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VoTV: Several people seem to be a little unhappy with Rusty at the moment. I asked some fans about it and the majority said that they feel like Rusty often ends scenes they would have liked to see play out. Is that intended from your side or is it just an effect of the lack of time you can dedicate to personal storylines?

James Duff: People who dislike Rusty tend to complain a lot more than the people who love him. I’ve got two different subsets of viewers to deal with. There are people who only watch the show because of Rusty and there are people who watch the show in spite of him. [LAUGHS]

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Who watches MC just for Rusty? Not trying to be salty or shady.



Andy unlocked the door walking in before closing it behind Sharon.  
“I know you don’t  like surprises but, well, surprise.” Andy smiled as Rusty snuck away grabbing his bag.  
“Wha?  Andy, Rusty what is this?” Sharon asked looking at Rusty.
“I’m just leaving and this, is all Andy Flynn” He smiled walking past her. “Good luck.”
“Andy what is this?” She asked as they slowly walked through the condo to the balcony.
“Since we couldn’t go to dinner last night, I brought dinner to us. It’s from Serve.”  He said letting her onto the balcony.
“Serve?  Where we had our first date” She smiled looking at the silver trays and flowers surrounded by candles.  
“Listen, I have been thinking, a lot.”  Andy said as Sharon turned to him.
“Mhm” she smiled running her fingers over his silk tie she had gotten him.
“About you, and me and how living together could.  Just be the beginning.”
“Oh?” She swallowed as Andy walked towards the door closing it before turning back to her.  
“Andy what are you doing?” She asked as he pulled a box from her pocket.
He went down to one knee holding the box up to her.
“Sharon, I love you, and after everything that has happened this last year I can’t imagine doing anything else than spending the rest of my life with you.”  He opened the box revealing a diamond ring.
“Oh, Andy” She breathed.
“Please say something, I’m to old to stay like this.”  
“Stand up” She laughed pulling him to his feet.  
Andy looked from the ring to Sharon looking worried.  She smiled biting her lip as she took the ring from the box.  
“So is this a yes?”  He asked.  
“I love you, and nothing would make me happier” Sharon smiled, Andy beamed making her smile more.  "I’m not saying no, but I can’t say yes.  This is all so much to take in and I don’t know what to say.“
"I…  But you’ll think about it?”  He asked.
“Of course I will,” Sharon said kissing him.  
“Not exactly what I was wanting but…”
Sharon smiled as Andy slid out her chair for her.  "No reason we can’t still enjoy dinner.“
Andy sat down across from her as they settled in to eat.  
The next morning Sharon was the one to wake up first and she walked into the living room making a cup of coffee.  She hadn’t been able to sleep last night spending the night thinking about what happened and what she would say.  Rusty had texted her at midnight asking what had happened and she had to tell him the truth, breaking her heart all over again.  There was a knock on the front door and she looked at the time 7am.  Walking to the door she pulled her robe closer around her.  Looking out the peep hole she only saw a large thing of roses.  Laughing she opened the door.
"Can I help you?” She asked.
“These are for Sharon Raydor” Ricky said lowering the flowers.
“RICKY, what are you doing here?” She asked hugging him.
“Thought I would come see you.”  
“Rusty called you didn’t he.”  
Ricky shrugged walking inside with her to the kitchen.
“Do you want some coffee?” She asked.
“Thanks, so what’s going on?  Rusty said that he was worried about you and Andy.”  
Sharon laughed slightly handing him a cup of coffee.
“Nothing is going on, things happened and I just wasn’t ready to answer.”
“Huh?” Ricky looked at her confused.
Sharon sighed biting her lip.
“Andy asked me to marry him” She said quietly.
“He what?  And you didn’t say yes?” He asked.
“But I didn’t say no either” She replied. “Wait, why are you so mad?”
“I’m not, but mom he makes you happy.  I’ve never even seen you this happy.  He isn’t dad, he isn’t going to break your heart.  If anything he wants to fix it.”  Ricky said.
“You think so?”  She asked.  
“I know so.  All I ever knew was you and dad never being on the same side and arguing.  Andy wants to argue about what to have for dinner.  Andy had a heart attack, and he survived, I think he’s in this for the long haul.”  
Sharon set her coffee down and walked to the night stand taking the ring from the box she slipped it onto her ring finger before walking back over.  Standing in front of Ricky she looked down at the ring.  Without saying a word he stood wrapping her in a hug.
“All Emily and I want is for you to be happy, Rusty too, that’s why he helped Andy.”
Sharon smiled kissing his cheek “I love you, my sweet baby boy.”  She said laying her hand on his cheek.  
Ricky laughed as they heard Andy coming down the hall.  
“Hey, Ricky what are you doing here?” He asked shaking his hand.
“Oh just came to talk to mom.”  He smiled.
Sharon looked at him and smiled.  "Helping me with a few things.“ she said taking a sip of coffee making her ring visible.  
"Wha?  So is that a yes?” He asked.
Sharon set her coffee down and put her arms around Andy.  She kissed him making Ricky look away back to his own coffee.
“Yes”  She smiled.

I’m as big a fan of Major Crimes as the next Shandy shipper, but I think it’s important to highlight why Rusty isn’t just simply pushed out of the picture. 

As a victim of abuse throughout his childhood, seeing how Rusty grows and adapts through situations can be more than just an interesting story for people. 

It’s important for other victims of abuse (emotional, physical and sexual) to see him grow and overcome his challenges. He is still facing problems despite being off of the streets for 5 years. That is completely typical for abuse survivors and it needs to be seen. 

I know it’s only a tv show. Its a crime show. But one of the special things about the show is how it focus’ on the Major Crimes team. It’s just as important to be seeing Rusty as it is Sharon. I would say that it is her story, but to try to exclude or get rid of Rusty completely goes against Sharons character and does not do justice to the abuse survivors that Rusty represents. 

Shandy shippers have to respect Rusty.

Dead Drop, A Reactionary Post

After I calmed down a bit and started thinking about this episode on a whole. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great episode with two really important storylines that came to mostly resolved conclusions. I’m going to be talking mostly about Eduardo & Fernando, Julio & Mark and Sharon & Andy. I also save the best for last so that means I will be taking about Sharon and Andy last, like usual. 

This episode was really all about  the things that you will ultimately do for the ones that we love. 

What this episode is about…
Love, Family
Surprises and Life changing decisions
How the past shapes us as people and how much our perspectives have changed

Get cozy…I have a lot to say about this episode. And then get cozier because I have some follow up meta/analysis posts regarding this episode.

The Case
I love Kendall explaining to Provenza that he can’t examine the body because it’s stuck in a damn tree. Like you tell him Kendall! Of course though Provenza had a comeback about him not climbing. I want to know just how much pot Nolan smoked when he was undercover. 

“Sometimes I liked to party, Sometimes I had to inhale”
So yeah. I think because I was so distracted by the other storylines that I completely missed Nolan was a total pot head undercover thread. I mean look at his face when he talks about really good pot. That’s a man in love if I do say so myself!

Normally their are so many parallels between the case and the personal storylines. The only one that I could come up with was the element of surprise.
I know it was stupid but I did like the german/germane joke. Because it was only brought up once and only once. 

I love Sharon’s reactions in this episode. Particularly during the final interrogation and her trying so hard not to laugh at Fernando. Plus her jumping at him slamming the box on the table.  And her reaction at being caught by Eduardo. She seemed very truly touched by it.

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