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first steps [peter parker]

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Originally posted by relationshipaims

warnings: Movie Spoilers, Language, Paralysis, Sadness but then happiness

word count: 5149

italic = flashback

  Not being able to move any part of your body below your waist sucked ass.

    That was the easiest way to put it.

    Having to roll around in a wheelchair all the time and needing someone to carry you into bed because you could not walk there made you feel useless. It was like you were a child again and you needed help walking up the stairs or riding a bike. Maybe children enjoyed the added assistance, but you did not.

    When you got up in the morning, you refused to let people carry you out of bed. You firmly believed that you were stronger than that. Instead, you had your single mother install ropes that hung from the ceiling to help you get out of bed. Grabbing ahold of them was the easy part, but lifting yourself into the wheelchair with just your upper body strength was a bit harder.

    When you needed to make your way through the crowded hallways at school, you did not let Peter, your bestfriend, clear the way. Instead, you managed to navigate through the rowdy students and into your class.

    Simple things like using the bathroom and sitting behind desks were tasks that you just had to perform differently now.

    It did not bother you that often, as you knew that moping about wanting to walk again would get you nowhere. You knew that you would have to suck it up and face reality one day, but sometimes it just hit you hard that you would never be able to feel fresh grass beneath your feet again.

    You were sitting by one of the park benches in Queens, just watching adolescents absentmindedly play on the swingset and run around in the freshly cut, green grass. Of course, you were not sitting on the bench because you did not want to take the time to try to get out of your wheelchair and onto the bench, all the while attempting to keep yourself from falling onto the cold concrete beneath you.

    With a warm cup of coffee in between your hands and a beanie placed on your hair, you watched while a cold, Fall breeze ruffled the hair that was not covered by the hat that May had knitted you.

    After a few moments of sitting there in by your lonesome, you felt someone sit next to yo. Their body was placed on the old, rusty park bench to your right. When you turned to face the person, you were not surprised to find Peter Parker; your best friend.

    He had a sweatshirt covering his torso and his usual pair of jeans on his legs.  After your eyes reached his face, you could not hold back a smile when you spotted the grin adorning his face. His cheeks were a slight pink color because of the cold, and also possibly because he was blushing.

    He sat by your side and the two of you just sat there in the park for a few moments before he spoke up.

    “So how have you been?” Peter questioned, turning his body to face you once again.

    “Same old, same old,” You responded with your smile dropping, “Except I saw my doctor this morning.”

    Peter’s face lit up with excitement, “Really? What did he say?” His voice turned up an octave because of the pure joy conveyed in his words. He knew that you had been going to the doctor recently to see if they could do anything about your paralysis. They had been saying that your situation was not as bad as ones they had seen, and they might be able to get you to walk again.

    However, this morning was the end of that hope.

    You turned your eyes to face your lap, your hands playing with your glove-covered fingers. Your eyes began to water as tears appeared. The stinging sensation of them coupled with your broken heart left you in utter agony.

    “He uh-” You tried answering, “He said that the impact of the crash and the shrapnel from the car lacerated my spinal cord.”

    Peter’s eyebrows drew together in confusion and he looked sadly at your saddened form.

    Placing on of his hands atop of one of yours to show that he was there, he asked what that meant.

    When you turned to face him, his heart practically shattered at the sight of you. You were broken. Tears falling freely from your face and red puffy eyes; your body looked tired and weak, as if you had lost all the hope you had carried before. You felt broken, and now Peter did too.

    “It-it means they can’t fix me.”

    And then you broke down.

    Your head dropped into your hands and you sobbed openly. Peter felt tears rising to his own eyes when you spit the words out. He had been with you since the moment you found out that you would might not ever walk again. At that time, you had not cried because you believed that you were strong enough to be able to walk again. At that time, the doctors had said there was a chance. Peter had been with you every step of the way since that moment; comforting you when you needed it, helping you out of bed and into your wheelchair when you allowed him to carry you, every moment of weakness, everything. So this news not only devastated you, but Peter as well.

    Peter stood up quietly before he lowered his arms to pick you up by your waist. His strong arms wrapped around your body as he lifted you into the air. Peter then sat back down onto the bench, this time you were seated in his lap. He ran one of his hands through tangled strands of your hair and the other made small circles on your upper back.

    Peter let you weep into his chest, your hands clutching his shirt, as he let tears of his own fall.

    He buried his face into your hair and let sobs escape his body. The both of you shook against each other as you cried and Peter placed his lips on your head. He pressed kisses to your scalp and your hair until he ran out of breath, hoping that the small gesture would comfort you at least a little.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Peter whispered to you, his voice saddened and cracking. He repeated the words over and over again, trying to convince you and himself.

    When both of you had stopped crying, you just sat on that bench in his arms for the rest of the day.

Because in his arms, you finally felt safe.

After that moment, you knew that you’d be broken forever. Knowing that this revelation would only upset you, you did not think about it anymore.

However, Peter still did.

He still felt horrible about what had happened to you and often reflected on what he could have done to stop it. After all, he was Spider-man.

Peter felt that since he had these powers, he should have done more to stop it; to stop the hit-and-run, and to stop his best friend- the girl of his dreams- from becoming paralyzed.

That’s what he was thinking about at the current moment.

He was walking with you back to his apartment, the two of you were planning on studying for a History test you had in a week. You were absentmindedly chatting about the very expensive looking car outside as you maneuvered your way in your wheelchair to Peter’s front door.

When Peter opened the door and allowed you to go in before him, he was looking down at his books and putting things down on the counter. Only you had noticed that the one and only Tony Stark was sitting on May’s couch.

Your eyes went wide and you nudged Peter who was still rambling on about the car in the front. When he turned his eyes widened too.

Tony spoke first, “Oh Mr. Parker, who’s your lovely friend?”

Because Peter was stuttering so badly, you responded with your name before Peter could make a fool of himself.

“Um-” Peter begins, “What-What are you doing- Hey, I-I’m Peter.”

You giggle slightly at Peter who nudges your shoulder to get you to stop.

“Tony,” Mr. Stark responds as he motions at himself.

Peter nods before speaking again, “What are you- What are you doing here?” He folds his arms across his chest, a sign that means he was feeling awkward. Little things like these were things that you picked up from being Peter’s friend for so long.

Tony smiles, “It’s about time we met. You’ve been getting my emails right?” Tony winks to send Peter a message and you turn to look up at Peter with confusion on your face.

Even though Peter’s eyebrows furrow and he looks confused, he responds with a simple ‘Yeah.’

