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Happy 1 year Anniversary to The Loud House

It’s been exactly one year since the show premiered. Ever since then Cartoon fans rejoiced, and it got me back into Cartoons.

I didn’t really know much about it until I heard they were going to feature a gay couple, so I began watching it and my interest was gagued.

I’ve expressed my love for the series countless times, but this cartoon had me surprised. I wouldn’t have expected too much considering how Modern Nickelodeon has been doing. Thankfully this show has gagued my interest enough that I bought a T-Shirt for it!!

I just want to thank @theloudhouse, @jordangkoch, and everyone else who helped make this series possible. I also wanna thank @safe-loud-house and everybody else in the Safe Fandom for helping myself and many others be able to watch this series without all the sickos.

I understand that right now, the Fandom is basically trash, and the amount of sickos/trashies bullying fans and creating cartoon child porn is disturbing. However, I want my fellow Safe Loud House fans to know that I stand with you, and I will continue to advocate for what is right!!

With all that being said, here’s my favorite song in the series. I love that this series has it’s own ending theme!! ^_^

To be honest, I’m glad the old grunge fandom reunited today, even if it was for a sad occasion. I’m happy there is always that place where you could vent for upsetting stuff and someone feels the same way you do. I don’t feel comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings on Facebook because people there are the ones you see in real life, again, I’m happy to see the grunge family blogging again, it’s like we all came here to reunite once again just like the old days, we’re here for the same reason and it makes me feel less alone… I missed all of you, I hope to see you again for happier news tho.

You mispronounce something because Korean isn’t your first language but he finds it cute(BLOCK B)

Zico: -since you weren’t from Korea a lot of your speech fails were common, he’d let you finish your thoughts before he would correct you on the statement all because he found it cute when you would start to blush and apologize- “it’s fine sweetie you’re learning just be careful with wording”

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Jaehyo: -he thought it was cute but he hated it when people wouldn’t correct you and would laugh when your sentence wasn’t what it was intended to be. So he’d make them leave so he could talk to you about it- “hun you need to know your sentence was not what you were going for, I hope. I can’t tell if people were being nice or trying to be funny but I wanted to teach you how to say it right”

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P.O: -he tease you by laughing as soon as you finished the sentence before you’d hit him and ask him what you said wrong. He’d just cup your face and kiss you all over- “we’ll talk about it later I just want to kiss your cute foreign lips” 

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B-Bomb: -you spoke decent Korean but decent wasn’t 100% and it was just wrong how your innocent sentences would turn dirty because you’d say something wrong or place the word in the wrong sentence- “no no Y/N please don’t say that. That is way too wrong for what I think you were going for”

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Taeil: -he was evil about it, he wouldn’t correct you until after you got looks. He  would pull you close whispering in your ear what you said before you’d pushed him away with a blush on your face. He found that cute- “aw baby don’t need to get all blushy with me”

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U-Kwon:-you hadn’t spoken Korean since you were a child so you were very very rusty and when you spoke it wasn’t clear what word you were going for and he had no idea how to ask- “um as cute as you sound where in the world were you going with that sentence”

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Kyung: -you were so cute when you spoke because you sometimes had to take your time if you didn’t know exactly what you were saying. You stopped in the middle of the word you were at to think it through in your head. And that’s when you felt a kiss of your lips- “you’re too cute I swear, keep up the good work”

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It’s been a while, so here are some fun facts from my life:

  • I spent two days on a school trip in Italy last week,
  • ate excellent pizza and pasta cause that’s what happens in Italy,
  • had trouble communicating with cashiers and waiters because my Italian is super rusty and nobody spoke/wanted to speak English (how hard can it be to order cocoa, honestly??? Prego, have mercy!),
  • saw a million churches (all of which were beautiful, btw, but still, all the churches, man),
  • got hit on (also happens in Italy every time),
  • got hit on in a church (for the love of - )
  • the shower at the hostel was broken (and dirty, so I would’ve avoided it anyway), so I had to feel dirty for two days until I got to bathe properly,
  • I knew that the students I had to watch over smoked pot, but I (nor the other five teachers) couldn’t catch the little shits,
  • decided that I should definitely live at Duino Castle, owners move out cause I want it,
  • and all in all, had a jolly good time despite the cold I caught in Austria the day before my trip to Italy (because the wind was brutal and now I know the meaning of razor-sharp wind beating your skin somewhere in the Alps,  yodel-ay-ee-oooo).

P. S. I owe some of you replies, and I promise that you will get this week. I have read them, now I just need to answer them, too. I mostly use Tumblr on my phone, and for some reason, I find it challenging to type messages on the phone. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a kbtbb/sits headcanon where mc can speak multiple languages fluently and the guys' reaction? Thanks!

I certainly can my love! :) (I apologize in advance for my translations of certain languages, if they suck I’m sorry!!!) 


