rusty blue

limerence: clumsy → 1

pairing: zach dempsey / reader

genre: part one in a drabble series called ‘limerence’ about boyfriend!zach 

about: not only did you literally stumble into zach, but into his heart as well. 

Your first day at a brand new school couldn’t be going better. You had single-handedly managed to rip your brand new silk dress, lose your class schedule, and make 0 friends in a span of less than 4 hours. 

“What kind of shit is this?” You thought to yourself as you searched the sea of students in the crowded hall for a friendly face, finding none. You needed to ask someone to show you where the science hall was and help you open your locker, but no one seemed to want to give you the time of day. 

There was a tedious familiarity of standing alone in a crowded space, watching people pass you by and feeling like you were merely an object strategically placed to display teenage normalcy. 

The end of lunch was fast approaching and standing feeling sorry for yourself was getting old. With newfound determination you bobby pinned the strap of your dress back on, put the loose tendrils of your hair behind your ear, and murmured a soft, “you got this, kid,” under your breath. 

You had spotted a girl dressed in a vivid daffodil colored sundress and you made a beeline straight towards her. Consumed by your sudden sense of purpose and thoughts of how she looked like a beacon of light in the cold murky waters that was the student body, you hadn’t noticed a certain tall basketball player was about to cross your path. 

With a small gasp of surprise you butted straight into his side, swaying backwards and tripping over your feet. A small groan of defeat left your lips as a small ache developed on the bridge of your nose. 

“Hey are you okay?” 

His voice was like deep, rich, smooth chocolate and laced with such genuine concern that it almost seemed to quell the dull twinge of pain on your face. Wanting to see if such an alluring voice had an equally alluring face you looked up and damn it did. 

You could feel your eyes involuntarily widening and the once leisure pace of your beating heart turn rapid. You swept over the gorgeous expanse of his face, committing the slope of his nose and the smooth flesh of his pout to memory in case you never had another chance to be at such close proximity to him. 

“Not trying to be rude, but i’m pretty sure we lost this staring contest a long time ago.” His words brought you back to reality and an uncontrollable blush coated your cheeks, you were sure he could feel the burning heat of them. 

“Actually you lost, i’ve been staring for how long?” Is all you could muster, trying to mask your embarrassment with humor. The beautiful stranger let out a small chuckle, a sound so lovely it brought a smile to your face.

“So long I think you broke a record just now,” he responds playing along. “The dudes from guinness world records should be here any minute now.” 

You pretend to look around the halls in search for them. “Good. They’re not here yet, I still have time to prepare my acceptance speech.” You both laugh at your comment and you can’t help the bubbling giddiness you feel from the silly exchange of words with him. “You’re funny, whats your name?” 


“Nice. I’m Zach.” You had never thought a name could be this hot until now. Wanting to prolong your time with him, get your stupid locker open, and get to at least one class without being late you asked, “Well Zach, besides helping me break world records would you mind helping me with the glorious task of opening my locker and taking me to the science hall? You will be rewarded generously.” 

His coffee brown eyes look off into the distance, pretending to ponder over your offer. “Lead the way.”

Your lips turn up in a content smile, walking over to your locker with a spring in your step. “My combination is 0-8-24.” 

You watch as his lithe fingers spin over the lock, opening it on the first time with a satisfying click. “There you go.”

You try not to gape at how quickly and simply he opened it, you had stood there before for a good 10 minutes without any luck. “I swear I know how to open lockers, this one just didn’t like me.” 

He smiles amused at how adorably your eyebrows furrowed, expressing your distaste at the rusty blue locker. “Well now that this is opened, whats my reward?”

He takes a flirtatious tone, insinuating that he has a certain something in mind. 

“Well that depends, what do you want?” Your words come out breathy as he steps closer to you. He laughs lightly at the sudden change in your tone, the once ringing voice now soft-spoken. 