“They were regarding the…” Peter trails off as he realizes that he has no idea why Tony was having him lie to his best friend/crush and his Aunt.

Aunt May cut in, “You didn’t tell me about the grant.”

Peter was once again confused, “About the grant?”

Tony replied, trying to help Peter out of his befuddlement, “The September Foundation.”


Tony continued, “Remember when you applied?”

Peter nodded along with his statement trying to figure out where Tony was going with this.

“Well, I approved it, so we’re in business.”

Aunt May piped up from the couch beside Tony, “You didn’t tell me anything! Are you keeping secrets from me?”

You turned to look at Peter once again, “Yeah Pete. This is the first time I am hearing of the grant.”
    Peter looked between you and his Aunt May before stumbling over his words, “Well, I just know how much you guys love surprises so I- Anyway what did I apply for?” He cuts himself off and turns to look at Tony, hoping he will help him out of the awkward situation he was in.

“That’s what I am here to hash out.”

“Right, hash out,” Peter replies.

Tony then turns to face May, “It’s so hard to believe that she’s someone’s Aunt.”

May laughed softly, “Well we come in all shapes and sizes, you know.”

You laugh softly at his horrible attempt at flirtation before you look down at your hands.

Tony turns to look at May before speaking, “Can I have five minutes alone with him?”

You turn to look back at Peter, confusion filling your face when he turns to leave.

“Pete- wait-” You try, but he is already leaving the room.

Peter turns back around and rushes back to you. He places his hands on you cheeks and quickly drops a kiss onto the crown of your head before he stutters out that he will be back soon. Before he leaves, he intertwines his pointer finger with your own and squeezes slightly. When you squeeze back, he lets go and drops another kiss to your head. Both your cheeks turn bright pink and you look down with a smile on your face as Peter leaves again.

May turns to look at you with a knowing smile on her face before you look up and roll your eyes.

“Shut up,” You speak sarcastically, ducking your head between your hands to cover your inflamed cheeks.

“I didn’t say anything!”

When Tony shuts the door behind his body, he turns the lock to make sure that no one can enter the room after them.

Peter feels nervous as Tony approaches the trash can he has laying by his desk. Tony lifts it up before spitting out the pastry that May had made.

“As far as Walnut Date Loafs go, that wasn’t bad,” Tony laughs.

He then proceeds to move across the room to face Peter’s old computer. It was an old model that Peter had fished out of a dumpster and rebuilt.

“Oh, what do we have here?” Tony questions, “Retrotech, huh? Thrift store? Salvation Army?”
    Peter looks down at his hands in embarrassment before responding, “Uh, the garbage actually.”
    “You’re a dumpster diver?”

“Yeah, I mean-” Peter tries before changing the subject, “Look, I know that I definitely did not apply for your grant-”

Tony however, cuts him off, “nuh-uh. Me first.”

Peter nods and lets Tony continue with whatever he was saying. Before Tony begins, he pulls out a very expensive looking device that projects a video of him in his Spider-man costume. It shows him saving people from bad guys and stopping cars along with other things.

“Quick question of the rhetorical variety,” Tony begins, “That’s you, right?”

Peters’s heart thumps as he tries to come up with a way out of this situation. Only you knew about his secret identity, and Peter wanted to keep it that way.

“Um, no. What are-” Peter tries, but inevitably stumbles over his words.

Tony cuts him off once again and speaks over him, “Yeah! Look at you go; wow! Nice catch!” Tony vocalizes as Spider-man catches a car before it hits a bus, “Three thousand pounds  at forty miles an hour? That’s not easy. You’ve got mad skills.”
    Peter moves towards his computer and he brushes off Tony’s words, “Yeah, I mean that’s all on Youtube, though. That’s where you found that, right? ‘Cause you know that’s all fake. It’s all done on the computer.”

Tony slightly laughs under his breath as he moves across the room. He notices the roof of Peter’s room has a small mark on it, almost as if someone was hiding something in the panels up there. Tony grabs a stick from Peter’s bedside and nudges the corner of the panel while Peter mumbles on, and the Spider-man suit from the video descended from a rope attached to the ceiling.

Peter gasps out a protest and lunges for the suit, pushing it into the back of his closet, hoping Tony did not see it.

Peter tries to stutter out an excuse, but Tony just shakes his head, “So you’re the Spiderling? Crime fighting Spider? You’re Spider-boy?

Peter sighs and crosses his arms over his chest once more, “Spider-man.” His words come out mumbled and defeated.

Tony let out a snort, “Not in that onesie, you’re not.”

Peter looks upset but he responds back with sass, “It’s not a onesie.” He shoves past Tony and sits down on his bed with a sigh, “I can’t believe this. I was actually having a really good day today, Mr. Stark. Didn’t miss my train, this perfectly good DVD player was just sitting there, and Algebra test- nailed it. Also, I finally got her to open up about how she feels about her paralysis.”

Tony nods, thinking about you sitting out in the living room in your wheelchair.

“Your friend out there?” Tony questions, “How long has she been like that?”

Peter looks down with a sigh, “Since she was fourteen, so a good three years maybe.” Peter did not like to think back to that moment; getting the call that said you were in the hospital fighting for your life was the scariest moment of Peter’s life. He fought crime and villains in the most terrifying situations, but that moment had been the worst and scariest he had ever experienced.

“Tony quickly changed the subject away from you to make Peter feel better. “Who else knows?” Tony questions, “Anybody?”

    Peter sighs and begins to respond that you know, but Tony speaks, “Your friend knows, doesn’t she?”

    Peter nods and thinks about how he first told you that he was Spider-man. It was a slip up, you had walked in on him when he was taking the costume off and he had to tell you.

    Tony laughs, “Yeah, but she’s not just a friend is she?”

    Peter blushes and looks down at his hands, Tony takes that as a sign to continue speaking, “What about your unusually attractive Aunt?”

    Peter immediately begins to protest, “No. no, no. If she knew she would freak out, and when she freaks out, I freak out and-”

    “You know what I think is pretty cool? This webbing. Textile strength is off the charts. Who manufactured that?” Tony questions.

    “I did,” Peter responds, catching the canister that Tony throws at him without even moving his head. He proceeds to throwing the canister into the trash in his closet.

    “And climbing walls; how do you do that? Adhesive gloves?” Tony continues his pestering.

    Peter begins to mumble an explanation, “That’s a long story, actually-”\

    Peter is cut off by Tony lifting up the goggles that he uses and placing them over his face. He makes funny noises as he pretends to be a ghost or some other mystical creature. “Good lord! Can you even see in these?” Tony laughs.

