okay well, after two days of animating, ive finished this heaping pile of shit for the internet. enjoy the worst teen wolf animation/voice acting ever

Head-Canon Alpha Kids

Jake English1

Jake English2

Dirk Strider

Dirk Strider2

Roxy Lalonde

Jane Crocker

((Only one Jane and one Roxy because they are my ONE and ONLY favorites….so far, anyway :3))

Meg is a good friend of mine because she makes it so easy for me to be a good friend. She likes Stridercest? Wait, but I TOO LIKE STRIDERCEST.

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Hi can you guys update the Dom!Stiles and Aftercare tags that would be lovely. Thanks in advance.

i combined them, hope you don’t mind

Hurt Me (to Heal Me) by SushiOwl (9\9 | 51,418 | NC17)

Stiles likes his job, he does. It’s just that his boss is an asshole. Stiles has been working for Hale and Associates for a while now, and he’s learned to take Mr Hale’s treatment of him with a grain of salt. They’re coexisting, more or less. Stiles puts thought of his boss out of his head when he heads to a BDSM club called The Menagerie for the first time. It’s a nice night, everything is going well, but everything changes when he sees his boss there.

Love of the loveless by sasha_bo (29/29 | 78,135 | NC17)

“This is a club for people interested in BDSM Mr Hale. I assume you know what that is or else Peter is going to regret messing with us next time he comes in.”

everything by verity (1/1 | 3,002 | R)

“I want you to tie me up,” Stiles says.

Derek frowns at him, probably because he asked Stiles whether or not Scott and Allison are coming to dinner.

In the Quiet Morning by leventhian (1/1 | 6,394 | NC17)

There’s a soft smile on Derek’s face, his eyes are still closed, and his normally messy black hair is plastered to his skull. Having this gorgeous man completely stripped down in front of him should be immensely erotic, but Stiles is too struck by how domestic this feels, and for the millionth time, can’t help but just think the word beautiful.

Tractable Docility by leventhian (1/1 | 2,871 | NC17)

“Shhh, Derek, you’re doing so good, baby. Let go of your dick.” Stiles watches in satisfaction as Derek sobs, but does as he’s told, instead grabbing a fistful of sheets. “Don’t come yet. There’s still so much I want to do to you. By the time I’m done, you’re going to be crazy desperate to come.”

Against Me by Sterekism (1/1 | 2,591 | NR)

Because twitter is the perfect place for fic ideas.

The fabric of the blindfold moved softly over the bridge of his nose and eyelids. It made Derek notice the smell of unhurried arousal even more, made him even more aware of every footstep around him, Stiles’ heartbeat circling him. Derek’s own breaths sounded harsh to his own ears.

He was standing in the middle of their bedroom, naked, just like Stiles had instructed. He was already hard and straining, like most of the times when they did something like this. Derek jumped when he felt the hand on his shoulder, massaging away some of the tension that was gathering there.

“Shhhh, it’s okay Derek. I’m going to take good care of you.” Stiles’ whispered words felt deafening to Derek, but they made him relax somewhat. He was safe. This wasn’t one of Kate’s sick mind games. This was Stiles. His Stiles, who always made him feel so good.

Love in Reverence and Worship by leventhian (1/1 | 6,419 | NC17)

“That would’ve been a great way to end the week,” Stiles says as he moves his hands to roam against Derek’s firm body. “Coming home to find all this strength collared, leashed, and cuffed. You’ve got all this power and you wanted to wait for me on your knees. Tell me why, Derek. Tell me why, and I’ll reward you.”

“Because I’m yours.” Derek’s voice breaks as he says yours, and Stiles can feel the possessive thrill lighting up every single one of his nerves.

Good by rustypolished (1/1 | 2,859 | NC17)

To say he’s scared is somehow both simultaneously an understatement and a lie.

He’s not scared (he kind of is), it’s more of a…well, an anxiety, he supposes. There’s a heavy weight in the pit of his stomach that’s mixed in to the arousal that’s started to burn there ever since they’d closed the bedroom door behind them. Some kind of chemical reaction that’s making his heart flutter rabbit-fast in his chest. He’s certain that Derek can hear it, can smell the nerves coming off of him in waves as he steps closer to the bed but he doesn’t move (“I want you on your hands and knees,” he’d said, not fifteen minutes ago, “I want you on your hands and knees and I want you silent.”).

He Always Comes After His Wolf by itsabluejay (1/1 | 6,534 | NC17)

It’s not that Stiles doesn’t love Mondays or Saturdays cause he loves those days too but Thursdays are the days where Stiles gets to show and tell Derek what he means to him, shower him in love and affection because Derek needs to believe him when he tells him he loves him and this is how Stiles does that.


Derek and Stiles are in a Dom/sub relationship and as part of Derek’s recovery they do gentle BDSM on Thursdays so Stiles can show Derek what he means to him.

Desperatio Quieta by leventhian (1/1 | 4,276 | NC17)

“Help me not think for a while?” Derek’s plea is quiet, a little hoarse, and has Stiles’s heart tripping over itself in concern.

“Always.” Stiles whispers, getting Derek to lift his head, so he can press a kiss into the black spikes of his hair.