“A date,” he responds in an indifferent tone that is more suited to say just buying some stuff or gonna go out for a walk. You raise your eyebrow at his request, faking your cool composure. 

“Take me to the science hall and submit a one page essay about why I should and I might just consider it.” 

hello! this is the first time i’ve ever put one of my works out there and i’d really appreciate any feedback anyone has :-) 


Well since I’ve been on a roll with Anti and Dark universe (and have a whole story if Id just write it all down lol) @fangsmagicandinspiration came up with a dark version for Ethan at @crankgameplays. Say hello to Corroded Crank!

He was made out of a botched summoning/creation spell, the two key ingredients being the blood of the pure (Ethan in this case) and material for the physical body (Rusted, Corroded metal in this case) and due to the metal already being destroyed, it corrupted the final result and now we have our poor metal friend who is constantly falling apart and is a little self concious about all of his useless bits and bobs and bad welding and such. His whole skull is cracked open but he usually covers his brains with a wig.

I tried to keep him creepy and corpse like considering hes still suppose to be a dark half for Ethan, but when hes all put together I still think hes pretty cute! I imagine he moves sorta like the FNAF animatronics, very heavy but twitchy and jerky. I hope you like him! Me and fangsmagicandinspiration (aahah i need to call you by a name bc thats a mouthful) always have the BEST brainstorming sessions! Such a good egg, good friend, good writer. Go check them out!!!

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I really love your art and it has this fun sense of whimsy to it and it really inspires me to work on my own projects! I especially like Blue and your animated armor OCs. Keep drawing more, it makes me want to create too!

Thank you so much, that means a whole lot!

And I don’t plan on stopping any time soon, so get busy!


“It’s nice, because people haven’t gone, ‘Boo! Put the cape back on’“
- Florence Welch for Rolling Stone, 2015

Safe Driver Tips - Klance (Voltron Legendary Defender)

Lance: 16 years old - in the drivers seat for the first time, being instructed by his father sat next to him in the passenger seat as they ease down a dirt road at the back of their farm house. 

“Nice job on that turn kid; just remember to turn your blinker on a bit earlier so that drivers behind you know what your gonna do.” Lance’s dad praised as they passed the old pizzeria in the rusty blue family 2005 Volkswagen touran.  

Lance brushed his father’s compliment and correction off with a laugh, “Oh please old man, I’m a pro at this just watch. We’ll be doing burnouts and wheelies in no time.”

“Promising.” replied Lance’s father bluntly. “Let’s just focus on keeping all four wheels on the ground for the moment please and thank you.” He said in a lighter but still serious tone.

“No problem pa.” Lance chuckled, taking one hand off the wheel to point a finger gun towards his father while winking. 

“Hey! both hands on the wheel buster.” Snapped his father placing his sons hand back on the wheel and shaking his head at Lance’s stupidity. “And never close your eyes while your driving; that’s the quickest way to kill yourself, do you understand?”


Lance: 20 years old - leaving his Keith’s apartment after an argument.

Tears stream down Lance’s cheeks and off his chin as he grips the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles go white. He grits his teeth as he yells at himself not to think about what had happened. 

Lance turns onto the highway, accelerating as he merges with the few cars on the road this time of night.

Slowly, he eases all of his muscles, thinking back to what his father had told him on his 16th birthday all those years ago.

With once last glance at the road, and at the pair of headlights coming directly towards him, fingers barley brushing the wheel, Lance lets his eyes fall shut. 


A Study in Rust by Jae

boy with eyes as bright
as a blue supergiant star,
who sees the universe and thinks
adventure. who finds solace
among ice giants and meteors alike.

boy who broke apart.
boy who came back to life and
strapped his jigsaw pieces together
using sticky glue and medical tape.
boy who refused to back down.

boy who rivals atlas with the
strength of his shoulders. boy who
tried to hold a planet close as it broke
apart, continents scattered and sharp, 
but still he refused to let go.

boy with hands so warm
you think they attempt to mimic
the heat of the stars he stares at
with those Rigel eyes. these hands 
could hold your heart steady with ease.