    Peter snatches the goggles and the uniform away and hisses, “Yes! Yes, I can. I can see in those, okay? It’s just that, when whatever happened, happened, it’s like my senses have been dialed to eleven. There’s way too much input so they just kind of help me focus.”

    Tony looks down at Peter and speaks again, “You’re in dire need of an upgrade; systematic, top to bottom, one hundred point restoration. That’s why I’m here.”

    When Peter doesn’t respond, Tony continues, “Why are you doing this, huh? What’s your MO? I’ve got to know, what gets you out of that twin bed every morning?”

    “Well, there’s two reasons for that,” Peter begins, “One is because I’ve been me my whole life, and I’ve had these crazy powers for a few years, I read books, I build computers; and yeah, I’d love to play football, but I couldn’t then, so I shouldn’t be able to now-”

    Tony continues with his explanation, “Right, because you’re different.”

    Peter nods, “Yeah, but I can’t tell anybody that, so I’m not. When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t, and then the bad things happen; they happen because of you.”

Tony nods and tries to connect his explanation, “So you want to look out for the little guy? You want to do your part, make the world a better place, all that crap?”

Peter nods and speaks again. “Well that’s just part of it. The other part is her. She’s been in that wheelchair for so long and she found out a few days ago that she’s going to be in it for the rest of her life. Even with that information, she still manages to lift herself out of her bed every morning, all by herself. She still does all the things that a person who can walk does. Like we visit the park and she gets good grades, all that stuff.  I guess, she’s kind of just a motivational factor to me; like if she’s still going then I know that I can too.”

Tony looks almost touched at Peter’s words. He then thinks of the girl out in the living room who looked like she hated being in that wheelchair. She was his MO, it was only partially the first part of Peter’s explanation, but the rest was pure her. She was the only reason that Peter was doing this.

“So, yeah. I guess that’s why I’m doing it,” Peter finishes. With that, an idea sparks in Tony’s head.

Tony gets up and moves over to Peter who was sitting on his bed, “I’m going to sit here, so you move the leg.”
    Peter complies, and moves his leg out of the way so Tony can sit next to him. Mr. Stark lays a hand on Peter’s back, like a father would do to his son.

“You’re a good kid, Parker,” Tony starts, “Got a passport?”

Peter looks up in confusion, “Um, no. I don’t even have a driver’s license.”

Tony chuckles, “You ever been to Germany?”

Peter shakes his head in response.

“Oh, you’ll love it.”
    Peter immediately begins to refuse, “I can’t go to Germany!”
    Tony shakes his head, “Why not?”
    “I mean- I got homework.”

Tony rolls his eyes, “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that-”
    Before Tony finishes, Peter speaks again, “And I gotta stay here with my friend. Me and May are all she’s got left. Her mom doesn’t even care about her paralysis, so I’m the only one who cares for her, and I just gotta stay her with her.”
    Tony nods, “And if I can get her to come along?”

Peter disagrees, “Look, we can’t just drop out of school.”
    Tony moves towards the door and reaches for the doorknob, “Might be a bit dangerous, better tell Aunt Hottie I’m taking you on a field trip-”

Tony is cut off when Peter reached out one of his hands, palm faced up at the ceiling. Peter drops his middle and ring fingers to the button on his wrist, and webbing shoots out of the canister on his wrist. The webbing attaches to Tony’s wrist and traps him to the door.

Tony looks slightly impressed, but he looks even more irritated at the teenage boy.

“Don’t tell Aunt May.”
    Tony nods and begins the plan that he formulated in his head earlier, “What about your friend?”

Peter looks down and fiddles with the canister on his wrist, “What about her?”
    “What if I told you that I could fix her; let her walk again.”

Peter’s head shoots up at the words and he looks at Tony in amazement, “You could do that?”
    Tony nods softly, “I can’t promise anything kid, but I have the best doctors in the world back at the facility. If you come with me, we can drop her off there and let the doctors do their thing. You’ll be back with her the day after and she might be frolicking in flowers by then.”
    Peter nods excitedly, “Really?!”

“Yeah, we got a deal?”

Peter nods again, this time frantically, “Yes! Yes! Deal!”

Tony looks down at his hand that is still stuck to the door and sighs, “Alright, can you just-” He motions at the web and Peter apologizes, moving towards Tony to cut him free.

    A day later, Peter had convinced you to go with him and Tony back to the facility. You sat in a horrid white hospital gown on a bed covered in white sheets. You were in a room that looked like an infirmary, everything was white and clean.

    Peter sat in a chair by your bedside, holding onto your hand because he knew that you were scared for the procedure. He stroked the back of your hands with his thumb, the motion calming you slightly. After a few minutes, you pulled your joined hands into your lap so that you could play with his fingers. Peter had chuckled at you softly, gazing up at your face in wonder. He watched as your fingers intertwined with his and then let go as you played gently with them. His gaze shifted to your face, watching as a few strands of hair fell in front of your eyes. Before you could reach up to fix them, Peter reached the hand that you did not have in your lap up towards your face. His fingers softly brushed the hairs behind your ear, the intimate gesture sending shivers down your back. When your eyes connected, both of you began to stare into each other's’ eyes. This tended to happen a lot between the two of you and it had become a habit for you to just spend some days laying in his bed and staring into his eyes.

It was no secret that the two of you liked each other, almost everyone knew; except the two of you. Both of you were painfully oblivious to each other’s feelings.

The moment was interrupted when Tony softly knocked on the frame of the door, “Hey Parker, it’s time to go.”

Peter nodded, not looking away from your eyes, “Can you give us a minute, Mr. Stark. I want to say goodbye.”
    Tony nodded and left the room, leaving Peter to let go of your hand. Feeling upset and scared about what was about to happen, you reached your hand back out in fear that Peter would slip away. You whimpered slightly and Peter quickly brought his hand back to yours. He looked down at your face and sighed softly, as he did not want to leave you here for the biggest medical procedure you’d ever been through. He felt bad that he had to leave you here to experience this by yourself.

“Hey baby,” He whispered softly, “It’s okay. I’m still here.”

You nodded, grasping his pointer finger with your own and squeezing. Peter looked down at your entwined fingers and smiled softly.

“I’m going to be gone for a while, baby? But I promise I will be back when you wake up, okay?” Peter whispered.

You looked up at him with tears in your eyes and nodded, “Okay.”

