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Has anyone ever noticed how different Funtime Foxy is from other Foxys?


  • Lacks a pirate theme (Her “pirate cove” is in Custom Night so it’s not canon)
  • Wears no clothes (Toy Foxy wears panties, Other Foxys wear pants) 
  • Pirates are known for being thieves. What does Funtime Foxy do? Teaches kids to SHARE. Literally the opposite of what a pirate does!

Well since I’ve been on a roll with Anti and Dark universe (and have a whole story if Id just write it all down lol) @fangsmagicandinspiration came up with a dark version for Ethan at @crankgameplays. Say hello to Corroded Crank!

He was made out of a botched summoning/creation spell, the two key ingredients being the blood of the pure (Ethan in this case) and material for the physical body (Rusted, Corroded metal in this case) and due to the metal already being destroyed, it corrupted the final result and now we have our poor metal friend who is constantly falling apart and is a little self concious about all of his useless bits and bobs and bad welding and such. His whole skull is cracked open but he usually covers his brains with a wig.

I tried to keep him creepy and corpse like considering hes still suppose to be a dark half for Ethan, but when hes all put together I still think hes pretty cute! I imagine he moves sorta like the FNAF animatronics, very heavy but twitchy and jerky. I hope you like him! Me and fangsmagicandinspiration (aahah i need to call you by a name bc thats a mouthful) always have the BEST brainstorming sessions! Such a good egg, good friend, good writer. Go check them out!!!


Check out this amazing Legend of Korra artwork by world-renowned comic book artist Geof Darrow (best known for his illustration work on ‘Hard Boiled,’ ‘The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot’ and ‘Shoalin Cowboy)!!!

The Book 4: Balance-inspired piece, depicting Korra and Naga entering a bustling, agrarian town, recasts the Avatar in Darrow’s classic style, with coloring by eight-time Eisner Award winning colorist Dave Stewart (‘Shaolin Cowboy,’ ‘Sandman’ and ‘Hellboy’)

You can find out more about it here

And we’ll be raffling off signed copies at Nickelodeon’s New York Comic Con booth!

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Y/S/N : Your Superhero Name

You didn’t specify the reader’s powers, so I basically made her into a female Deadpool, with regenerative powers. 


You slam your knee into the drug lord’s ribs and punch him when he doubles over in pain. The satisfying sound of your fist connecting with his face gives you the motivation to continue on, fighting off the rest of his goons.

“As fun as this is,” you say between punches. “Game of Thrones is on tonight, and if you make me miss it, Ned Stark won’t be the only one without a head.”

The criminals don’t seem to get the reference, or maybe they just don’t care.

You calmly pick up one of them and throw them across the room, knocking down a couple of other men in the process, like a game of human bowling.

“Hole in one!” You exclaim. “Or is that golf?” You shrug, making a mental note to brush up on your sports terminology.

You realize you’re talking to yourself and there’s two neat piles of unconscious men at your feet. You silently congratulate yourself for being an amazing, competent and kickass superhero.

You smile smugly when the cops arrive to arrest the drug lord and his henchman. You spot Maggie and give her a thumbs up. She gives you a dimpled smile, returning the gesture.

“You can tell Supergirl I beat her to this one.” You say, saluting your favorite cop with two fingers before running off into the night.


“Y/S/N says hi.” Maggie grins at Kara as she wraps her arm around her girlfriend.

“Didn’t she stop the infamous drug lord Mr.X last night?” Alex says.

Maggie nods. “She wants Supergirl to know she beat her to it.”

Kara laughs, then smirks as she says: “Oh, it’s on.”

Alex sighs. “You’re way too competitive. Aren’t you both on the same side?”

Kara shrugs. “Nothing wrong with a little friendly superhero competition.”


When Kara gets the call that a pro-alien rally is being attacked by CADMUS, she heads straight over.

Cyborg Superman is on site, inflicting terror on anyone within his reach.

“How can you support those freaks?” He shouts, blasting a laser beam through a parked car, damaging whatever stands in his way. “They should go back where they came from. Or better yet, we should just exterminate them.”

“I don’t think so, pal.” Supergirl swoops down with ease, slamming her fist into the pavement as she lands in front of Cyborg Superman. Spider-like cracks form around her, and she slowly rises, glaring at the CADMUS created creature in front of her.

“Stop this, right now.” She demands, her voice dropping an octave lower like it always does when she speaks as Supergirl.

“You shouldn’t have come.” He spits, his voice dripping with disdain. “Stupid girl.”

“Actually, its Supergirl, not Stupidgirl. But whatever, I mix them up too sometimes. Easy mistake.” You appear by Kara’s side, grinning like a toddler who just saw a chocolate fountain.

