• Ivan: [cutting cake]
  • Alfred: [to Matthew and Arthur] He's cutting equally sized pieces because of communism.
  • Alfred: [calling out] Is that right, Ivan? Because of the communism in your country?
  • Ivan: Or I'm just cutting cake.
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FACE/ACE Family fics

APH England with a partner who isn’t APH France nor APH America

  • Just check the triggers if they have.
  • All the fanfics are at least 10,000 words count.
  • All the fanfics are COMPLETE.
  • I update the lists every now and then and also I’m up for recommendations.
Temukan Aku, Tulang Rusukmu

Ketika kau menghabiskan waktumu hanya untuk mencari ku, maka kau tak akan menemukanku.

Saat kau sibuk mendekatkan dirimu padaNya, maka Dia akan menyuruhku berlari mendekat padamu agar kau mudah menemukan ku.

Aku adalah bagian dari dirimu, ya akulah tulang rusukmu, yang diciptakan Tuhan sebagai pendamping hidupmu.

Segeralah kau mendekat padaNya, teruslah berdoa dan layakan dirimu agar Tuhan lekas mengizinkan ku ditemukan oleh mu. 


Human AU where England is a police officer and Ivan is a member of the Russian mafia who keeps hitting on him and will only accept arrest without a fight if Officer Kirkland is the one putting on the handcuffs. Try as he might, Kirkland and the rest of the police force can never seem to find enough evidence to convict Braginsky so they have to keep letting him go and he does stuff like leave his phone number for Arthur in his cell or bring his own pair of (fuzzy) handcuffs when he gets arrested.