Peter looked at you and dropped his hands to grasp both sides of your face. He placed a kiss on the crown of your head, like he always did, but this time a lingered. You grasped his sides, burying your face in his stomach. You inhaled deeply. Taking in the scent of him so that you would never forget what he smelled like.

Peter chuckled and reminded himself to leave his sweatshirt at the door before he left.

“I love you, Peter,” you whispered into his shirt.

“I love you too, baby.”

Even though the words were spoken, both of you knew that the sentimental words were just spoken platonically (at the moment). Even though both of you wanted more, you still loved each other as friends more than anyone could ever imagine.

Peter took one last glance at your form before stepping out the door, his mind not leaving the thought of you the entire time.

When you finally woke up from your slumber, it was dark out. You had been moved from the infirmary, and instead moved into a bigger, more comfortable room. This one, instead of having white sheets and white walls, had light blue sheets, and dark blue walls.

Sitting up straighter in your bed, you looked over at the desk on the other side of the room. On top of the wooden desk, was a glass of water.

You sighed when you realized you would have to get up to reach the water.

When you moved one of your legs to the side of the bed, you froze.

You just moved your leg.


    Immediately, you moved the other one so that it was beside the first. They hung over the edge of the bed, swinging back and forth with no pain or restriction.

Looking at you feet moving back and forth like this, brought tears to your eyes.

You let out a sob of happiness before you slid off the bed.

Landing on solid ground and being able to hold yourself up, made another sob escape your mouth. Tears of joy slid down your face and you tentatively took a step forward.

You could walk again.

Moving towards the door, you practically skipped. Of course, it took a few moments to remember how to even move your legs properly, but after that you were able to move towards the door without a problem.

When you reached the handle, you turned it to the side so that you could step out into the hallway. Your sock clad feet made little noise as you took a step out.

The room outside yours was much bigger, there were many hallways and other rooms across the way. You knew you were still in the facility because no hospital could afford something this lavish.

When you finally stepped fully outside the room, you turned to face the hallway to your right. You wiped the tears off your face, but you were sure that your face was still splotchy and red; but you could not care less.

After you took your first step, you noticed another form in a gray sweater turn the corner. His hair was fluffy instead of the combed way it usually was, but you thought he couldn’t have looked more handsome. He had a few bruises dotted across his skin, but your eyes were locked on his face. He had not noticed you yet, but the moment you let out a small cry, his head shot up.

When he looked up, he took in your form. You were standing in front of him, granted you were a far distance away, but he knew it was you anywhere.

You were standing.

Peter let his mouth drop open in shock before he whispered out one word, “Baby?”

And then you were running.

It had been so long since you moved your legs this fast, and even before you were paralyzed you did not think you could have moved this fast. Your legs were pumping, moving quickly as you tried to get to Peter faster. He had thankfully gotten the hint and began a jog towards you, obviously in a small amount of pain, but he did not care. All he saw was you. You standing and running. Moving on the legs you thought you would never move on again.

Finally closing the distance between the two of you, you jumped into his arms. Wrapping your legs around his waist, he grabbed you by your waist and let out a cry of joy. He squeezed your hips and pressed his face into your neck and left small kisses there.

“You can walk!” He cried out, tears leaking onto your skin.

    “I can walk!” You responded with an equal amount of joy. You buried your face into his hair and let some of your own tears fall.

    In a moment of bliss, Peter lifted his face from your neck and pressed his lips to yours.

    He let you drop your feet back onto the ground, keeping his hands on your waist. He pressed his lips feverishly to yours, crushing your body to his. You responded with equal energy, lifting your hands to run them through his hair. He licked at your bottom lip, asking for entrance, which you quickly granted. Peter smiled through the kisses, mirroring the one you had one your own lips. Slowly, he raised one of his hands and ran it up your body. He brushed it along your waist, up your side and onto your shoulder. From there, he reached up and grasped the one buried in his hair. When he did so, he grabbed it, pulling it down so that he could intertwine his pointer finger with his.

    From the other side of the room, Tony stood watching the reunion with tears forming in his eyes. Though he would never admit it, he had cried and called Steve later that day.

Live free, stay wild | #104

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Call ended (Tracer X reader)

A/n: Did somebody order a big pile of angst? A certain anon did requesting some tracer angst! I hope you like it!

Oh btw, no blood or jazz like that in this one, different approach to get some angst going :)

Edited 12/22/16 by @shadowbolt64


A cold shiver went down Tracer’s spine as she exited the Overwatch base. She looked over her shoulder to give her last goodbyes before walking onto the street sidewalk.

Tracer zipped up her jacket to preserve the little body heat she had, her shoes echoed on the ground as she continued to walk down the street to meet y/n.

The dark evening didn’t help Tracer’s situation, for the absence of the sun’s light drained her of any heat she had. She shivered as she pulled out her phone to make a phone call.

Tracer waited patiently holding the phone to her cheek, waiting for y/n to pick up.

“Hi this is y/n, I am unavailable right now so please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

Tracer tilted her head ever at the sound of the phone directing her to leave a message. She blanked out for a few seconds before actually speaking.

“O-oh! Sorry luv! I uh… Just wanted to say I am off work and was wondering when you were going to pick me up its… uhm” -Tracer quickly pulled her phone away from her face too see the time.- “10:30 now and ahh… Just call me when you get this! Ok I love you! Bye!”

Tracer pressed the red end the call button and leaned against the wall. She continued to look at the light source in front of her and went into deep thought.

Y/n was usually on time when they picked up Tracer, and if they were ever late they immediately called and told her that they were on their way. It wasn’t like them to not call and to not pick up the phone…. They weren’t at work at this time either.

A sudden boom above cause Tracer to blink instinctively. She pulled out her guns as she recovered to see who was attacking her.

However, when she looked up she was only greeted by a little droplet of water touching her face. Before it had a chance to slide down her cheek another one fell on her forehead. A light sprinkle started to cover Tracer and the dry concrete, making the sidewalk even darker.

Tracer swore under her breath as she quickly stowed her pistols and blinked left and right to find some cover. Her chronal accelerator could handle rain, but who wanted to wait for a ride in the cold?

She squinted her eyes at a bus stop that was on the corner of the downtown block. It had an overhang that covered a rusty, black metal bench, and the small surrounding area. She blinked to the stop and quickly sat down on the bench. Drops of water were trickling down from the overhang and getting on her jacket. It wasn’t the driest place to be but it was better than standing out in the rain.

