuff like leave his phone number for Arthur in his cell or bring his own pair of (fuzzy) handcuffs when he gets arrested.

Temukan Aku, Tulang Rusukmu

Ketika kau menghabiskan waktumu hanya untuk mencari ku, maka kau tak akan menemukanku.

Saat kau sibuk mendekatkan dirimu padaNya, maka Dia akan menyuruhku berlari mendekat padamu agar kau mudah menemukan ku.

Aku adalah bagian dari dirimu, ya akulah tulang rusukmu, yang diciptakan Tuhan sebagai pendamping hidupmu.

Segeralah kau mendekat padaNya, teruslah berdoa dan layakan dirimu agar Tuhan lekas mengizinkan ku ditemukan oleh mu. 


I want to tell you about druids (Britain), volkhvs (Russia) and their undeniable similarity.

The word “volkhv” means “sorcerer, magician, soothsayer” in old Russian. The modern Russian word “volshebstvo” (magic, sorcery) comes from “volkhv”.
Celtic counterpart of the word “volkhv” - “druid”.
The word “druid” means “oak”, “knowledge”, “strong”, “wisdom” and has Indo-European roots.    

In fact, British druids and Russian volkhvs are the same thing - the pagan sorcerers~ *my RusEng feelings are tingling*.

As you know, druids were the wise heathen priests and poets of the ancient Celtic peoples. They were healers, magicians, astrologers and diviners, worshipped the trees (oak and mistletoe). According to Julius Caesar, the druids were of British origin.

Volkhv was a wise man, heathen priest in pre-Christian Rus. Volkhvs were believed to possess mystical powers, particularly the ability to predict the future. They was considered a prophet, shaman, healer, astrologer and originator of medicines. In ancient hierarchy volkhvs traditionally occupied a high place near the ruler (druids had political power too). The princes came to them for predictions. Also they could control the weather and communicate with animals. They worshipped the trees, the sacred tree was believed to be oak (druids believed in it too).

Also you can read about Russian mythology and find out that Russia has many powerful gods and amazing magical creatures, like Gamayun, Alkonost, Cat Bayun, Baba Yaga, Koschei the Deathless, Firebird, Zmey Gorynych (slavic dragon), domovoi (similar to British brownie, for example), vampires, vodyanoy, rusalkas and many other.

Besides, Russia’s aura is definitely magical origin, he can summon spirit General Frost and his scarf is alive. ^J^