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Music montage time!

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i mean, are rusty and louis such a good friends that louis lets him stay in his home where he lives with his girlfriend? how damn weird it is! rusty should literally stay in the hotel! i think it's his way showing to fandom that he and louis are good pals, lmao if that! i don't remember scooter posting snaps from bieber house, lol. rusty is a goddamn idiot, hope he enjoys spending time with old friend eleanor, since louis doesn't give two fucks about them both.

Happy 1 year Anniversary to The Loud House

It’s been exactly one year since the show premiered. Ever since then Cartoon fans rejoiced, and it got me back into Cartoons.

I didn’t really know much about it until I heard they were going to feature a gay couple, so I began watching it and my interest was gagued.

I’ve expressed my love for the series countless times, but this cartoon had me surprised. I wouldn’t have expected too much considering how Modern Nickelodeon has been doing. Thankfully this show has gagued my interest enough that I bought a T-Shirt for it!!

I just want to thank @theloudhouse, @jordangkoch, and everyone else who helped make this series possible. I also wanna thank @safe-loud-house and everybody else in the Safe Fandom for helping myself and many others be able to watch this series without all the sickos.

I understand that right now, the Fandom is basically trash, and the amount of sickos/trashies bullying fans and creating cartoon child porn is disturbing. However, I want my fellow Safe Loud House fans to know that I stand with you, and I will continue to advocate for what is right!!

With all that being said, here’s my favorite song in the series. I love that this series has it’s own ending theme!! ^_^

Look who’s finally back!!

I did the sketch for this just over one year ago, shortly after I moved to a big, new town all by myself.

Things in this last year have been very… trying. I’ve had a lot of heartbreak, readjustments to a new lifestyle, lost friends, new friends… it’s been a real rollercoaster! Now I’m finally getting back some of my confidence to actually pick up a pencil or stylus and just go for it. As you can see, I’m pretty rusty, I couldn’t even be bothered with the tail this time… but hopefully this is the start to a more active presence here again!