Tracer had one hand across her chest gripping her forearm as she held her phone with the other. The cold was starting to get to her fingers as she visibly noticed they were reacting slower to every movement they made. When she finally put in y/n’s number she held it to her face again, this time crossing her fingers that they would pick up.


Tracer impatiently tapped her foot on the cold concrete as the ringing continued.



“Call ended.”

Tracer pulled her phone away from her face in shock as she looked at the bright screen. The light source clearly showed that y/n purposefully picked up the phone and hug up.

“Wait… What?”

Tracer didn’t want to believe what just happened, she quickly hit redial and waited.

“Call ended.”

Tracer furrowed her brows in frustration as she looked down at it once more. And sure enough, y/n had hung up.

Tracer delicately set her phone face down on the metal bench and wrapped her arms around herself, she didn’t know what to do or say after that. Y/n … Hung up on her. Why?

The blue glow from her accelerator lit up the area in front of her like a car headlight, illuminating the pouring rain just inches from where she was sitting. She watched it bounce off the asphalt road and trickle into a nearby steam, heading toward the drain.

Tracer finally pushed herself up from the bench and started to walk again, she dragged her feet on the sidewalk as she started to head home. Her once spiked up hair was now plastered on her head, completely wet. It allowed for the water that fell on her head to trickle behind her and down her neck into the now wet clothing.

After the slow 20-minute walk home, Tracer used her numb hands to fish out her keys to unlock the door.

A dangling paper caught her eye as she was opening the door. She quickly looked up to see a yellow lined piece of paper tapped to the door, waiting for her to read it.

Tracer quickly grabbed the note from the door and started to read it, she didn’t bother going inside, for this was far more important.


Dear Lena,

I don’t really know how to say this so I’ll just say it right here on this note. The past few years have been wonderful but… I think it is time we go our separate ways, our lines of work contradict with our behavior towards each other and have caused us to argue more and more. In order to save my sanity I have chosen to leave, and leave you this note to read. Don’t call me once you get this. I won’t answer.

- Y/n


Tracer was visibly shaking. Her hands gripped the paper harder and harder with every sharp breath she took. Her eyes started to get puffy as warm streams of tears went down her face and stopping at the rim of her goggles.

Without saying a word Tracer opened the door as fast as she could and started to blink around the house.


She ran from room to room just hoping to see y/n’s face again.

“Y/n! Come on! L-love this isn’t funny I need you to come out now! Please!”

Tracer opened closets, look behind furniture and under beds. She was looking in crazy places just hoping that this was all a trick.


She was pleading that this was all fake.

“Y/n! Please! No!”

She didn’t want to loose them, not like this.

“Y/n this isn’t funny! Please come out and tell me it’s all going to be ok!”

Her screams echoed throughout the house until the sound trailed off leaving Tracer in dead silence. She quickly pulled out her phone again and dialed y/n’s number.


“Call ended.”

Tracer started to shake again as she tried over and over just to hear y/n’s voice again. She didn’t want it to end, not like this.


“Call ended”

Tracer couldn’t take it anymore, she let the phone in her hand slide out and fall screen first onto the floor below. She started to feel numb from the swirling emotions that were flowing through her body. Tracer’s knees buckled, bringing her to the floor. Wrapping her arms around her legs, Tracer began to sob. In-between breaths she called out to her love once more.

“Y-y/n… Please… ”

Tracer squeezed her legs tighter as the reality sunk in that they were never coming back, that she would never see them again. She will never get to hold them again.

“Y/n please not like this.”

Tracer continued to cry and call out to y/n in the now empty house.

“Please no… I- I love you.”

Sharing Is Caring

Hi again! First of all, thank you for supporting me and my phanfics, it means a lot really. English is not my first language and I was unsure about posting my stories but I decided to give them a go and here we are! Secondly, if you have any prompt or story requests don’t be afraid to ask, I will try to do them justice.

Finally, here I bring you another prompt, I hope you all like it and once again, thank you.

prompt: it’s Father/Mother’s Day and person A of your OTP has been wanting to meet B’s father/mother for some time now, but B has always been distant about it. But on this particular holiday, B gives in and tells A that they’ll do it. A gets very excited but then is confused as to why B drove them to a cemetery. B gets out with A, and to B’s surprise, A kneels down in front of the grave and starts talking to it, introducing them self and telling them that they raised an amazing son/daughter/etc.

summary: Dan and Phil have been going out for almost a year and Dan is wondering why Phil hasn’t already introduced him to his family yet. What will happen when he ‘pressures’ Phil to do it and sees what his boyfriend was hiding?

word count: 2.7k

warnings: deals with family death and grieving.

3 months before Mother’s Day

“Phiiiiiil, come down here, we need to talk!” Dan shouted from the lounge, calling his boyfriend so he could ask him a question that had been bothering him for days.

“What’s up Dan?” said Phil, showing his face on the doorway before entering and sitting next to his boyfriend.

“Well, something has been bothering me for a few days.” Dan started, taking a long breath before explaining “You have already met my parents and some of my other relatives and I haven’t met yours yet. I know maybe it’s too soon for you still, but I really want to met your parents.” Dan commented shyly, not knowing what to expect from Phil. He never spoke about his family and he didn’t know why. He only knew his brother Martyn and the got on well, so why hadn’t met other family members yet?

“Look Dan… I…” Phil nervously started. He didn’t realy want to explain his family situation to his boyfriend right now. He still couldn’t without starting to cry.

Dan, sensing how uncomfortable his boyfriend was he immediatelly backtraked and grabbed the other’s hand in his “Hey Phil, I don’t know about your family situation yet and I can see how sad it makes you, so when you are ready you can tell me, okay? I’m not gonna pressure you.”  

It was still difficult to even think about it. He and Dan had been dating for nearly a year now, but he still couldn’t bring his family into their relationship. Not still.

“Thanks Dan” Phil said before burying his face into the crook of Dan’s neck and briging his boyfriend closer trying to find comfort.


1 month before Mother’s Day

Phil had recieved a call from his brother Martyn, telling him if they could meet up today to ‘catch up’. He agreeded since Dan was on a three-day trip with his company and he didn’t make any other plans.

He was punctual to where his brother had decided to meet, and just a he was about to sit down on a rusty bench he heard his brother’s voice “Hey Phil, how’s it going?” Martyn cheerfully said, bring Phil into a big hug.

“Martyn! Nice to see you, I’ve missed you” Phil sincerely admited. He did miss his brother. They didn’t see each other enough and Phil really missed him. He had been his rock for years, and even though he now had Dan, the connexion he had with Martyn was completely different.

