“no but this character is literally canonically queer why are you still calling it into question”: a furious essay by me

Since I’ve seen nothing but negativity about MC, I’m gonna start a positivity post.

Let’s start with these few, shall we?

1. Sharon being out in the field.

2. Sharon not taking any of the FBI’s crap (or in this instant - piss).

3. Sharon’s every interaction with Father Stan. Most notably this: “I have put so much faith in the Catholic Church.”

4. Nolan giving Paige pointers on how to be less annoying around their Commander.

5. Andrea telling Rusty in her own sassy way she loves him.

Continuing with the positivity posts.

I’m rather salty about some things myself, but there are a number of things I still loved about the epi, so that’s what I’ll focus on. Here are just four things for starters: 

1. Sharon Raydor saying “I’m doing something…”

2. Julio’s back and this is just one of his lovely lines in this epi!

3. They actually used the word motherlover. XD

4. Rusty, the assistant.