(and they do, they hold you all).



Alrighty so these poses are based from a scene in the 2003 series that I’ve always wanted to draw so I finally did (except it was Raph and Mikey instead)

Anywho, they are suppose to look younger (10 years old) in this but I forgot till I was half way done so use your imagination please, haha thanks! ^^’

This is around three months after Mikey’s arm is amputated and Don is still working on the robo arm.
The team is down to two turtles (Raph and Leo), they are sent on a really tough mission. Leo and Raph got separated in the fight and Leo is down.
Before the enemies can get to an unconcious Leo, something from the shadows takes them out.
Guess who the shadow was…Mikey! He saves Leo’s but and tries to haul him off the ground and get him out of there before reinforcements show up. But Mikey is still quite weak and is still recovering. Which leads to what Leo is saying in the second picture “Mikey!? W-what are you doing here? Your not healed enough.”
When Mikey speaks up to inform him “I’m doing better than you are.”
Oh Mikey, you little stinker.

Mikey wasn’t supposed to be there, but he snuck out of the footclan HQ. Donnie is gonna spazz when he sees Mikey’s gone.

It’s rough but it’s all I had time for at the moment. Hope you enjoy

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OK I dunno if this has been asked, but headcanons for Link wanting a pet and bring home an orphaned dragon hatchling. I would think he would train it like a dog and it would have a goron built "dog house" over a hearth to keep it toasty. What would Zelda's reaction be?

There’s another one like this, but this one is more in depth, so it’ll be the one I answer.

-He doesn’t even question why it’s there, it looks cold so he just picks it up and runs to his house. It looks cold, so he sets it by the fire and bundles it in blankets

-He wakes up the next day with something warm and heavy on his chest, and he looks and the dragon is curled up there, blanket still kinda wrapped around it, asleep

-He just rolls over, arms wrapped around it, and it snuggles into him

-He brings it to Daruk and asks for a place to be built in his house where it can sleep. Daruk doesn’t question it much, and quickly gets it built. While it’s built over the fireplace, more often than not Link wakes up with a warmth on his chest or against his side or draped over him

-As it gets bigger, it starts flying, rather than walking on its four little legs. Then one day, Link’s watching it and suddenly there’s water shooting from its mouth. The mouth snaps shut and it rushes back to him, wrapping around him, eyes wide. He just chuckles and pets it

-When Zelda first sees it, he’s at the castle, and then the alarm goes off. A couple second later, of Link being extremely on guard, a red and black head peers into the room. Zelda freezes, and Link just sighs and walks over. He rests a hand on its snout, and tells it to go home. It looks at him for a minute before noticing Zelda and pushing into the room more, ignoring Link’s protests. Its head stops in front of her, and she nearly screams. Then it lays down and rolls over, back legs still holding onto the outside wall, and looks at her expectantly. She just stares

-When the guards rush in, they find Link hugging the head of a dragon that’s coiled up on the floor, seeming amused, Zelda quickly looking through a book. Link waves them out of the room as the dragon rolls over in his arms, scratching under its chin

-Zelda insists on coming back home with him, and watches as the people in Hateno just wave, not seeming disturbed by the dragon. The dragon, Link calls him Rusty, curls up in the pond, and when Zelda touches the water, it’s pleasantly warm. Then she gets a stream of warm water spit in her face, and Link starts laughing as Zelda slowly lifts her head to look at Rusty, who already has another mouthful of water. She splashes him and ducks as he spits. They play fight for a good twenty minutes

-She ends up helping him take care of him, until he goes and takes up residence on the mountain. Link sometimes hikes up to see him, and there’s a legend in Hateno, of a dragon that watches over the town. Link claims he doesn’t know how he started, but Zelda knows better. She can’t blame him for wanting Rusty to be safe