“C'mon, let’s grab a milshake for the old days, what do you say?” his brother commented, making Phil smile a bit.


Once they had grabbed the milshakes they sat on a bench, the conversation drifting from different topics till Martyn brought out a delicate one.

“Phil, I know you don’t want to talk about this but Mum’s birthday is coming up, after Mother’s Day we should do something.” You could hear the hesitation on Martyn’s voice, he didn’t want to upset his brother now that they were both happy but he needed to talk about this.

“Martyn…” Phil’s voice was small and his body language expressed the same, bringing his knees to his chest, the milshake long forgotten on his side.

“Phil, I know it still bothers you to talk about this but we need to, okay?” Martyn cut him off and continued, “You and I are going to visit mum, you won’t be alone this time, I will not let you alone, I promise you Phil.”

He didn’t want to disappoint his brother or his mum this time. Last year, when her birthday was coming up, he had promised Martyn the same thing, that they would go and visit their mum but he couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t.

That day Phil locked himself in his apartment, and even when Martyn showed up to pick him up he opened the door and threw his brother a photo frame, shouting at him and not letting him comfort him. When he had at least calmed down, he remembers Martyn had a serious look on his face when he told him the worst words he could have ever told him “Even though mum can’t see us right now, I know she would be disappointed to see you like this, Phil.”

And after that day, Phil had been tormenting himself, trying to take everyday cautiously not to make anything that could disappoint his mother.

Seeing that Phil was thinking this too much, Martyn grabbed Phil by the shoulders, making him look directly into his eyes, “Phil, don’t torture yourself about what happened last year. I was out of line too, and I’m still sorry, but you can’t keep living like this.”

Phil averted his eyes down, not wanting to look into his brother’s gaze. “Martyn I know you are sorry and I’m sorry too, it’s just hard you know? I haven’t even been able to…” Phil looked up to the sky, trying not to let the tears fall.

“You haven’t been able to what?” Martyn questioned, curious now about what Phil was going to say. 

Phil took a deep breath and continued, still looking at the sky “I still haven’t been able to talk to Dan about this and it’s breaking me Martyn. I know I am disappointing him too by not telling him this but i just can’t.”

“Phil…” Martyn whispered, knowing how much he loved Dan and a bit sad that Phil, even though having found what it seemed like the perfect person for him, couldn’t open up because he was insecure about letting people down.

“I know, Martyn. He even asked a few months ago and I still couldn’t do it and I really want to but what if…” Phil now looked donw a tear making his way down his cheek.

“What if what, Phil?” his brither questioned again. He really needed to finish his sentences.

“What if he sees how broken I still am and decides that he doesn’t want to deal with the emotional bagagge? I managed to hide it for so long now and I don’t want him to leave me Martyn…” Phil, chocked up at the last part, letting more tears roll down.

Martyn grabbed his brother and gave him a much needed hug, letting him cry on his shoulder. It broke him to see his little brother like this an he didn’t want that.

“I’m sure Dan will understand and will not leave you, Phil. I’m sure of it, but you need to tell him, he deserves to know, don’t you think?” Martyn reminded him. He felt Phil nod his head, “Yeah, he does.” were Phil’s last words before crying again.


2 weeks before Mother’s Day

After thinging it through, Phil decided he would bring Dan to met his mother on Mother’s Day. So, after telling Martyn by text what he had planned to do, he let his phone on the nightstand and searched for Dan, who was reading a magazine on the lounge.

“Hey Dan, can we talk?” A nervous Phil asked from the doorway.

Dan, seeing the look on his boyfriend’s face, sat up straight and let a space so he could sit down. “Yeah, what’s wrong?”

“I think I am ready for you to meet my mother, so I thought that we could go and visit on Mother’s Day, only if you don’t have plans with your own mother of course” Phil explained, not wanting to intrude if his boyfriend had plans wih his mother.

“Seriously!? I would love to Phil!” Dan exclaimed excitedly, throwing himself onto Phil’s arms, hugging him tight. “Thank you for letting me meet your family, Phil. I know how hard this is for you.” He whispered, bringing him even closer.

Phil, hugged Dan back by the waist much tighter, needing his boyfriend. Knowing he would have to soak in all this moments before Dan left him after what he had planned to do.


Mother’s Day

Phil hadn’t slept well last night, nervous about today. He had been shaking all morning and trying not to cry in front of Dan, who could sense something was wrong when he entered the bedroom and he spotted Phil wearing just boxers while trying to correctly button up his shirt.

“Hey Phil, stop shaking. What’s wrong? You can tell me, you know that, right?” Dan reassured him. “I’m here for you too Phil.” he said to him, giving him a peck on the lips.

“Come with me,” Dan said grabbing his hand, leading him out of the bedroom and guiding him into the bathroom. He made Phil sit down on the edge of the bathub while he opened the hot water, which slowly started fill the tub.

“Dan, what are you doing?” Phil wondered, not really knowing what he intended to do.

Dan, who was stripping himself from the PJ’s he had worn to bed that night only looked briefly at Phil before he softly spoke up “Strip yourself too, Phil.” He could only nod before he proceded to do what his boyfriend had told him to.

Once they were both naked, Dan turned the hot water tap shut and sat on the edge of the bathub, “Come, sit here with me.”

Phil slowly entered the tub, grabbing Dan’s hand in the process and not letting it go even when his back was already flushed with Dan’s chest.

“We have enough time before we leave. I want you to relax Phil, and I know warm baths calm you down.” Dan softly whispered into his boyfriend’s ear, slowly stroking his chest with his free hand, shooting him. “I am nervous too, you know?” he chuckled, reminding Phil he was the one that needed to be nervous about this and not him.

“You don’t need to be Dan, you really don’t need too.” Phil assured him.

Dan pulled Phil tighter to his chest, resting hin chin on one of his shoulders, giving him a little peck on the cheek “I love you, you know that right?”

Phil rotated his head, so he now could look at Dan’s eyes “I know, I love you too.” he whispered before kissing Dan for some minutes and getting out of the tub to get ready.


They were already on the car on the way to meet Phil’s mum. They had made a little stop on a florist to pick up some flowers, at least Phil wouldn’t show up empty handed. As they were nearing the destination, he could see Dan’s face change from the corner of his eye.

They had arrived to a cemetery . But, why? Oh no, Phil.

“Phil…” he could hear Dan say, “why didn’t you tell me?”

Phil’s only response was an almost audible “follow me” before grabbing the flowers and getting out of the car.

