rusty crusty

am i the only one who thinks louis saying he did his hair isn’t cute like not only does he not have a body guard but he also doesnt have a hair / make up person ? like what ? is his team just like rusty crusty, oli & that dog ? what the fuck ? and im pretty sure at this point he doesn’t even have a stylist either since i have seen nobody showing off his clothes on their ig accounts … yall dont even know how fucking bad i want to go off right now … in what world does a celeb go on a promo tour with no team around them ?????? did they like cut off his fundings ??? are they giving all their money to write elounor love triangle stories instead ??? im so confused.

steve’s team: 7000 videos, constant updates, play-by-plays of them rehearsing, high energy, quality content, pics, happiness.

rusty crusty: a video? maybe??? might have stolen it from someone, finger probably in the lens. a Mess


anonymous asked:

Louis: "Sad to say I'm not a dad to Fred " 🏃🏼🏃🏼Russell: "Get back here you agreed to an Elounor engagement " Louis: "No...No...Hell no crusty bitch" 🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼

rusty the crusty desperately searches for louis but comes up short, because louis is on a vacation on an undisclosed island with his beau