You pat your fellow superhero on the back.  "My girl here can knock you across the galaxy. So as menacing as your second grade vocabulary is, I’d shut my rusty, poor excuse for a robot mouth if I were you"

This only seems to anger Cyborg Superman, and he launches himself at you, grabbing your neck with his CADMUS enhanced arm, his gripping tightening on you has he backs you up into the nearest wall.

“Can’t make any wise remarks if I crush your vocal cords, now can you?”

You try to reply with something very intelligent and witty like: Fuck you, you robotic lab rat or Eat my amazingly round and extremely breathtaking ass but you seem to be at a loss for words. As in, you were being chocked to death.

You reach for the handgun in your belt, trying not to focus on the amount of air you were losing. Your grip tightens on your weapon as you yank it out of your holster and aim it at Cyborg Superman’s face. You pull the trigger and laugh as his neck snaps back and he stumbles off you.

“Jokes on you, asshole. My vocal cords would’ve grown back. Probably.”

As much as you want your expertly taken shot to his face to end him, it doesn’t do much damage. Cyborg Superman is back on you in seconds, but this time, you’re ready. You pull out your two swords and charge.

The clang of metal against metal rings in the street, your swords slamming continuously against his arm at a steady pace.

You leave little marks here and there, slashing and jabbing at his stomach and legs. But there’s only so much you can do before you slip up.

You lift your sword up for a final blow, but Cyborg Superman anticipates your move and knocks your sword out of your hand, quickly moving to grab your second one. He flips it around and brings it down onto your wrist, slicing your hand off.

The sword clatters to the ground, your hand falling down with it.

“Holy shit, that hurt like a bitch! Fucking hell.” You slowly lift your arm up, staring the spot where your hand used to be. “Shit. That’s going to take some time to grow back.”

Cyborg Superman was making his way toward you again when Supergirl appears, grabbing him from behind and throwing him into the nearest building.

“It’s about time. Where the hell where you?” You pick up your swords, one at a time, and return them to there place, crossed in an x form across your back.

“Saving civilians. CADMUS unleashed some sort of toxic gas on the city, but I got them out of there in time and the DEO arrived to contain the gas.”

You nod.

“Well you saved all those civilians, which is good and all, but do you have any sick ass one liners? Ha, didn’t think so.” You wiggle your detached hand in her face.

Supergirl laughs at the sight of you, her friendly rival superhero, fully decked out in your red spandex suit and black weapon’s belt, holding one of your own cut off hands, nonchalantly waving it in the air like it wasn’t one of your limbs.

“You’re gross.” Supergirl smirks at you. “And I totally have sick one liners.”

You raise your eyebrows. “Oh really?” You taunt.

“Yes, really.”

You’re about to tell the Kryptonian that there’s no way she has better one liners than you when Cyborg Superman is suddenly at Supergirl’s side, punching her with all the force in his metal arm. She is sent flying across the street, smashing a hole into a small shop’s glass window.

The blond is on her feet in seconds, flying up and quickly crashing down into him, knocking him into the ground. He reacts quickly, rolling to the side as Supergirl goes in for another punch. He grabs her by the neck and slam her into the pavement.

“Go back to your dead planet, Supergirl.” Cyborg Superman says her name like she’s pure filth, spitting it out with such disgust and contempt.

“Hey Dickbot! Need a hand?” You shout from the roof of the small shop, smiling. You jump down, landing gracefully, and throw your actual hand at him, hitting the CADMUS soldier in the face with a loud thump.

Shocked and maybe even a little grossed out, Cyborg Superman releases his grip on Supergirl, just enough for her to break free and give him a roundhouse kick in the jaw. He crumples onto the floor, and she steps over him, delivering the finishing blow, knocking him out cold.

“You really shouldn’t have come.” She says, mimicking his condescending tone from earlier.

You pick up the hand you threw at Cyborg Superman and use it to clap for Supergirl, smacking it against your stump, creating an odd sort of clapping noise.

“That’s some good shit, right there. 10 out of 10 for style, form, and sick one liners. Great job.”

You both smile at each other, another menace stopped, thanks to Supergirl and and Y/S/N, National City’s heroes.

An adorable/cute detail I noticed while rewatching last night’s Venture Bros.

H.E.L.P.eR. sees the fight outside and is worried.

JBot arrives and jumps out the window to help.

H.E.L.P.eR. transforms…

…and can’t get outside because of the steps.

Fast Forward to the end of the fight…

Rusty and H.E.L.P.eR. come outside together.

Conclusion: Rusty was on his way outside when he saw H.E.L.P.eR. having trouble going upstairs and lifted him up. :)