Dan rapidly opened his door and grabbed his boyfriend’s hand tightly, as they made their way into the cemetery. As they were walking Phil began explaining.

“My mother was called Helen and she had always been a single mother. He raised me and my brother Martyn, who you already know, alone. When we were kids she would always make us cakes on the weekends and also helped us painting our art assigments because we were terrible.” Phil smiled sadly at the memory.

“Martyn and I were at uni when she told us she had been diagnosed with some kind of disease I can’t even remember the name of. Martyn was already about to graduate, so as soon as he could he came back home to take care of her. I wanted to leave and do the same but she insisted I stayed in uni so I could make her proud.” he now took a breath, and Dan tightened the hold in his hand.

“So I did. I didn’t want to disappoint her so I stayed and after my exams, I recieved a phone call, it was Martyn, telling me that they had to bring mum to the hospital. So, I packed everything as fast as I could and left on the first train home.” Phil now had stopped walking, letting a shaky breath.

“She died three days later, Martyn and I by her side. I still remember her last words to us, she told us that we were the best thing that had happened to her, that we had made her life so happy she didn’t regret a thing she had done in the past. After that, she died with a smile on her face. And now, here we are.” Phil finished his speech and looked at the grave in front of him, where his mother was buried.

Dan looked at it too and then looked at Phil’s profile again. His boyfriend started speaking again. “Two years later after she died I met you. I was still damaged, I still am, but I knew I wanted you to be in my life so I decided to ask you out anyways and you said yes. That was the first time I had smiled that big in months.”

Dan remembers how Phil’s face had lit up when he accepted to be his boyfriend. He looked so damn happy. Before he could lose himself deeper into those thoughts Phil spoke again, now slightly starting to cry “Dan, I’m sorry for not letting you know this earlier. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t do it because it still hurts and I’m still mourning and I understand if you don’t want to deal with all of this and break up with me because…”

Dan cut him mid sentence with a long kiss. “What makes you think I ever wanna leave you, Phil Lester?” he told him after the kiss. “I now realise why you didn’t told me, you were dealing with it and masking the pain and you shouldn’t do that by yourself, okay? Let me help you, please Phil. You don’t have to do this alone.”

Phil could see honesty clear in Dan’s eyes, so he just nodded, feeling to emotional to give a vocal answer, relieved that Dan wanted to stay by his side, emotional bagagge or not he wasn’t gonna leave Phil.

Dan gave him a little peck on the lips before 'stealing’ the bunch of flowers from Phil’s hands and putting them carefuly on the gravestone. Dan also crowched down, now face to face to the gravestone before he spoke “Hello Helen, my name is Dan Howell, nice to finally meet you.”

Surprised about what his boyfriend was doing, Phil’s eyes watered. His mum would have loved Dan, he was sure. Before he could space out he heard Dan’s voice again.

“Phil hasn’t told me much about you but from what he has told me you were an amazing woman, Helen. That doesn’t surprise me since you raised a beautiful son. I love him so much, really I do. Well, not when he leaves all his socks all over my lounge floor but still.”

Phil had let a soft laugh escape his lips at that. Dan always got mad at him for leaving his socks everywhere, but he couldn’t help doing it.

“You know what I think, Helen?” Dan continued, “I think Phil should let me see more of his feelings, he is such a strong person but I don’t think he should be dealing with this alone, don’t you think?” with that sentence Dan stood up and looked at Phil, who was silently crying now.

With his thumbs, Dan caught some of the tears that were falling from Phil’s now red eyes “So Phil, will you let me help you deal with this? I know it is difficult for you but I wanna be there for you, okay?”

Phil looked into his boyfriend’s eyes, before croaking out a rasped “Okay” and softly grabbing his cheeks giving him a sweet kiss, a small smile showing.

“You know Dan? She would have loved you and it makes me sad she didn’t get to meet you because really, you are the most amazing and caring person I have ever come across and I’m glad I was given the oppotunity to love you like I do.” Phil told him sincerely.

“Phil…” Dan whispered, his eyes watering too. “I’m sure I would have loved her too, I just have to see what an amazing person she raised.” he gave him a quick peck and continued “And I’m glad I was also given the opportunity to love you too.”

They hugged for what seemed like hours before going back home, where they could really show how much did they really love each other.

A wild ride

we’re kinda back?? hello it’s me meshi! i’m off school so i’m going to start posting some fics :)

ship: NovaHD



“fuck!” Aleks yelled

Aleks clung onto the cart for dear life as he sped down the dusty hill in the beating sun. James was on his knees laughing at the top of the hill watching his friend skid to a painful crash on a rock. All this to escape the perils of the worlds longest running del taco.

James leapt down over the sandy dunes to the bottom of the hill where a shopping cart lay in one corner and a Russian lay in the other.

“You dumb fuck you could have bailed out” James tried to stifle a laugh as he helped up the bruised man.

“oh yhea i was gonna jump out of a speeding trolley and crash. to save my ass from crashing!” Alex pouted as he pulled his arm away from James and brushed himself off “your an ass at this point Del taco is better than a bruised face” Aleks stormed off to sit on an old rusty bench barely hanging on to its supporting screws. James laughed for a bit, before he eyed up the man walking away from him, he was glistening with sweat from the excitement and the heat. the colours of his tattoo looked intensified in the midday warmth. James squinted at him against the sunlight and admired his figure with raised eyebrows. damn. he thought.

He waited a bit after Aleks sat down before going at joining him on the bench. “hey don’t be like that’ he nudged his friend “at least we didn’t eat any of that skanky food” Aleks’ lip quivered as he tried not to laugh, James saw this and carried on. “like you said, the del taco is better than a bruised face; maybe i should head back-“ James got up slowly before he felt a tugging on his hoodie. “don’t be an ass stay here, do you really want a del taco, taco?” the two men smiled before James gave a mock sigh and sat back down; or Aleks pulled him. Pulled him so hard in fact that he was forced to put his arm around his Russian friend to avoid crushing him.

Aleks blushed a bit feeling James’ strong arm around him but he smiled and leaned into him as the sun moved across the sky. They sat for a bit in a deafening silence before James broke it by pushing his lips against Aleks’ fluffy hair, not a kiss but enough to make Aleks looked up and stare at his friend; before a choice could be made a loud squeak came from below them, before the bench gave way and the two man collapsed on the sandy floor in a heap.

They lay laughing until they were red in the face. “I hate you so much!” James yelled between laughter and pushed Aleks softly. “really, then what was that up there?” Aleks raised his eyebrow at James and the two lay in silence before… “James! Aleks!” Jordans voice was booming from above them. “Come on guys! we’re late!” His voice was getting closer and closer. The two looked at each other before parting with a rushed passionate kiss.