You were on the phone with an old friend of yours from college, a foreign exchange student, and although you were a tad bit rusty, you spoke in their native language. Baba came in as you were on the phone. He immediately gave you an intrigued look, hearing you speak, and sat down next to you. Waiting until you finished with your call. 

“I didn’t know you spoke French princess.” 

You smiled. “Oui monsieur. I also speak two other languages fluently.” 

He came over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “That’s pretty sexy I have to admit. You’ll have to tell me things in French while we’re in bed tonight.” He nibbled on your shoulder. 


You had accompanied him to a gallery showing when the both of you were approached by some German fans of Ota’s. Ota was about to apologize to them, not knowing how to speak with the properly, but you stepped in. You eloquently and effortlessly spoke to his fans, surprising him, translating between you. 

Once his fans left, he turned to look at you. “You speak German Koro?” 

You giggled and nodded. “Ich kann fließend Deutsch sprechen.” 

“Any other languages you speak that I should know about?”

“Just three more.” You replied, giving him a cocky wink. 

Ota chuckled, wrapping an arm around you and throwing you a seductive smile. “That’s kind of a turn on you know.” 


You had insisted you accompany Soryu on a business deal that he had with some mobsters. He had initially resisted, but you had been very persuasive, saying that you knew Soryu would need your help. And you had been right, but not for the reason he had thought. 

Upon arriving he had realized that the Russian mobsters the deal was with couldn’t speak anything but Russian. He hadn’t a clue as to how to communicate with them until you stepped forward, extending a hand to the Russian man and greeting him in Russian. 

Soryu had been immensely impressed, but contained his surprise until after the deal had been done and you had finished translating for him, and the two of you were left alone. He didn’t say anything, but simply just turned to look at you, raising an inquisitive eyebrow at you. 

“Any other surprises?”

“YA svobodno vladeyu.” You replied with a wink. 

Soryu smiled, letting out a low chuckle. “Maybe you’re more of a mobster than I am.” 


You had been in the lobby directing a foreign guest when Eisuke approached you from behind. His eyebrow was raised high, having heard your entire conversation. 

“You were speaking Chinese just now, weren’t you?”

You nodded. “Yeah I was. I’m fluent in several languages actually, Chinese being one of them.” 

Eisuke smirked and crossed his arms across his chest. “Just how many languages do you speak?”

“Wǒ jiǎng liù zhǒng yǔyán.” You replied. 

“6?” He asked, unable to contain the surprise in his voice. When you nodded he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his lap. 

“You beat me by 3.” He whispered in your ear. 


The two of you had gone on vacation to Greece, and Mamoru had initially been worried that the two of you wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone else there. But you’d immensely surprised him when you effortlessly ordered the meal for the two of you at a restaurant in flawless Greek. 

“You speak Greek?” 

You nodded. “Yes.” 

He chuckled. “Just how many languages do you speak?”

“Miláo̱ pollés gló̱sses.” You said, crossing your legs. 

Mamoru chuckled again, lighting up a cigarette. “You continue to surprise me kid.” 

poet interview: yasmin z (rustyvoices)

Yasmin Z, better known as rustyvoices​ on tumblr, truly embodies the spirit of what it means to be a young, aspiring poet. Despite her uncanny ability to paint worlds with words, her humility and gratefulness is a reminder that great writers and poets do well to remember their roots.

We sat down with Yaz to discuss not only her inspirations as a writer, but also the wonderful teenage girl behind the blog.

You’ve mentioned on your blog the importance of your religious and cultural heritage in your life. How has being a Muslim impacted your writing and your motivation to write?
My religion and my heritage is definitely a driving force in my writing. As a second generation immigrant, there’s this incurable homesickness that comes with a sense of not really belonging. Of always, always reaching for someplace else. My mother’s side is syrian, and my father’s side is palestinian (migrated to egypt), so there is this reality I’ve had to come to terms with that there are parts of who I am that I’ll never be able to touch. There are people who have the same eyes as me and the same smile as and the same hands as me, but I’ll never know them the way I want to. They wake up to the sound of an entire country bleeding, and I can hear it. All the way from here, I can hear it, and I can’t do anything except be loud like this. In my writing. It’s the only way I know.

As for my religion, Islam has been what’s gotten me out of bed most days. I find solace in the verses that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. It’s changed my life for the better. It’s made me more aware of the world around me. On the days I know it would be easier to harden, Islam kept me soft. It kept me here. It kept me present.

Out of curiosity, how did you come up with the URL “rustyvoices?”
I came up with my url on a whim. After years of silence and half truths, I finally found a place where I could be honest and not edit myself for anyone. So I took my “rusty voice” and I spoke up.

Your writing often times references Latin and Greek mythology. How has mythology inspired you to write, and what are some of your favorite myths?
Greek mythology constantly inspires me. The stories, the characters, the humanity, the tragedy. It’s a mirror that reflects the world in a way that makes me want to catch the light. My favorite myth is most likely the story of Narcissus and Echo. It’s the kind of heartbreak they write books about. I also have a soft spot for Medusa.

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