Yesterday was our ultimate full day on the big GOR. We headed to the beach at Kennett River where I learnt how to dislocate my knees and make use of them backwards. Connie was most impressed. So impressed in fact that she kindly wined and dined me at a local seafood restaurant before escorting me up the beautifully backdropped B100 - (alliteration at its finest) - to finally lay rest in our rusty yet floral quarters.

We’ll miss you little hippie. 🌸

DAY 880

I regret that a beloved yet anachronistic institution is going out of business.

At one point, this store used to be  Nicolett Video Village. And as of yesterday, they basically said that they were going out of business.

I hit this joint like gangbusters after work today, worried about how much money I was going to hemorrhage during their video liquidation.

Too many great sections in that place.

More flicks than you could ever watch in your life.

Sick, sick, sick.

I walked through the place with two armfuls of videos, hoping they’d just be happy to make ANY profit off this stuff.

And after being the 15th person to apologize to the employees for this unfortunate turn of events, I asked one guy when they were closing for good.

“OUTTA HERE FRIDAY,” grumbled the shaggy, disgruntled owner.

While waiting in line with my purchases, I heard the following exchanges:

• “White people still like Bergman, right?”
• Some half-assed discussion about Hal Needham
• Vehemently trying to track down a softcore porn title called “Kick The Can”
• Gruff owner mentions more than once that if anybody who’s stopping by has $25,000 he could borrow, he’d appreciate it

Honest to God. Maybe he’s just pissed that the landlord is pulling the plug on this place. But he wasn’t in a good place today. Not that I blame him, I guess.

But take local retro arcade Rusty Quarters, for example.

These guys are hurting for rent every other month. They put the feelers out, ask fans to donate/contribute more quarters per visit & they’re set for another month.

So, why didn’t Filmzilla follow their lead?

Fuck if I know. They’re basically going out like a lamb. And don’t apparently give a shit.

But where’s THIS GUY gonna go for his porn & cult titles?

I mean, I got a few things, but nothing I could’ve lived without.

Mainly because their remaining inventory is still SO DENSE that browsing seems like an exercise in futility.

If anything, I regret that they’re basically charging Amazon prices, even though they SHOULD be taking whatever they can for these things.

But moreover, I regret that the last of the cool video stores is gone.

Along with all their extra copies of “That’s My Boy.”