They both got up and dusted themselves off as Jordan peered over the edge of the pit. “What are you two dumbs up too??” he folded his arms and looked at them. “Avoiding you and your gross food!” James yelled scrambling back up the hill hiding his flushed cheeks. Aleks followed in suite but this time Jordan caught a glimpse of the mans blushing face. Jordan laughed before following the two men back to the car.

Old Piano

TITLE: Old Piano


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance /

FIC SUMMARY: OC isn’t ready for a relationship until Tom does something unexpected.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: This is just under 1k words so I don’t think it counts as 1 one shot I owe you guys. I think it counts as half… Tell me what you think and this was inspired by The Franklin Electric - Old Piano 

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"You Seriously" - Preference

Ashton: “Need to stop” Ashton huffed, crossing his arms in annoyance. “What is it?” You asked, tilting your head curious, removing your foundation filled hands away from your bare face.

You were in the bathroom working on your makeup when Ashton walked in on you. “You look fine without makeup. I don’t understand why you wear it all the time.” He breathed, leaning against the doorway.

“Well I like it, so I mean whatever I like to do I should do, right?” You retorted, as you began to apply the foundation onto your face

Ashton’s eyes lit up at the sound of your confidence. “Wow, I didn’t realize it meant so much to you, I’m sorry.” He admitted as he scratched the back of his head feeling quite guilty.

“It’s fine, Ashy.” You giggled, as you walked over and kissed his cheek.

Ashton looked down at your bright eyes, and shot you a grin as his arms tightened around your waist.

“Thank’s for always being here for me (Y/N).. Even when I say silly things like that.” He chuckled, as he fiddled with his hands.

“And thank YOU for saying those silly things. So I can be there for you when you say them.” You smirked, as your eyes slowly lifted to his.

You stood on your tippy toes, as you gave him a quick peck and went back to your usual everyday makeup routine.

Calum: “Are the one for me.” You admitted, as you glanced at a grinning Calum across the restaurant table, admiring every move he made.

“Really?” He asked, as he slowly put down the glass of water from the purse of his lips.

“Really really.” You joked, laughing at the dumb Shrek reference you made. You watched as Calum rolled his eyes over dramatically, causing you to laugh again.

“Well, if I’m the one for you, you’re the one for me!” He sang, taking your hand which was resting on the table and squeezing it before putting it back on his lap.

You couldn’t stop smiling, as your eyes were locked with his. You watched his fingers as they began to twitch a bit. Your eyebrow lifted, as you gestured towards his hand

“Calum Hood? Nervous? I must be special then eh?” You laughed.

“You must be.” He beamed, as he fiddled with his fingers.

“Well, happy four month.” You laughed brushing off his remark, as you raised your glass, clicking it against his.

Luke: “Are so adorable and innocent.” Luke giggled, as he did his famous teeth grin. You both were out sitting on a rusty park bench.

Your cheeks began to flush, which you covered with your sweater paws.

“Oh stop.” You giggled, as you bit the inside of your lip, glancing at the ground nervously. You could feel Luke staring at you, pursing his lips at you mysteriously.

“No! I’m a tough girl.” You snorted as you puffed out your cheeks trying to give Luke a frown, but you knew you couldn’t hold it forever.

Your face went back to your lovable laugh once you saw Luke, make his entire head go into double chins. You couldn’t keep still from laughing so hard, as you kicked your leg up to your chest, trying to keep it in.

“Whats got you in this happy mood now?” He asked, feeling quite excited over your happiness and silly attitude.

“Just happy to see you.” You told, as your eyes looked him up and down playfully.

Luke raised an eyebrow, looking at you like you were delirious. “What is it?” He asked, starting to get a little serious.

“I just really love you.” You sighed, as you rested your head on his shoulder. You felt his body ease into you, with his head slowly resting on top of yours.

“And I love you, (Y/N).” He answered, sighing as he rubbed his eyes, feeling the rush of it all. Just like you, feeling young, and feeling free.

Michael: “Got to be kidding me.” Michael sighed, furious as he pushed through the back of the kitchen cabinet. “What is it babe?” You asked, feeling slightly curious at this angry Michael.

“You ate all the fruit loops!” He cried, looking at you with the most distraught puppy dog eyes you’ve seen in a while, “These frosted flakes will have to do” He retorted, grabbing the box.

“Oops.” You smirked, shrugging your shoulders sarcastically. Michael glared at you, as he began to place everything back neatly. “You’re lucky I love you.”

“Oh am I?” You recalled, as you slowly began to walk over to him, slowing your pace with every step. “Yep.” He smirked, pushing the cabinets door close with his back.

Your eyes were locked with each other, as you gave him a kiss on the cheek, teasingly. “Enjoy your breakfast.” You giggled, taking the box of cereal away to pour your own.

“You’re going to pay for that, (Y/L/N)” He sneered, giggling at your wits. “Yeah yeah yeah.”

Hope you liked it? Idk


If only I could love you

Part 9 (Part 1)

Prompt: “With Schools AUs it’s always Badboy!Phil with Nerd!Dan or Badboy!Dan with Nerd!Phil. What about a fic where both are bad, and meet behind the bike shed for a smoke, or both are nerds, and meet in the library.”

Summary: Dan Howell is one of the most popular kids in school, with a badboy reputation to uphold. On the day that he meets the new boy, Phil Lester, who seems just as bad as himself, he wants to get to know him better… 

Warnings: swearing, violence, angst

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Story Time...

Somehow I ended up in a really intense game of Capture the Flag, and whilst waiting to be saved from “Jail” (aka the rusty metal bench next to the football field) myself and the other prisoners were heavily guarded by the other team members. Our team mates tried to save us, but ended up joining us in our prison. Somewhere along the line, someone muttered under their breath “Can you hear the people sing…”

Next thing you know, every theatre kid and techie burst into song, demanding freedom. I was not aware as to how many theatre peoples where on my team until my ears were bleeding from their screams.


I’ve got another rusty on the bench, this one is now ready for a handle. It takes about two hours to hand sand a blade this size from 120-800, I usually end up getting the edge down to nothing by this point. I do have paddles / handle bars to avoid cuts, but I don’t really like them. A nice block of micarta is what I use, but sometimes you’ll get a bite. The end result is worth all the hand cramps. #knife #knives #knifemaking #knifeporn #metalarts #dailygrind #knifemaker

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